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  1. Urias and look to move hampson in the muncy deal
  2. im an expansion team in a league i spent many years in prior i managed to do very well in the expansion draft and have some options 10 cat my keepers are kluber jd martinez jose berrios nicholas castellanos corey seager marcell ozuna kyle freeland minors are 6/7 max carter kieboom luis robert ryan mountcastle nate pearson oneil cruz sandy gaston i have some offers on the table seager for amed rosario and a 5th seager for hunter greene and willy adames ' would you do one of those or hold im also looking to move ozuna but have had no luck
  3. chad1274@juno.com preference would be 2 7 or 8 but id take any of them
  4. chad1274@juno.com would be glad to take this team on
  5. dont know why it says 5 team but its a 5 keeper points league
  6. WIth his lack of big man depth i'd see if i could package Nance in there maybe as a 2-2 maybe as a 3-2 with someone like Saric to pry 1 of his stronger backup guards away from him. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/738352-5-team-keeper-league-trade-pondering/
  7. Depends on what you would have to drop to get him if you just have a back end streamer sitting on your bench by all means jump on SGA for the upside worst case scenario you just end up moving on to the next streamer
  8. Team A is giving up Murray, Fox, Vucevic and 2 streamers (they are in the thick of things with a strong core of doncic Giannis Gobert as well as solid upstarts like siakam) Team B is giving up Booker, Middleton, Thad Young, Favors and another 18-20 per night player TBD(This team almost beat the above team the previous week but made a mid-week decision to blow up and play the long game trading away Westbrook and Klay to get Drummond and try to make their way to the #1 pick. They have several stars injured but are light on keepers behind Drummond Love WCS and JJJ) Is deal a win-win for both teams with Team A gaining about 1000 points on their totals for ROS as well as getting the best player in the deal and Team B getting keeper depth to reload for next season or is my read on the situation incorrect?
  9. 5 keeper points league doncic vucevic fox or westbrook middleton valanciunas 3rd and 4th rd pick