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  1. Was digging around a bit on the Brooks baseball sight and noticed that his changeup comes from a different release point than his FB and Curve. I’m wondering if that’s maybe something teams have picked up on? Haven’t looked to see if batters are hitting the change or just laying off it. Could be nothing, just something I noticed.
  2. Why? Pena struck out the side, can certainly pitch multiple innings. It’s not like you brought in Mariano Rivera to close the game out. They brought in Just Anderson, not exactly a sure thing. Not saying you’re wrong but what’s the big deal?
  3. Why didn’t they just leave Pena in?!
  4. Is Pena starting games next week or are they sticking with an opener again and using him as a “primary”? He should be lined up to go twice next week regardless.
  5. Everybody wants the Paddocks but without taking a chance on the Gallens it’s tough to just fall into a Paddock. He is more than likely not an ace. There are actually very few aces in the league with regards to how many starters there actually are.
  6. No need to go over league specifics. Xander is valuable hitting in that lineup.If you want Segura over him that’s fine.
  7. He is currently ranked #59 in my H2H. So that’s pretty good. And his 3 year average is as follows; .285/18HR/85rbi/94runs/12sb and 37doubles. what a loser!
  8. I’m giving it another week. Nova, Giolito, Lopez, Banuelas, Montas and Fiers on tap this week. If he can’t handle that, then I’m worried!
  9. It is tough to get really excited about a guy sitting 88-92 unless he has multiple + secondary offerings which he does not. There is some deception in the delivery so that helps a bit. As far as the command thing you asked about. He has good if not plus control, and that’s why he doesn’t walk a lot of guys. But that doesn’t necessarily point to really good command. Command is putting the ball where you want in the strike zone, not just merely putting it in the strike zone. This is all just my opinion, nobody crucify me please.
  10. I believe Josh Van Meter was mentioned in the “deep sleepers” thread last year.
  11. What defies logic is not having your best hitter come to the plate as many times as possible!
  12. What are talking about? I never said he doesn’t have “stuff” left and I never said I didn’t want him. I own him and I started him yesterday. I merely said if you are getting barrelled at a high rate and giving up the an astronomical amount oh hard contact, there’s a good chance that the babip isn’t pure bad luck.I certainly don’t expect him to finish with a .600 babip. I’ve owned him for years in multiple leagues. I understand what Cookie is.