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  1. And sorry, this discussion needs to be moved.
  2. Unless he has made a swing change I don't see 270/20 as the norm. And looking at his batted ball data nothing stands out to show that.Other than his hr/fb %.Wich in 2016 was the highest it's ever been.
  3. You are wrong to assume Cabrera hitsv.270 and 20hr. He has hit 20 or more only 2 of 11 seasons, he has hit .275+ only 4 times.
  4. I agree with Jenks. Don't quit, this is a good portion of the fun, making mistakes and figuring out how to fix them.
  5. Just read the thread.There are 3 projections in like the last 7 posts.
  6. He is currently getting some nice love from BA and BP respectively.Mid 50's and mid 80's rankings.
  7. Sorry, pitched at Quad Cities. Expected to start at Lancaser this year.
  8. Didn't see a thread on the guy so thought we better get one going . I'm not the best at this but don't want to just throw a name out and leave it at that, so here goes. Perez was signed out of Venezuela, he cames to the States @ 17. Pitched all of last season at low a Lancaster as an 18 yr old to the tune of a 2.84 era and 77/19 k/bb. He has a +fastball that sits 92-94 and can touch 95.Good curve that flashes plus and better feel for a change than most kids his age. He should add a tick or two on the FB as there is some projection left in his sturdy frame.He controld the strikezone well enough that the Stros are working on his command to get the ball out of the zone a little. Or atleast towards gthe edges more.I think the upside is there for a solid #2 with more if everything clicks.But safe for backend starter even if they don't.
  9. Can you tell me anything about Nolan Jones?

  10. It basically takes a 1B like Cody Bellinger to get a bunch of love. If Tellez continues to improve his defense and continue to show the power and good plate discipline I think you will see him rise up prospect rankings a bit.At the same time,if he does those things I think he may get a cup of coffee this year.
  11. Great list Coach! Always a good read! Hard to argue right and wrong when it comes to prospect lists, a lot of different opinions out there. You do have Triston Mckenzie higher than most I bet, but I agree he should be that high. I think he will be the # 1 pitching prospect come mid-season. Assuming Reyes, Giolito and Glasnow will no longer be on this list.
  12. You got some decent upside in return but you need to get way more than that for Xander!
  13. I guess there could probably be several points made about those #'s. Drury appears to have been as valuable as Mazara this year, especially with his multi position eligibility. All depends on how the two were acquired. But unless you had Drury playing during two hot streaks he was of no value for the most part. I wonder if he can become consistent with some consistent playing time? I have had him for a few years as well and was happy to see him get some time. Hopefully they don't jerk him around so much next year and let him get comfortable in the LU.
  14. No point really, was just surprised by the likeness of the #'s. I get the hype for Mazaras long term potential. Sorry for wasting your time Fish, you don't have to reply.
  15. any guesses on the names? AB R H 2B HR RBI BB SO AVG OBP SLG OPS Player A 516 59 137 13 20 64 39 112 .266 .320 .419 .739 Player B 461 59 130 31 16 53 31 100 .282 .329 .458 .786