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  1. No. Voit has hit 276 with 19 Hrs and 54 rbis and 64 runs in 99 games. Yes he has yet to regain his stroke after the injury, but those other guys are pretty much all borderline at best except for Davis and he has been horrible all year, so why bother.
  2. Posey has been a waste for a number of years. Most overrated C around. No pop or run production. Basically gives you avg and nothing else and this year even the avg has tailed off. He should not even be owned in a standard mixed league imo, even in a 2C roster one.
  3. Well if you are down big, you have not got much to lose starting Bauer. That said, I would not advise starting Bauer at all at this point under most circumstances. He has been just brutally bad since being traded and is doing to the Reds what Sonny Gray did to the Yankees lol.
  4. The way Bauer is pitching in the past month or so, he has no chance of being kept at this point over one of the others imo.
  5. Soto and Betts are locks. Judge, T. Turner, Mondesi, Tatis, Torres, Machado for the last 3, so you need to let 3 of that list go. Time to make a deal, esp. since Mondesi and Turner are similar types. You are going to have a hard time debating which 3 of the 6 are the best options, though if forced to choose, I would probably go Torres, Judge and flip a coin between Mondesi, Turner and Tatis depending on how much speed vs power you want.
  6. Ditto, though Dickerson is hardly worth worrying about. If that is the best the OP can find on the wire, then it probably is just an exercise in trying to catch lightning in a bottle imo.
  7. Where do you do that on the site? I see where you can ignore users, but not forums.
  8. Well it is nearing Sept and Boyd and Paddack are on the wire in many leagues and Smith has just been lousy for awhile. I own Smith in one weekly league where I sat him even though it is a 2 start week in favor of Quantril who was also a 2 start week (though that may have changed)...damn if I do and damned if I don't lol. All 3 of them are near worthless now imo. You would be better off streaming a spot or two and looking for decent plays against lowly teams with lowly offenses like Detroit.
  9. Weekly league and he is\was a 2 start option with the second start Sun vs SF, though it looks like they may have moved his second start out a day. Do not have the luxury of sitting guys like that with a month left. Just my all round bad luck this year wrt pitching.
  10. Yeah...Quantril and Morton really did a number on me today. That said, Boyd has been lousy for awhile...same for Smith and Paddack...why did you start them?
  11. It means it is the usual manager double talk. The translation into plain English...He is getting better and progressing but we either don't know when he is likely to be back or do not plan on telling anyone because we like to keep everyone guessing. Voit is due back soon, so they are in no rush with EE. He is worth a stash if you have the DL slot imo...always has been. You might get 2+ weeks of numbers out of him.
  12. Hill. Cano and Nimmo were worthless before they got hurt lol.
  13. All are pretty fringey players imo. There is little to be gained carrying 2 Cs in a 1C league so whatever works for your situation imo.