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  1. in a standard-sized league there's not much risk with dropping Gortat. So I would go for RHJ and take the chance. Injuries are the problem indeed for him but there's also soem upside with his defensive stats.
  2. ... Could be any H2H type every/most/points. If you need a manager to join - please let e know.
  3. I still can't decide which one is a better bet for dynasty leagues. For Ayton - there's always the "next KAT" label although the stat profile is not quite that good. Doncic on the other hand could become a "roto versatile" type of fantasy star. Anyway - for those drafting them in dynasties I can congrat. For those in redrafts - be careful :-) As apatas wrote - 7th round is high enough. Maybe even too high for me in Doncic's case.
  4. Do you have a luxury to choose between Doncic and Ayton? :-)
  5. I'd recommend also Green and Turner as bigs. And Ball as a late rounder. Turner's FG maybe is not bad, but well below centers' average. And rebounding (and blocking!!) PG always helps with such setup, even if his totals might take some hit this season.
  6. I wouldn't say euro defenses are "much much" better. I'd say the NBA defenses are much better than they look they are. As for Doncic's hype - yes, I'm a bit on it. Unfortunately not to the point where I could think of getting him in any of my drafts. Because with rookies there's always some kind of hype and there's always some kind of risk attached. And in every league happens to be a manager who doesn't care of analysis such the fb-ninja's article about rookies in fantasy. And such players are drafted around their ceilings or even higher.
  7. And that's how all the hype is generated :-) I'd agree with projected minutes, maybe even FT could project a bit higher. But FG to me looks more like 41-42% and points in a range 12-15. Of course, he might explode and make your projections come true but I wouldn't bet on that with my draft picks.
  8. The old truth says - sleepers are sleepers until people start talking about them and the hype train arrives :-) Then such players are being taken in drafts around their ceilings or even above. I generally agree with your list... maybe with Saric and Nurkic being small exceptions. Those two I'd draft behind Collins.
  9. Towns is going to be projected fine elsewhere but ninja got his value reaaaally high. From the guys with increased role I already noticed Allen and it remains to be seen if his real value will be closer to those projections or what the hype train might suggest. My bet is - somewhere between so I'm not expecting to be able to get Allen in any of my drafts. Many young players were supposed to expand their roles but also got quite strong competition for production inside their teams. For example - most of top 10 2017 draft players got a high USG% starter as a teammate. Are there any particular names you think of here?
  10. KAT with #2 and z-score value rise over 20% looks quite opposite to being conservative :-) And for sure looks like a projection, not the 17/18 value. As for the breakots - indeed, guys like Jarret Allen are ranked quite low, although quite in line with the second part of 17/18. And for sure they don't support all the hype that we experience here.
  11. I think he'll get over 26 minutes with Markieff sliding to C in small lineups. Now much of Oubre's fantasy value depends on the FG%. If it increases or at least comes back - he'll be an interesting last round flier IMO.
  12. I hope my competition overlook him and don't mind getting Warrent around #100. I usually play in league setups including turnovers and really find value in guys with strong points w/ great FG% and low TO later on. Minutes? Rather below 29, but don't see it fall much lower, no matter if he's a starter or a sixth man.
  13. If there's any coaching there, it all wouldn't just come down to whining and "getting theres" IMO. If we have a 58.1 EFG% and 60.2 TS% perimeter player (not to mention - we're paying him some serious money), we just have to use him in our offense. As for Oubre - I think he'll cut a bit in Kieff's PF playing time. Morris on the other side can play more a small ball center behind Dwight who is not able to play 30+ mpg anymore.
  14. From the Washington top 3 players, I would worry more about Beal and Wall. As you said, Porter is more of the all-around-player and somehow will always fill the stat sheet. Kemba and Batum needed to have ball in their hands to produce and that's why Howard's presence impacted them that much. In roto - I have no problems targeting Porter inside top 30. In H2H - my strategies usually rely on other core building blocks so I rarely get him anyway.
  15. Kanter is one story, another - Porzingis. If Latvian sits the majority of the season - then I see some chances for Robinson to be relevant in fantasy. Anyway - in standard leagues I'd rather label him as a waiver wire watch.