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  1. I’m still waiting for the inj tag to be removed... like at least have it as GTD!!!
  2. I was being a bit reserved on the ranking... yeah he’s been 42nd the last month and in the 30s last few weeks. And still trending up
  3. This no one here is thinking Mitch is a top 30/40/50 player in real life. But this is a fantasy basketball forum. So that’s the realm we base our perception in for this site. Henson was a block SPECIALIST last year. YES! Mitch is way more valuable than bigger real life stars in fantasy. He’s not a specialists now. Earlier in the year? For sure he was. Limited mins, fouls, not doing more than blocks. We can’t say those things about him now. He’s going to be on a majority of championship teams.
  4. Can we get an update sometime today about availability?!?!?! My weekly roster locks at 11:59pm tonight!!! Need to know if he’s playing these 2 games this week!! Aaarghghhhh!!!! but really has anyone heard finite news??? It’s speculative that he is in fact going to be good for Thursday. But I need to get rebs this week. And him missing any game will cost me
  5. I picked up Mitch well over a month ago. The writing was on the wall for this guy. No way this guy should have been on the wire in the last two weeks in a competitive league 10 teamer and up. Way too much potential. And to answer some of the chatter above me. i would easily trade portis to get Mitch. Portis averages less than .5 in stl and blks... Mitch also is reb better with an almost automatic FG%..unless you’re punting blocks, you want this guy
  6. I landed JV for bojan (pacers) right after the trade
  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if DJ is bought out... then he’s free to sign where ever
  8. Smells like money taste like money ha ha * in my most annoying lio voice
  9. Just lost capela... Was offered to receive bam for Sato Westbrook/teague/Beal Wcs/TT/Bojan Adams Bryant/McGee Holmes/sato/smart/capela