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  1. See here’s the tough thing, there’s no real “secrets” to fantasy. So you come out with this tough talk by saying you’re almost always right. I agree with the idea of not doing exactly what these guys suggest but now I’m genuinely curious as to some of your hot takes. Don’t give away all your “secrets” by any means but if you’re as good as you say you are post on the bold predictions or something to that effect. What’s the point in making the big claims and saying the experts are trash if you’re not going to give YOUR takes on guys
  2. Well he’s not going to get it right %100 of the time but I happen to find him more knowledgeable then most, and I for one find the BBM analytics to be the best. It’s not fool proof but it helps to pull off trades in your favour and especially does a good job at analyzing your team to predict how you stack up against your competition. Nothing is fool proof but it’s a close as it gets to accurate. I don’t really listen to Gallagher so no opinion on him. As for Lloyd we can just agree to disagree.
  3. I mean Josh Lloyd has helped me win my dynasty league 4/7 years but you’re probably right. I can’t wait for your podcast to come out!
  4. You do you man and we’ll see who’s closer to being right soon enough.
  5. What’s interesting is that his rebounds and assist numbers mirrored his Utah days despite playing 8min less per game. What dipped was his usage obviously. If his confidence can return then I think his usage goes up as well. As people mentioned earlier his ppg likely won’t return because he’s likely the 3rd option offensively. I don’t think it’s out of the question for his minutes to be over 30 again and to average about 16ppg with decent % and around 4-5 assists and rebounds. Not sure what ranking that would be but where he’ll go in most drafts he would be a value pick
  6. It’s a points league mock draft so that changes things for one, and two BBM guys know their stuff. I don’t understand the extreme Hayward hate, unless you drafted him last year and got burned. The facts are he had a big injury and has now had one full season to recover, and has been an above average to elite player for years. If you can’t see the bounce back potential I don’t know what to tell you. In my experience guys that only prescribe to the “what have you done for me lately?” mentality don’t typically do well in fantasy
  7. I've already been thinking ahead to next season at some players that could have nice bounce back seasons after disappointing this season. These guys come to mind, and I'm wondering if people have a few others on their radar. Gary Harris Gordon Hayward Taurean Prince Ricky Rubio Dario Saric I feel like Harris and Hayward could bounce back nicely but have my doubts on the other three. Who do you got as a bounce back and why?
  8. H2H 8 Cat Dynasty Absolutely rolled through the regular season with a win percentage of .741, but it wasn't without its bumps. End of Season Roster Lonzo, Jrue, Collison Hield, Beal, Ingles Isaac, Tobias, Gallo Horford KAT, Nurk, Robinson (1 stream spot) I dealt with a lot of injuries. Traded Dipo for Lavine + Gallo, then flipped Lavine for Hield + Horford. Traded Carter Jr. for a 1st round pick then activated Robinson (owned the rights to him, league settings require a rookie on active roster). Also traded Jarrett Allen for Collison (not ideal for dynasty but my PG situation was getting dire) Then things got wonky in the finals. Nurk got injured as we all know, so that hurt more, however I was still projected to beat my opponent 6-2 even with 3 injured players. However, the commissioner never issued a trade deadline (dynasty) which enabled active playoff teams to trade (which was so ridiculous a forum couldn't hold my rant). My opponent took full advantage and went nuts on the trading to maximize games. He traded AD for Jokic, Paul for DJ + Adams, Kyrie for Westbrook, and about 3 more minor trades. I was forced to trade Jrue for Kuzma + pick (terrible but not many options), and Nurk for Millsap. I then had to trade Kuz for WCS to compete in boards and FG. In the end even with an older and worse roster I still won 5-3 for my 4th title in 7 years. Special thanks to Mitch Robinson and Gallo for going HAM on the boards and for Nurk for being awesome all year (get well soon).
  10. I watched that “popped” clip a few times and it looks more like he’s saying “it didn’t pop”. Probably responding to a trainers question trying figure out what was wrong. I’ve panicked hard before on something like this (draymonds non contact knee injury last year) and he ended up missing a game or two, and that one looked worse. We’ll all find out soon enough, but I think there’s a lot to be hopeful about
  11. Drafted him with the 24th pick in my dynasty league rookie draft, back on the day of the draft. I had to trade my 1st round pick this year just to get the pick but he was still out there and I couldn't pass him up. A few of my fellow managers laughed at me no I'm the only one laughing. I've got him, Carter jr. and KAT, so about 8-10 years of dominance should be coming my way
  12. Sweet. I always appreciate when someone gets a better eye test. Those were some of the things I was thinking too, and I agree it's hard to know how each guy will develop and what the teams will do around them.
