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  1. Any clarification on the KC bullpen situation? Seems to be a black hole on how that one is developing.
  2. You could also increase the roster size by one and only let the Ohtani owner fill that last slot.
  3. Good free sources for auction values? Have seen the info on FantasyPros but not a lot of other resources.
  4. Seems like it is harder to fine as wide a variety of auction value numbers online in recent years. Would be interested if people have found good sources for that.
  5. I'd think any size league with his recent play and the potential in that Yankees lineup.
  6. Hoping Leclerc given the ratios of the two potential candidates there. Don’t like adding 1.4+ whips to my roster.
  7. Soria has the better control (10 walks in 38 2/3 innings versus 12 in 27 1/3 for Knebel) and surface numbers (2.56 ERA / 1.16 WHIP vs 3.62 ERA / 1.21 WHIP) this season so I'd certainly like to hear it whenever his role gets discussed publicly. While I expect it to be Knebel, definitive word should come quickly and anyone who dropped Soria would kick themselves if he actually got the job.
  8. Have the Brewers said anything about whether Soria will close? I expect he won't but I'd rather drop after it is confirmed.
  9. Angels' Shohei Ohtani: Cleared to begin throwing 15 hrs ago | by RotoWire Staff Ohtani is set to start a throwing program in the coming days following his six week reevaluation on his throwing elbow. After being reexamined, it was determined that Ohtani's right elbow ligament is healing, and he could pitch again sometime this season if all goes well. Although he's been shut down from throwing since June 8, he's managed to contribute with his bat in the designated hitter slot. Expect more updates on Ohtani's status as he progresses through his throwing program.
  10. The struggle here is whether to cut bait or wait this out to see if he gets traded or regains his spot in the lineup. This is easier in many deeper leagues (where he is so far above WW options that it is almost a no-brainer to hold for a bit) but for shallow mixed it is a really tough call.
  11. Ouch. I hate to drop the guy but in many formats you simply can't carry someone if he is going to only play a couple times a week. Not sure what I will personally do but that is terrible news. Cardinals do have a game on 7/19 which will be one more data point before the second half begins in earnest.
  12. Took the plunge hoping the recent trends will pay off for the second half. Don’t have high expectations for tonight, though.
  13. Career over 9 games at Coors Field he has a 7.11 ERA, 1.624 WHIP and 6.7 K/9. I'm sitting.