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  1. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    Just be clear Rich. You said Frazier for Stro. You didn't say Frazier + for Stro. So I was replying to your comment of 1 for 1. And I could be wrong but I think the Jays are going to run with Teoscar in RF. And I think they should try that before trading Stro for Frazier.
  2. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    I didn't realize Clint Frazier was so good. Lock him in to the Jays RF then I guess.
  3. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    I think you are getting close, nobody said they wouldn't do it, but saying Frazier for Stro is silly. And I don't think anyone should be compared to the A's when it comes to moving players.
  4. New York Yankees 2018 Outlook

    why would the Jays entertain that?
  5. Kevin Maitan - SS ATL

    right field? If they believe Maitan is a real true talent they can find a spot for him. I don't know where Maitan would even start, High A? If that's where he goes I don't think the Jays have an issue finding him a spot. Maitan is at least 3-4 yrs away. Those problems will work themselves out.
  6. 2017 WORLD SERIES - Astros V Dodgers

    Cody Bellinger has struck out more times this series (16 ) than Tony Gwynn did the entire 1995 season( 15 ).
  7. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

    Why shouldn't they sit them if they possibly have better options? Does a player making big $ have more trade value if he sucks and he is playing or if he sucks and is on the bench? Any decent G.M should be able to see the value of a player regardless of how he is being used. And in Kemps case he may be better off on the bench. He couldn't possibly find a way to get hurt there could he?!
  8. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

    I was kind of wondering if they just kept pushing him in hope that he might struggle/slump at some point so they could actually see how he dealt with some adversity. You can really learn a lot about a person when they are struggling. Obviously that hasn't happened yet.
  9. Danny Salazar 2017 Outlook

    That is the problem with Salazar, we never really know what is real!
  10. Fantasy Assembly Midseason Top-100

    Ya that one is odd! moved down 50 spots? I don't put too much stock in the rankings but I would like to hear how that is justified. Is it because he only has 3 HR'S?
  11. Cody Bellinger 2017 Outlook

    two pitches center cut.Good hitters should deposit those in the seats!
  12. Cody Bellinger 2017 Outlook

    I said his swing was long.Never said he would be nothing.
  13. Corey Seager 2017 Outlook

    just like you called it