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  1. I was complaining...but have stopped!
  2. Is .250 considered a good batting average? To me k'ing 25% or more and barely hitting .250 isn't impressive. If you hit 40 Hr's like Davis or 38 like J.d it is a little more acceptable.But hitting 25-30, k'ing 25% and hitting under .250 isn't anything to write home about IMO.
  3. nice cherry pick.how many guys k 25% or more and actually hit .250?
  4. I didn't intend to come across the way I did. I think he has a really bright future. I guess what bothers me is that I think he has the talent to put bat on ball in two strike counts and instead swings for the fence. I think he can be a .280-.300 hitter if he cuts his swing down ( at times ). i didn't mean to be so critical. I love the the kid!
  5. sorry I meant k-rate. And you are right, he is not k'ing 35% of the time. It's right around 27%. He is striking out a ton right now and he needs to adjust. And I'm sure he will.
  6. if he whiffs 35% of the time his average won't be that decent.
  7. 12 k's in 20 ab's. looooong swing! And it's not 1 pitch getting him out. he is missing on pitches all over the place.
  8. 11 k's in last 19 ab's! I'm not worried as an owner but that's nasty.
  9. nice to see the k's. He hasn't been getting a bunch this year. Was that more to do with the lineup he was facing tonight?
  10. That swing is loooooooong though!
  11. And sorry, this discussion needs to be moved.
  12. Unless he has made a swing change I don't see 270/20 as the norm. And looking at his batted ball data nothing stands out to show that.Other than his hr/fb %.Wich in 2016 was the highest it's ever been.
  13. You are wrong to assume Cabrera hitsv.270 and 20hr. He has hit 20 or more only 2 of 11 seasons, he has hit .275+ only 4 times.
  14. I agree with Jenks. Don't quit, this is a good portion of the fun, making mistakes and figuring out how to fix them.
  15. Just read the thread.There are 3 projections in like the last 7 posts.