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  1. Vote none of the above lol. Smith if you forced me too.
  2. 5x5 Roto, 10 team, keep any 6, 13/9/2C lineup, 5 deep bench. Catcher: Molina, Astudillo 1B: bellinger 2B: Shaw 3B: Suarez SS: Bogaerts IF: Mondesi OF: JD Martinez, Cain, Haniger, McCutchen, Nimmo Util: Devers Bench: Hader, L. Gurriel SP: Kershaw. Bauer, Taillon, Maeda, Musgrove, Stripling CL: Yates, Allen, Vizcaino Bench: May, Brasier, Woodruff
  3. Ramos. A top 5 C in MLB when on the field. Contreras is a disappointment and Meija an unknown.
  4. Holland is pretty much done imo and I would be shocked if he held the job for long, but who knows. As to Reyes, that is a gamble as well....figure maybe 60-65 Ips for the year. Doubt they would push him more than that.
  5. Don't like C's in keeper leagues and certainly not one that is Mendoza Line challenged.
  6. Just a statement of the obvious at this point. Unless it was a compound or severe fracture, they would not know if there was a broken bone without x-rays, so we will have to see what they come back as.
  7. Ouch...looks similar to when Dye broke his leg.
  8. The whole staff is an injury risk, but that is besides the point as Paxton and Tanaka are currently healthy. When (and if) everyone is back healthy, there simply is no room for German unless someone is stinking up the joint. In hindsight, the Yanks would have been far better off not re-signing fat boy Sabathia and re-signing Adam Warren for 3 million instead as they would have saved a decent chunk of change and added another arm they could use with Cessa and German for a 5th start's role\bullpen game if necessary (and maybe avoid the need to get Gonzales, but they got him so cheap it really does not make much difference in that regard).
  9. Out of curiosity, is there any reason other than pure laziness that teams wait until the last minute to put players they know will miss significant time on the IL? Guys like Severino, Ohtani, Gregorious, etc. I can understand players who are in doubt for opening day, but what is the advantage of not designating Severino or someone expected to miss weeks? Every year we get this wait until an hour before the first game stuff and it just seems to be pointless and obviously irritates fantasy owners.
  10. That may be true, but his numbers last year in the Majors were no that great and he was way too inconsistent with his command. When everyone is back, I think he has zero chance of sticking as Severino, Paxton, Happ amd Tanaka are locks. So is the fat boy Sabathia as they overpaid him to come out and pitch 4 innings\2 times through the lineup every 5 days so they are not likely to pull him barring injury or just being outright awful. Gio Gonzales makes the depth even greater and Cessa is pitching very well also. Undoubtedly there will be injuries both real (and fake if they are all healthy and pitching well), but German would have to be lights out in the first few weeks to have any chance of displacing Sabathia long term imo.
  11. Sale, Goldschmidt and Machado are locks. Last one is between Rizzo and Marte.
  12. 5x5 Roto, 10 team, keep any 6, 13/9/2C lineup. Had a lousy year last year in this league so picking 4th and keeping the below 6: 1b: Bellinger SS: Bogaerts, Mondesi OF: JD Martinez SP: Bauer, Kershaw Top players available (non-closers): Nola, Corbin, Sanchez, Votto, Suarez, Abreu, Carpenter, Clevinger, Cain, Vlad, Torres, Flaherty, Strasburg, C. Seager, Taillon With the 4th pick, I doubt I get Nola, but everyone else is sort of in play potentially at 4. Which 3 would you target to pick up with the 4th pick?
  13. Try to justify it however you like, but that sort of spin will likely just piss off the deGrom owner if he has anything resembling a clue wrt fantasy baseball imo. You can spin things both ways and claim Suarez is a one year wonder, Springer an annual disappointment (which he is) and Teheran a borderline bum not worthy of rostering in many shallow leagues (which he also is imo). For that you want the NL CYA winner? If you want to trade Springer and Suarez, shoot for someone more realistic imo.
  14. Anyone is a "potential" stud. Last I saw, a lifetime 251 hitter with an 825 OPS in 3+ years in the Majors is the definition of mediocrity. His OPS and slugging actually decreased noticeably last year. Maybe he takes the next step and maybe he doesn't, but the hype around Conforto is getting some people to pay as if he had already achieved star status. As to the deal, yes do it.Blackmon and Carpenter alone are worth more than the guys being given up imo.