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  1. Another vote for Sanders and McLaurin
  2. I am going Kirk as the targets are going to be there for him
  3. 24 team NON PPR Start one for Flex Duke Johnson at home vs Jaguars Royce Freeman at home vs Bears TarIk Cohen on road vs Broncos James Washington at home vs Seahawks Zay Jones on road vs Giants Right now I have Johnson in there. He is probably touchdown dependent. Freeman vs Bears D is not appealing. Part of me is thinking go with Washington and hope Pittsburgh/Seattle is a high scoring game so Washington gets a few passes tossed his way after JuJu and Moncrief take their share. Thanks for the advice
  4. Goff at home vs Saints or Wilson on road vs Steelers Right now I have Goff in due to possibility of a high scoring game
  5. I think I might just hang onto him. After 6 weeks you may look back on this and whomever you picked up was not worth it for the help you will get from Coleman down the stretch. You have Cook and Mack and Ingram in your FLEX so I bet you can survive. Unless keeping him starts costing you wins to the point you will not make the playoffs then that would be different. I think I hang on, thanks for mine
  6. Thanks for help on mine. All I can say here is just take the best available and who has most potential trade value. Sorry it could not better advice on this one
  7. I am not sure where the first will be yet but it is another teams pick and his team is fairly good so I would say maybe mid teens to back end. I do not have faith in Fournette yet and I really hope Duke will bust out but who knows.
  8. I would do it and then find a way to get Freeman as I read the usage share may not be what it was last year and either way a great handcuff. Either way I like you getting Chubb
  9. I would not be giving Evans here at all, there are more mouths to feed in New England
  10. 24 teams, NON PPR My RB are Fournette, Cohen, Duke Would you give a 1st round rookie pick and Cohen for Mack?
  11. 24 team dynasty, 85m cap, NON PPR, 35 man roster with IDP My WR are Kirk, Godwin, Tate, Z Jones, Funchess I have only $272k in cap left out of $85m. I have a chance to let Tate go. He is on a 2yr contract $10m, and $6.5m. I will only get a 3rd round pick for him but it still saves me $10m this year and gets me out of that contract. Now Tate could be a ball hog and get me points but this also might be the time to get rid of him. I could push for a 2nd round pick but I doubt I get that with his contract this year despite the fact in gets cheaper next year. I am leaning towards doing this and my gut says yes. The only other way I have to save cap is drop Funchess which saves me $2.5m but letting Tate go would give me much needed money for FA bidding or trade.
  12. Well, one of those firsts just went for Godwin on a 2 yr cheap contract. The first I gave was one I thought might be around the early-late teens. Of course that is an early projection of how his team will do. Had JuJu and Tate Now have Kirk, Godwin, Jones, Tate, Funchess, and the other two firsts... will be looking to shed Tate and Funchess
  13. I ended up doing that deal for Jones the other night. In better news I just landed Godwin. I just traded one of those 3 firsts I gave for JuJu. He was trying to drop cap with Funchess so I did not think to much and said I would do that for him if I got Godwin for a first. I just gambled one of the picks on what seems to be at least a decent gamble. That deal was Godwin Funchess for 1st Tyquan Lewis This leaves me very close to cap as Funchess is 5m but I can drop him for half back and now my plan is to try and move Tate cheap and save 10m this year or simply drop him if it comes to that, save half, and save more when someone bids on him in FA. My WR now are Godwin, Kirk, Jones,,, and still left with 2 firsts after letting go of JuJu
  14. non ppr Cohen vs Pacers or Johnson vs Saints I have Fournette strarting at RB
  15. 24 team 35 man roster NON PPR, idp and salary I give Vance McDonald 2yrs $5.5m and $2.5m I get Zay Jones 2yrs 1m and 1.3m My WR are Tate and Kirk. My TE are Howard and McDonald. I really like my TE depth but Tate is suspended so I am down a WR and waivers in a 24 team league is pretty grim to say the least. Not a fan of Jones but this is my only option. So if Howard is my TE would you do this deal? If you leave a link and if I can I will answer back, thanks