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  1. This was like during his third game of the season when he really started getting things going. His first 2 games weren't that great
  2. Spent nearly an hour deciding who I wanted to drop for OG. By then, someone else had picked him up. I try to avoid looking at Raptors box scores now
  3. I've got an offer for Jimmy Butler on the table. Thinking about taking it at this point smh
  4. If someone agrees to trading 3rd/4th round value for your Curry, accept it and hope it doesn't get vetoed. Curry got dropped in my league. I don't see him coming back this season.
  5. I'd definitely keep Ayton over Kemba. Help with mine?
  6. Got offered Fox and Lauri for my Ayton and Pat Bev (who I'm just going to drop anyways). Would you rather have Ayton or Fox + Lauri? Thanks! WHIR
  7. ROS with Levert also back? Debating if I should pick him back up again but the Nets rotation seems messy
  8. I have Jaren Jackson and Covington. Deciding which one to drop and which one to stash in IR spot. 12 team H2H Sounds like Covington should be making a return before JJJ? WHIR!
  9. ??? Oh you must be Covington's doctor, my bad.
  10. I was targeting Booker in my leagues prior to drafts but I guess so was everyone else. Glad I missed out on him. Strong shutdown candidate
  11. I agree with what Washington2014 mentioned above. I would try to offer Rubio instead of Dinwiddie. I have Jrich and Mitchell valued about evenly. Also, there is a chance Mitchell gets better as the season progresses so it depends if you wanna take a risk on that. Help with mine?