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  1. Jack Flaherty 2019 Outlook

    He throws to the best catcher in the world. I think they can find a way to sequence his pitches in order to give him his best chance at success.
  2. 10/13 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Sale looks terrible
  3. Masahiro Tanaka 2018 Outlook

    YES Network says he is tabbed for Sunday start. And I will now be moving on.
  4. Masahiro Tanaka 2018 Outlook

    He isn’t starting the WC game. Move on.
  5. Masahiro Tanaka 2018 Outlook

    They have to win the WC game to get game 1 and 5 in Boston.
  6. Masahiro Tanaka 2018 Outlook

    Isn’t Severino slated for the Sunday start? I know the Yanks stated that Tanaka and Severino were being considered for the WC game but I just don’t see how Severino could be ran out there with any confidence considering his play of late. Look at what the A’s did to him the last time they played. Yikes! Imo they go with Happ in the WC game.
  7. Jose Ramirez 2018 Outlook

    It’s a minor miracle!
  8. Luis Severino 2018 Outlook

    Anybody know what the Yankees have planned for their starters this week?! Set was supposed to go tonight and Saturday but I see they are going with a bullpen game tonight. Tough to set a weekly lineup at this time of year!
  9. Masahiro Tanaka 2018 Outlook

    CBS is showing him Tuesday and Sunday fwiw.
  10. Carlos Carrasco 2018 Outlook

    This should actually put him in a good spot to pick up a victory...if the offense can supply a few runs.
  11. Jose Ramirez 2018 Outlook

    Will Franconia rest him or does he keep playing? He needs to work his way out of this and I don’t see that happening by not playing.
  12. Jose Ramirez 2018 Outlook

    This is pathetic!!!
  13. 9/17 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Well that went sideways pretty quickly on Wheeler!
  14. I’m in a weekly H2H. Not sure who to start between Betts, Bellinger or Cruz. Bellinger has 3 lefties this week so I only see about 4 starts for him max. Cruz is apparently sick so not sure what to make of that and Mookie being banged scares me with the lead they have. MVP race for Mookie is the only reason I see him playing. Any advice would be great! Thanks
  15. Mookie Betts 2018 Outlook

    Probably won’t see much time in the next few games. No reason for the Sox to start him at this point. He has been pretty quiet as of late anyway.
  16. Cody Bellinger 2018 Outlook

    2 hits off of 2 lefties today! Maybe that buys him a few starts vs lefties?
  17. Cody Bellinger 2018 Outlook

    Probably because he isn’t very good is why he is sitting half the time. It seems as though Roberts has turned him into a strict platoon bat less than 2 years into his career. So I can Imagine that hasn’t helped his confidence!
  18. Vent & Rant Thread 2018

    Went to edit my lineup @ 5:35 on Monday, getting Bellinger out for Soto. Was literally 30 seconds late as rosters locked just before I set my lineup.FACK!!!
  19. Chris Sale 2018 Outlook

    Is this the strict plan with him going forward? I have him in a H2H points league. He probably isn’t a good option if this is the plan. Has anyone heard anymore on it?
  20. 8/26 - GAME DAY THREAD

    You sure about that? Struggling to get through 5 against the worst team in baseball.
  21. Jose Ramirez 2018 Outlook

    thank goodness for those walks!
  22. Vent & Rant Thread 2018

    I’ve been trying to acquire Mookie Betts all year. Finally did 2 weeks ago...hasn’t done much for me since.
  23. 8/21 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Hendricks looking strong early on against the mighty Tigers. What a loser.
  24. Josh Donaldson 2018 Outlook

    If I was Donaldson I would be nursing this injury right to the end of the season. Get healthy, sign the qualifying offer for next year and bet on yourself. Maybe he has a decent year and gets a 2 or 3 contract. I’m not sure he has another option at this point? Unless he were to come back right now and immediately light the world on fire he hasn’t anything to gain at the moment.
  25. Cody Bellinger 2018 Outlook

    Why is Dave Roberts sitting a lefty who is hitting well for a lefty who is not hitting so well?!