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  1. Will Barton 20018-2019 Outlook

    I'd be happy even if he puts up Top 75
  2. Robert Covington 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    ??? Oh you must be Covington's doctor, my bad.
  3. Devin Booker 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I was targeting Booker in my leagues prior to drafts but I guess so was everyone else. Glad I missed out on him. Strong shutdown candidate
  4. DMitch Jrich trade WHIR

    I agree with what Washington2014 mentioned above. I would try to offer Rubio instead of Dinwiddie. I have Jrich and Mitchell valued about evenly. Also, there is a chance Mitchell gets better as the season progresses so it depends if you wanna take a risk on that. Help with mine?
  5. Robert Covington 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Any other ankle bone bruise injuries we can compare this situation to? Trying to get an idea of how long he's expected to be out.
  6. My Jrue or Lowry + Jokic for Curry + Capela WHIR

    I don't have Elfrid. I was just saying that he is back for the Pelicans so I'm expecting Jrue's assist numbers to go down a bit. And I've got another trade pending for Lowry. Thanks for your help!
  7. Help with Westbrook trade. WHIR!!!!

    I would take it as it seems like you already have a solid frontcourt so you can move Ayton. And you're getting the best player in the trade. I would try to see if you can swap out Sato for Hernangomez or Kornet. I like Sato's ROS Thanks for your help on mine.
  8. My Jrue or Lowry + Jokic for Curry + Capela WHIR

    I'm looking to punt assists. Jokic and Jrue are my only assist guys and with Elfrid back, I'm expecting Jrue's assists to go down. Not sure how Jrue's overall production will be like moving forward. My other concern is how Jokic's numbers will look like when Nuggets are at full health. Also, this is a 9 cat h2h league
  9. As the title says, I'm trading away my Jokic, Jrue/Lowry (plus RoCo or Otto Porter) for his Curry and Capela. Do I take it? WHIR!
  10. Kevin Knox 2018-2019 Fantasy Outlook

    Time to pick him up?
  11. Gary Harris and montrezl for Donovan mitchell? WHIR

    I would stay put if you can survive with Gary Harris out a couple weeks. Looks like you have Love on IR. Make the trade if you could use production right now. Thanks for your help on mine
  12. Will Barton 20018-2019 Outlook

    Thank you. Maybe my league doesn't have IR spots, maybe teams have their IR spots full, etc. It was a simple question. Don't have any input? Just keep it moving lol
  13. My Booker, Dunn, Poeltl for Rubio, Hield, Kanter

    Depends on how well your team is currently doing and if you can afford to hold on to Booker. If you need help now, I would make the trade. Thanks for your help on mine.
  14. I have Elfrid in my IR spot right now and someone dropped Ingram. Should I pick up Ingram and stash him instead of Payton? Rondo also got dropped by I'm not sure if he's worth the pick up. Thanks for the input. WHIR!
  15. Will Barton 20018-2019 Outlook

    In a 12 team league. Is he worth a pick-up at this point? What do you guys project ROS?