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  1. Getting 'Dipo [WHIR]

    It's worth a shot I suppose but I doubt the Oladipo owner accepts that deal. I would personally try to stay away from Kwahi and Turner. Plus Covington hasn't been doing too well lately.
  2. What to do with curry? Whir.

    agreed with the guy above. Unless you get an offer you really can't turn down, I'd hold on to Curry and hope those ankles don't have any problems.
  3. Choose 1 Free Agent

    Murray would also be my first choice but keep an eye on Val and Napier.
  4. Gobert is back so I need to drop either Dinwiddie or James Johnson. Not sure how much value Dinwiddie will have with Dlo back. But James Johnson has been pretty underwhelming lately. Who's the drop here? Thanks! WHIR
  5. Drop Lee. THJ should eat into his production
  6. I need another PF and it seems like Russell might be coming back soon which should hurt Dinwiddie's value. Also becoming tough to hold on to Tim Hardaway Jr, especially since they haven't been giving many updates. Should I drop Dinwiddie or THJ for Marquese Chris? WHIR!
  7. Drop J. Johnson? WHIR!

    12 team 9 cat league. James Johnson is out 7-10 days. I already have Griffin and THJ out on my team so this really makes things tough. However, I am 1st in my division so that helps a bit. Would you drop James Johnson? WHIR!
  8. Looking to pick up Tyler Johnson or Josh Richardson for this week. Who's the better option? Thank you WHIR
  9. Drop Carroll for Thad Young or RHJ?

    bump...anyone else?
  10. Please assist in reviewing a trade in my league

    This is an easy veto. Surprised there needs to be a thread made for it. Thanks for your help on mine
  11. Thad and RHJ got dropped. Should I drop Carroll and put in a waiver for Thad or RHJ? WHIR
  12. 2017-2018 Buy Low / Sell High Thread

    Thinking about selling high on Marc Gasol. What would be some players that are fair value for him?
  13. Blake Griffin 2017-18 Season Outlook

    It's funny, a couple weeks ago I made this thread in the AC forum asking for advice: 9 out of the 10 replies told me to trade away my CP3 for Blake lol. I got close to accepting the trade but something told me to hold off
  14. James Johnson 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    what's going on with him lately? Should've traded him while he was still hot smh
  15. Rudy Gobert 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Agreed. I could've gotten DMC and Jokic instead smh. Hopefully he picks it up soon