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  1. Poor Mitch Bortles Blessed with all the talent of his big brother but none of the toughness.
  2. Haven’t seen an update on him recently. Holy frick, he is on a major heater. after a miserable start look at his line now: 110g 134h 19 doubles / 4 triples / 16 HRs/ 69 RBI .309/.349/.832 ops still just 19 playing at Advanced A level
  3. No report, but I have been hearing about him since this time last year. Through 39 games in Rookie ball (Appy): .301/.352/.479, 12 2B, 3 3B, 5 HR, 10bb, 24K, 7 SB Not bad for an 18 year old playing up.
  4. just Fyi, Royce Lewis is in AA now.
  5. 18 yr old Blue Jays 3B Miguel Hiraldo picking up where he left off last year. This time in Appy league. Hitting over 300 with low K rate. I am thinking his gap power will turn into more HRs relatively soon. Might still be time to get onboard in some leagues out there. Choo choo
  6. I was there and his FB was 98-100 all night on the field's read out. His slider was his out pitch and more effective though. FB still a little straighter than you would like. When Sixto went to FB in predicable counts, their better hitters (Lewin Diaz and Alex Kiriloff) jumped all over it and hit against the RF wall.
  7. Will Craig - 1/4, 2 RBI 6HRs in first 11 games, OPS 1.191 Building off AFL success, looking like a mid-summer call up if he continues.
  8. Jaguars have been showing 2 RB sets all pre-season and it's looked good. I expect to see 8-10 snaps/gm with Leonard and Yeldon/Grant on field together.
  9. Don’t look now, but we might have Billy Hamilton with MI eligibility and a hit tool. 25/20 bb/k ratio through 34 games. 20 sbs in 21 attempts. .894 ops. drool
  10. I know he has been mentioned more than once in sleeper threads, but about time for his own. 19 year old hitting .286/.371/.864 OPS in Fort Wayne so far. Real nice pop/speed combo that you look for in MI. If he can get his K's under control, I can see him moving up pretty quickly through their loaded system.
  11. A deserved update. He is mastering his 2nd year in AA. 42G 102B, 3 triples,5HR, 20RBI, 7SB .333/.381/.525 (.906OPS) Still just 22 years old Eduardo Escobar playing well, so going to take an injury for any significant playing time in 18'.
  12. Another bomb this afternoon. Settle in folks, Eddie the Eagle is taking off. Nobody can put a crazy week together like Eddie.