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  1. You are not getting equal value for Kemba (and Ibaka for that matter). Do not put Ibaka in the trade because it would be counter productive if you need Fg%. Try Kemba for those 2 straight up, or Kemba + late rounder for those 2.
  2. I’ll help.... I think that’s a good trade for you and you win that trade. Faried’s value will tank once Capela comes back and Zu will be inconsistent with Lakers’ 3 center jam. Even if he gets traded to NOR, he’ll be competing w/Okafor. Collins/Booker will be good to go ROS on tanking teams.
  3. I have Adams... There’s no way I’d accept that. But more power to you if you can get this done
  4. Lol, Derrick White!?! You know what to do.
  5. I think you got to take the Lillard deal... Some on this forum may disagree, but I don’t think it’s as big a risk as you think, one can make the argument that Vuc (as a sell high) for Lillard straight up would be a fair swap. Getting Lowry “thrown in” is just a huge bonus for you... it’s a low risk/big reward that’s worth taking
  6. Well let’s see... Out: Simmons, Middleton, Lavine, Bagley, Schroder, Osman, Thad Young In: Kemba, Barton, WCJ, Love, Vuc, Sato, T. Bryant I like your current roster with Kemba, Vuc and those other pieces. You’re looking good for ROS with Barton returning and those Wizards poised for 2nd half breakout. Not sure about taking on Love, but overall better than what you had... Keep playing fantasy.
  7. I don’t get it... Is it h2h or roto? But in any format, I would not give up KD for those guys
  8. Is that your current roster? If so, then Bam is your most droppable player.... Swap him for Anderson
  9. You got a nice gift for Christmas... Keep it, don’t return it
  10. For sure take that... You just plucked Winslow off the ww and some dude is gifting you a mid-rounder