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  1. Wasn't enough to beat my squad *whew* lol... but yeah def won 'ships for a bunch people. I was worried he'd have that exact type of game on Sunday, pg13 saved me this week
  2. He showed up big time this past week... I lost 3 games from roco and 1 from harden... balled out!
  3. Drafted Pg13/brolo/ariza/mylesT/favors/batum/Fournier/kilpatrick/j.richardson/len/bayless/mills/deing/derozan Championship squad Pg13/favors/batum/len/mills/deing/derozan/HARDEN/CONLEY/IT4/ROCO/CHRISS/BROGDON/FRYE
  4. Man... to think i offered pg13 for noel and rubio... lol.. glad the owner rejected it
  5. As long as he plays one of these last two this week, im good
  6. Why I traded him... got harden, gave up wiggins/brolo/ariza....
  7. Deing killing it again tonight.. but those haters are quiet? Double_double with 3 blocks... Will be drafting again
  8. On my bench for chriss..... welp
  9. Damn... didn't get a chance to see game. What was up with the low mins? Foul trouble I'm assuming?
  10. And him in the 12th round is a steal
  11. Nobody in my league likes him Haha! So I just keep getting him for nothing. He should be around $10-12
  12. You also dont draft him to off set bad shooting nights by other players, you draft him not to hurt you in those %s That's a big difference. I drafted him for a $1 this year and last year. Looking forward to doing it again this coming year. You are not going to be able to draft any other guy going 1and1 in stocks for $1
  13. I've given up in that cat... harden/it4/batum/pg13 lol
  14. Sounds like a bunch of your guys dropped the ball in FT% ... pg13 was 77% this week, not his best I still managed to shoot .850 as a team with him and derozan shooting 77%
  15. #mytruthserum -only 16 players are averaging more than 1stl/1blk... so it's not as nonchalant as you proclaim -8 of those players are allstars/borderline allstars -out of the other 8, deing beats them with his ft% by a long shot. He's right there with 9.9pts/7.8reb Im points leader in my league with deing, so punting is not needed for him to fit