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  1. This is a keeper league with points system. Would you guys trade Lebron for Young for the future?
  2. This is in a points league and I got offered Trae Young for my Lillard in a keeper league so would you guys do this considering the age difference and looking down the road in the long run?
  3. Give me the Pelicans please!
  4. Is this a keeper league? If so how many keepers?
  5. Points league with 5 keepers for next season. I have an offer to send Beal and Lillard and get back Jokic. I know that’s not really a great deal on my side but it’s strictly a keeper move for next season as my team probably won’t be in the playoffs this year. So far my keepers before this trade is Lebron, PG13, Doncic, Lillard, and Beal. If I made this move my keepers would be Lebron, PG13, Doncic, Jokic, and either Deangelo Russel or Julius Randle. Is this trade worth making? Thanks in advance guys
  6. In a deep dynasty league (points league) I’m thinking about making an offer for Tatum. All my good players are ages upper 20s to in their 30s so looking to get a younger talent to keep for the future. The guy doesn’t want Lowry for Tatum straight up which I can’t blame him lol so is throwing in Hardaway worth it to get Tatum back in return? Thanks in advance guys!
  7. I would pick the Brogdon side. Hardaway jr has been kind of inconsistent I feel like TJ can give you plenty games as good as Hardaway and brogdon and d white can you give you just as good if not better games then Payton
  8. Keeper/Points league. He offered Beal and Lebron for my Oladipo and Capela. I would be keeping whoever I decide to go with. Who wins this?
  9. I think staying put would be safe bet and letting your weakest player on your roster go when Gary comes back
  10. I got offered Beal for Oladipo in a points keeper league. Which side would you choose? I think Beal might be better this season with Wall being out but what do you guys think for future? I keep thinking either Wall or Beal will be traded so that should help Beals value in the future.
  11. Funny thing is he’s the third best player on the team and he’s not happy with his role. Well NO SH** you’re on an actual good contending team now. If you wanna be the one and only guy then go to a sorry team and have fun going to the lottery every year. Oh wait he wouldn’t be happy with that either.....
  12. I’m looking to upgrade one of my keeper spots for the future since my team is out of reach of playoffs now. I plan on keeping Randle but if I could package him with some one like Klay would it be a good deal to go after Drummond? Randle has been ballin this season but is his future brighter then Drummond? Thanks guys
  13. Can I have team 1 (Derrick Rose)
  14. I got offered my Dario Saric for his Brogdon in a points league. Who do you think has the better rest of season? Thanks in advance