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  1. One of the worst situations to be in owning OBJ. You can't start him without the fear of his floor, which has been evident the last 3 full games but you also can't bench him. Trade value is all out of line, since you're going to want someone back who you're valuing his peak to be at, but you likely won't get that from any owner watching how awful Mayfield is... and Mayfield is bad. Can't really trust, can't really trade and can't exactly bench... man this is a tough spot.
  2. Have you been asleep the last 30 or so days mate?
  3. The worst kind of player to hold onto. Zero value with the way he's playing - but he's healthy. Relegated to low end RB3 status, with zero appeal in the trade market from anyone. The Bengals don't look like they are going to get any better with or without Green. He either rots on your bench and sink you with his draft capital that you couldve used on someone else or you use him in your lineup and suffer the consequences. Just absolutely brutal.
  4. If this becomes true, and those 12-15 touches turn into at least 3-5 goal line carries each game, then this is gold. I would take the over on 10 on his TDs this season with this in mind.
  5. If you passed on him in the first round... you are regretting it today. MVP.
  6. I tried to take him before PG in every one of my leagues so hard, but to no avail. Just speechless at this point.
  7. Not looking like it's his year. Value should be deflated heavily in next year's draft. Probably will sink back down to mid 30s or so.
  8. Had flipped him a week ago for Lavine and did not look back. At best it's a net neutral or positive. At worst, ... well who knows what that'll look like but...
  9. A lot of the hate he received earlier in the season came from Luka fans. It sounds crazy, but you would be surprised to see how many snob 'I REALLY know the NBA' fans there are who were insulted that Ayton went ahead of Luka both in real life and in fantasy drafts. Half of the NBA reddit are readily convinced Ayton will be out of the league with his defense in 3 years while Doncic wins MVP next year. Obviously I think the real life play of either players right now is amazing, and Luka looks like the better player but luckily for us in fantasy land this doesn't matter. Top 10 player the last 3 weeks or so with Booker back. And I think he hasn't even looked 'locked in' yet. I fully expect a post ASB monster run with the Suns making some sort of effort to shore up his ROY candidacy.
  10. Every last or second to last place teams I've seen this season has a core collection of guys. Russ, CP3 and Draymond are in all of them.
  11. He looks washed. Completely lost his lateral quickness. His shooter and shot creating is simply not there. Him as a basketball player is probably playing at or around 35% of what he used to be. He has 95 million dollars left on his deal, including this year. Yikes.
  12. Can't tell if you're trolling but if you aren't, a lot of people here on these forums I'd reckon don't work in retail/services. This means that (and I'm sorry if you're under-aged or not working yet full time yet) you have these things called sick days... which any reputable company will let you take as many of for things like the common flu/cold. In America, it's crazy but the more money you make, the more days off and freedom you're actually given with respect to things like illnesses. Whether or not you may think that's fair (I don't think it is), McGee's salary has no implication on why he should be playing or not. He's been balling, is their starting center and is only going to miss maybe 1-2 more games max. Zubac isn't going to surpass him and he's vital to their defense.
  13. The Suns are a terrible in real life, but they are actually fun to watch. Reminds me a lot of a more talented, late 90s Clippers team with Odom and Darius Miles/Q Rich. Ayton and the kids aren't exactly winning games but they'll all get their numbers. It's not entirely a bad season to own any of the Suns worth owning (Booker/Ayton/Bridges/Warren) since they all play heavy minutes, are young and are given free reign to do whatever they want on the court. I think post ASB you can see him push for ROY contention (one of the few things the team I think recognizes he wants). I can see 19/11/1.5 on ridiculous shooting (think 55+%). Should be good for top 20 value assuming his assist numbers remain relatively close to what it was earlier. I can't wait for PHX to get him a real PG to play with. This team has a lot of potential in the coming years to be a fantasy goldmine.
  14. Absolutely insanity the type of season PG is having. If you're not getting back Harden/AD/Steph or KD, you don't move him. He might end up better than one or two of those guys if things keep up for him. OKC's best player in real life and fantasy, by far and by design. The last time OKC was this relevant in the basketball world was when Russ took a backseat, became the second best player on his team and let a dominant wing flourish.