  13. What's everyone thoughts on him dynasty wise? How does he stack up against someone like Jarrett Allen for example? Having watched both of them play, though not extensively, I find Robinson to be more intriguing long-term and I think his foul shooting could improve to above 70% in the years to come. Thoughts?
  14. Let's chat then! haha. Yeah he's such a tricky player to player to trade for because we know that he gives you something very few will give back. In my league I know I won't be able to get Simmons, he's untouchable, Kawhi? Maybe. If you manage to get him for anyone, let me know!
  15. Would like some opinions from dynasty owners on Wall. I’m worried about his knees moving forward, and I’m in a position to win this year. looks like he could miss the first week or all of fantasy playoffs. Is now the time to trade him? I was thinking of offering him and saric for Russell and Smith jr. + 1st round pick. If I do that I will for sure own picks 4-7 in our rookie draft and already have a fairly stacked team. All that being said main question is - Should I wait on Wall and hope for the best, trade him in the offseason or trade him now for youth with upside to a team that won’t make playoffs?
  16. No to most of this. Obviously I know he was out for a month, and know that he is a rookie. I scouted him and college and drafted him in my dynasty league so I am NOT making my assumptions off of his past 2 games. That being said I saw that same things as you, and I would agree with you on his main issue right now being his frame and lack of strength, holds him back from challenging in the paint and being aggressive. I haven't watched a ton of his games so I was hoping for a magic fan to weigh in. You're post wasn't off by any means it just didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, so I'll clarify better. His main criticisms coming into the league were confidence and aggressiveness, and from what I've observed of him so far those COULD be legitimate as he's not assertive on either end. However I have not watched enough to know either way. So my question is for those that have seen him more, do you think he has legitimate confidence, aggressiveness issues or just general "rookie figuring it out" issues. I love his upside, as I've said before in this thread, and his ceiling is huge, I just don't know how likely he reaches it and he has yet to pass the eye test with me.
  17. Preface - I own him in dynasty. I haven't watched him all season but each time I do he looks pretty lost (including tonight) on both ends of the court. Any magic fans out there that have seen a lot more of him? Please weigh in. I have no intentions of moving on from him but he looks like he'll be a project for at least 2 years
  18. Have you been sitting on that one for two weeks now? cause that's how long it's been since he's a had a bad game. Haters gunna hate
  19. Damn this really sucks. Kid had some major defensive upside, still does obviously but he's no longer a nice stash as long as Jah is taking his minutes.
  20. Lol at whoever wrote this. How is this your job and you can't even get the team right?! Adams had his way with Gobert and Favors which is much more impressive. On another note, I'm sure glad I own this guy Steven Adams hit 9-of-10 shots for 20 points, nine rebounds, a steal and no blocks in 33 minutes of Tuesday's win over the Suns. Adams had his way with Greg Monroe and Alex Len tonight and is having a great season. And he's on fire right now, averaging 22 points and 8.3 boards on a ridiculous 28-of-34 shooting (82 percent) over his last three games. However, he doesn't have a block in any of those games, but they should be coming again soon.
  21. My man! Not going to be consistent whatsoever, but THIS is why you hold.
  22. Yes yes yes and yes haha. I followed him since college and drafted him 4th in the rookie draft in my dynasty league so I've had him since day one. He hasn't been great but he's been better than I thought he'd be at this point. Confidence on offense is the only thing holding him back. I imagine him to be a regular top 50 guy in defence alone. His only knock is whether or not he ever becomes assertive offensively, and I think it'll be the difference between top 50 and top 20 for him.
  23. If you're expecting immediate results as with the other guys mentioned that it's hype for now. But these guys get hyped for a reason, I expect Isaac to get consistent minutes and flash his upside more likely around February then right now...but he might not be sitting on your wire come February
  24. He'll be good one day, but not sure it's happening soon. His numbers are inflated due to putting up 6 blocks against Chicago...enough said there. Then 3 blocks again against an Orlando team that has been very bad as of late. When he starts doing this against the good teams and earning consistent minutes because of it, he'll be a standard league asset. I'm not even sure if he's a hold this year because of the team he plays on, but in Dynasty he better be getting scooped up if he isn't already owned.