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  2. Get through this week... there's 4 there for you next week!
  3. Watching this guy kill it... on my opponents bench... whew
  4. Glad i don't count on him for fg%... Jesus... like just stop shooting tonight...
  5. Stat correction coming?
  6. Shut that mouth!!!!!! -all it4 owners
  7. Waiting on news for tonight... at least it's one of the earlier ones and i can get news before my line up locks for the week and the 7pm game tip offs
  8. By yahoo... it's the 6-3 over the 5-3-1
  9. It should be seamless for the commissioner to put whatever player at whatever value the league's bylaws say it should be. Ex. My league allows 2 keepers -must have been drafted by you and rostered entire year -25% increase on last year's paid price -cannot keep more than one year
  10. Might be running into this issue this week... I'm up 2 games, sitting in 1st... guy in 2nd could gain 2 on me.. we'd have identical records... hed get first based off of he won more games than me that week... i beat him 7-2 this year... its a BS ranking system, especially when you consider if him and i tie in a playoff match up.. it goes to h2h record for tiebreaker... so regular season he gets the higher seed.. but playoff game I advance... how does this even make sense?????
  11. 12 steals(4 zero games) vs 13 steals (3 zero games) in last 11 games.. I'd say they are about the same there... T.Allen as 17 steals (4 zero games)
  12. I was reviewing teams in my league today... Wiggins jumped off the page! Hes 12th over the last 30 days in averages. He has really filled up the steals stats along with treys. I traded him along with brolo/ariza to land harden. I still love my trade, but didn't think wiggins would become the top player out of those 3 and putting up borderline first round value in that span *slow clap* to you Mr. Wiggins. I'll be watching you at next year's draft for sure
  13. Good -traded brolo/ariza/wiggins for harden -traded kilpatrick for conley right when he got hurr -traded myles turner for IT4 -used my top waiver claim on my lord, covington Bad -missed out on cp3/smart for batum day after news of injury -drafting favors AGAIN
  14. My team as a whole is shooting crappy last 3 weeks.. i think batum has rubbed off on them lol
  15. Just need him to rebound and stocks