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  1. D'Angelo Russell 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    That's exactly what caught my eye as well. He may have been injured for a while but I don't understand how a 22 year old can be considered a veteran in the NBA.
  2. Josh Richardson 2017-2018 Outlook

    What a turnaround this guy has had this season. From a prolonged and horrible slump at the beginning of the season to now being practically irreplaceable in real life and in fantasy.
  3. Damian Lillard 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    What an absolute stud Dame is. I love having him on my team.
  4. Drop Portis for Okafor

    I would rather gamble on Okafor's upside. Portis is too inconsistent for me, LeVert is a multi cat contributor so I'd drop Portis.
  5. Take on Gobert and IT? WHIR

    I wouldn't do it with Gobert out now. It would be a fair offer otherwise but I probably wouldn't take it either way. AD is too much of a beast despite his injury scares.
  6. Alphabet for Unicorn + Dipo

    Definitely Giannis in your case. I'm certain you can find a nice player on your WW in an 8 team league.
  7. Drop for Favors

    The only drop is Simmons. Favors should be a beast again with Gobert out.
  8. Who to Drop? WHIR

    I'd rather have Rivers or stash Dedmon than have the most annoying player to own in Gallinari.
  9. Who wins this trade? Whir

    I think Drummond is the best player in the deal for a points league but I'd go with Butler side. It's just more all around production because you don't know what you will get with LaVine because the Bulls will take their time with him.
  10. I don't know, I'd rather go with Embiid/Oladipo and George/Paul over Wall/Jokic. I like the Embiid/Oladipo side because of their great upside and they are such an exciting players to own. George/Paul side is a more steady one but it should cover the cats you'd give up with Durant except blocks.
  11. Rate my trade - WHIR 100%

    I have to agree, it's not a bad trade whatsoever. Jrue is a steady option who blows up whenever Davis sits and Aminu is a great all around guy. Kemba isn't that much better than Holiday but Aminu is a significant upgrade over Oubre for me.
  12. I would actually do it. I assume LBJ has to drop off at least a bit when Thomas returns even though he'll still be a beast, but I don't think Millsap will be of much help this season considering he's projected to return around mid March. CP3 is thriving in Houston and Butler has taken over in Minnesota so I'd be more comfortable having them on my roster.
  13. Which side is better? Whir

    Definitely George side. George and Ariza will secure you the 3s and steals cats and Capela is a FG% monster and a nightly double double threat. Aldridge will slow down when Kawhi starts getting normal amount of minutes and Waiters is irrelevant.
  14. Trade help. Whir

    I'd do it. Crabbe is nothing more than a 3 point specialist and LaVine is going to have a minutes restriction so it's going to take a while before he becomes a solid fantasy option. Warren is very dependable and he's basically the second scoring option behind Booker at worst.
  15. gobert vs embiid? (WHIR)

    I would never give up Embiid for Gobert in any league.