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  1. 20 team dynasty league needs 1 owner, $20 entry fee h2h cats plus OPS and QS As a new owner you get on free amnesty drop of any contract Team has picks 1.2 and 1.11 in the first year player draft in August This team needs a dedicated owner who can come in and turn this team around. We are a good and active league. 45 man rosters which expand to 50 at the draft. Each year we have a 2 round first year player draft in August. We have a tagging system to help you keep some players whose contracts are expiring. A blind auction for FA bidding once a week. This is a highly competitive league. Will this team compete right away not, but we are looking for that owner who knows what they are doing to turn a team around, via drafting, trading, or FA. If you have more questions my email is or you can log on to the site here on Pro Boards to check it out. My team is Chicago Cubs so you can PM me. We use Fantrax for scoring but Pro Boards is where most of the fun happens. If you have any questions just hit me up, thank you Salary Total $111,915,000.00 Salary Cap $160,000,000.00 Difference $48,085,000.00 2019 Roster C - Buster Posey - 19:$21.4m, 20:$21.4m C - Joey Bart - (0/3)pp - $300k - Giants C - Miguel Amaya - (0/3)PP - $300K - Cubs CI - Josh Naylor - (0/3)pp - $300k - Padres CI - Josh Ockimey - (0/3)pp - $300k - Boston CI - Bobby Dalbec - (0/3)pp - $300k - Boston CI - Elehuris,Montero - (0/3)pp - $450k - Cards CI - Hudson Potts - (0/3)pp - $475k - Padres MI - Yoan Moncada - 19:$20.9m, 20:$20.9m, 21:$14.4m, 22:$13.1m, 23:$11.4m, 24:$11.4m MI - Gavin Lux - (0/3)pp - $300k - Dodgers MI - Luis Urias - (0/3)pp - $375k - Padres MI - Franklin Barreto - (0/3)pp - $787k - Oakland MI - Brandon Lowe - (0/3)pp - $300k - Tampa Bay MI - Lucius Fox - (0/3)pp - $300k - Tampa Bay MI - Jazz Chislom - (0/3)pp - $300k - Arizona MI - Ronny Maurico - (0/3)pp - $300k - Mets MI - Tyler Freeman - (0/3)pp - $305k - Indians OF - Matt Kemp - 19:$21.5m OF - Jay Bruce - 19:$14m, 20:$14m OF - Lewis Brinson - (1/3)pp - $302k - Miami OF - Monte Harrison - (0/3)pp - $300k - Brewers OF - Austin Beck - (0/3)pp - $300k - Oakland OF - Tirso Ornelas - (0/3)pp - $300k - Padres OF - Tristen Lutz - (0/3)pp - $300k - Brewers OF - Greyson Jenista - (0/3)pp - $300k - Braves OF - Ryan McKenna - (0/3)pp - $300k - Orioles OF - Luis Alexander Basabe - (0/3)pp - $450k - White Sox OF - Calvin Mitchell - (0/3)pp - $701 - Pirates OF - George Valera - (0/3)pp - $850k - Indians OF - Jesus Sanchez - (0/3)pp - $300k - Tampa SP - Johnny Cueto - 19-21:$21m SP - Ervin Santana - 19:$7m SP - Michael Soroka - (0/3)pp - $300k - Braves SP - Nate Pearson - (0/3)pp - $300k - Toronto SP - Matthew Liberatore - (0/3)pp - $300k - Rays SP - Dustin May - (0/3)pp - $300k - Dodgers SP - Sean Reid-Foley - (0/3)pp - $300k - Toronto SP - Ryan Weathers - (0/3)pp - $300k - Padres SP - Ethan Hankins - (0/3)pp - $300k - Indians SP - Brent Honeywell - (0/3)pp - $315k - Tampa SP - Koby Allard - (0/3)pp - $300k - Braves SP - Sixto Sanchez - (0/3)pp - $751k - Philly SP - Hans Crouse - (0/3)pp - $350k - Rangers SP - Triston McKenzie - (0/3)pp - $300k - Indians SP - Deivi Garcia - (0/3)pp - $302k - Yankees SP - JoJo Romero - (0/3)pp - $301k - Philly SP - Tanner Houck - (0/3)pp - $300k - Boston SP - Bryan Mata - (0/3)pp - $300k - Boston SP - Jason Groome - (0/3)pp - $300k - Boston SP - Shaun Anderson - (0/3)pp - $300k - Giants SP - Lewis Thorpe - (0/3)pp - $300k - Twins SP - Ranger Suarez - (0/3)pp - $300k - Philly SP - Kyle Muller - (0/3)pp - $300k - Braves SP - Matt Sauer - (0/3)pp - $300k - Yankees SP - Logan Allen - (0/3)pp - $300k - Padres Still Responsible for Will Middlebroks - 19:$1m Mat Latos - 19:$250k Kenny Vargas - 19:$1.5m Cameron Rupp - 19:$2m Rusney Castillo - 19:$5.5m, 20:$6.75m TOTAL 19:$10.25m. 20:$6.75m Post 19 Draft Picks 1.2 - Dbacks 1.11 - From Rays 2.2 - Dbacks Post 20 Draft Picks 1st round - Dbacks 2nd round - Dbacks Post 19 Tags FT - 1 RFA - 2 PT - 2
  2. Give us a look, I am the Cubs, have a look around and message me if you like 20 teams, 45man roster, contracts salary cap, h2h scoring plus OPS and QS not Wins, 2 round minor league draft $20 dollar entry fee. Use Fantrax for scroring, but Pro Boards for everything else, RFA bidding starts today
  3. 20 team, h2h cats OPS and QS not Wins, 45 man rosters, 2 round minors draft, salary cap, RFA is also starting tomm. Baltimore Orioles is open team - League Link $20 dollar entry fee This team will be a project and all it needs is some love, but if you like to revive teams, then we have a very active league and a fun one if I may say so. Come over and check it out, I am the Cubs there so just message me for more info. Thanks
  4. He is saying with Soroka he will toss in Shaun Anderson, Lewis Thorpe, Ranger Suarez, - I know he is going for quantity over quality here, but there is some decent upside with these guys and they are close any combination of these guys really Andrew Knizner (STL)Shaun Anderson (SF)Ranger Suarez (PHI)Sean Reid-Foley (TOR)Luis Ortiz (BAL)Yadier Alvarez (LAD)Josh Ockimey (BOS)Thairo Estrada (NYY)Randy Arozarena (STL)Lewis Thorpe (MIN)Matt Sauer (NYY)
  5. Tough, I would say Verly over Marte, but thinking on the age thing makes me lean Marte, but Verly is solid so I am going to stick with him
  6. You value Soroka that little? or You value the prospects that much? Thanks
  7. 20 team dyansty h2h cats plus OPS, 45 man roster Trevor Larnach Luis Garcia (Nats) for Soroaka I need pitching and I may be overthinking the shoulder. These are solid prospects I give and I need to get some pitching, but I need to make it count. So am I over thinking this and I should take Soroka. Roster info not needed, just want to know if this is a solid deal. thanks
  8. I can only wish prospects were replaced that fast in this league at least the good ones
  9. I went ahead and upped my Bregman to the best I think I can do. Benny, Bell, Yordon, Luis Garcia (Nats) and Matt Barnes, he likes Barnes so I tossed him in. It seems a lot but I still have prospects after this, got my OF depth. Figured I would just throw my best offer at him instead of waiting on what I originally offered because I am not the only one in the league after him as you can imagine.
  10. I do not think so, Bregman has him in homers and RBI's but I believe Bell and Yordon make up for that. Plus I think Bell is better than he was last year
  11. Are there no contracts in this league?
  12. Nail meet head Arenado leaves a void on your team and in your heart lol, thanks, just need to let the dust settle first before I rush into anything, but I now have the Bregman team back in the convo. Where I give Benny, Yordon, and Bell,