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  1. two pitches center cut.Good hitters should deposit those in the seats!
  2. I said his swing was long.Never said he would be nothing.
  3. just like you called it
  4. right down the middle actually.
  5. You could do everyone a favor and stop repeating yourself.
  6. Gettys had quite a poor start to the season but is turning it around a bit as of late. Hr's in back to back games and 8 hits in the last 3. 13/7 k/bb ratio in last 10 games. K's are still a bit high but for him this season that is a major improvement. Nice to see the 7 bb's, maybe starting to come around. Or just a good weekend?
  7. It's hard to find a pitcher that can be trusted.Besides the top 5-6 in baseball.
  8. Taylor has been really valuable as well. But this is about Bellinger. Maybe he put a bit of bounce in everyones step. Can't help but think the whole team gets energized when a young guy like this is called up and immediately makes an impact. I know I complain about the k's but it's only because I think he has immense talent and has the ability to be a superstar.And it kinda looks like he may be a superstar despite the k's.
  9. He is swinging and missing at pitches all over the place. What is more alarming? the pitches he is missing in the zone or the pitches he is chasing out of the zone?
  10. nobody is freaking out. Jenks asked if he was still hot or nah? I don't consider 3/25 to be hot. no big deal. Lavaman thinks he still is because he was the fastest Dodger to reach 10 hr's. That is fine also.
  11. I would say no. 3/25 with 10/3 k/bb in last 7 games. But I also got in trouble for implying his average would suffer because he k's too much, so what do I know?
  12. If he was hitting this wouldn't be an issue.