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  1. Siakam, Mitch Rob, f--- it ill say Gallo also, the man literally saving me
  2. ran circles around them, glad my ticket got screwed cause Ja is really amazing
  3. if kawhi leaves, dude is at worst a 3rd rounder
  4. who yall got marquette or murray state?
  5. problem with him is he has serious off nights every other night so i dont see anything wrong in what the other guy said...dude is a bum rn and he lost me a great cushion i had in fg percentages with his 2/17 game...
  6. i regret dropping him just before jrues “injury” and hes now doin all of this against me in the semis
  7. Caruso, Huerter (own him already), LeVert or Shamet for tommorow???
  8. f***in idiot, ruined the perfect games from deandre and mudiay
  9. i think he wont play, they play the bulls and he was at first good to go only to be changed next day to questionable
  10. i hope u didnt make the same mistake as i did, was between huerter and bradley and guess who i chose
  11. f***in avery bradley and sato...3/16 combined for 7 f***in points...thank god my team knows how to be efficient but this is horrible