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  1. Who would you pick? Whir

    I say roll the dice with Milos... Ulis has time share with m.james and has been sitting on the ww in my 12-team league
  2. Overrated/Underrated players- FULL LIST

    Good list/good idea, thanks for sharing it with us.... It always cracks me up at the perceived value that the overrated players have and the trades that take place because of it
  3. I wouldn't.... Retract your offer quickly
  4. Need help: Convince me not to drop Batum!

    Thanks everyone for talking me off the ledge for now... I guess my main point is there is a difference between waiting out the ebbs and flows of a slump VS. playing w/chronic injury that won't go away without surgery, which seems to be the case. Heck there's even an article, that someone posted up on his player discussion thread, where he pretty much admits that he can't do what he wants to do because of the pain. If this is the case ROS, the question becomes is a one-winged Batum better than others on the ww. Comparing apples and oranges.... even when healthy, Batum's ceiling is Westbrook's floor, and again Westbrook is not playing with a chronic injury impairing the way he plays
  5. He's about a month on the court, minutes are there, yet still not producing. I know I'm not rostering him for fg%, but it's way low and he's not doing enough in other cats to make it worth it, he has (and will continue to have) a bad elbow this season and is ranked outside of 175th.... Maybe it's just not his year? Seems the only reason that I'm holding is his name. Flame me if you must, but I need to know if I'm thinking clearly, lol...
  6. Vetoed! What's everyone's opinion?

    Vetoing this CP3 trade?!! It looks like you're playing with a bunch a David Sterns
  7. Westbrook for CP3 trade - WHIR

    IMO CP3 has way more value than Westbrook this year... The fact that you got him to think the opposite and are getting him to give you more players, well that's one heck of a Jedi Mind Trick. Any of those deals is a win. I think the 2nd deal is a steal.... You're getting CP3, upgrading CJ for Klay PLUS getting Ingles as a "throw in"?!! Please teach me the ways of the force.
  8. Trade accepted: Otto Porter for Batum/Lauri

    Yes, very good
  9. Curry for Oladipo?

  10. Veto worthy? Davis for Capela and Evans

    Davis side still wins, but I think you should let this go through... No veto
  11. Marc Gasol for Porzingis + 1

    Oops sorry it was late last night... I misread your post and got all mixed up, now I see that you are getting Porzingis. Yes, I do think this is a good deal for you. Accepting the "+ 1 player" will depend on your needs... i.e. if you need assists and want to improve ft% then swapping out Jaylen for Rjax would make sense, just an example
  12. Don't know the needs of your team, i.e. weak on blocks? In general, I think it's too risky, esp. since he's trying to sell low... I say keep what you got, Vuc will get you some DDs
  13. Marc Gasol for Porzingis + 1

    I don't think it's a good deal for you.... the + 1 players he's offering to send you, some may argue, that they are not better than the players you are planning on dropping. Have him give you back Gasol + a player of better value if he wants Porzingis, or else hold
  14. Interesting Names on the WW. WHIR

    I'd pick up Nance... He'll be a nice fit for your team because you're a little thin at the forward position, he's getting minutes and will get you some nice boards, steals, %