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  1. People need to start blasting Goodell for this entire situation he could have easily just suspended AB and avoided the obvious collusion that went on.
  2. Yeah its a joke using Hader multi innings every time like that's sustainable.
  3. Yeah that was funny just people with desperate closer situations I guess Eovaldi has always been mediocre at best.
  4. Hiura is just nasty dong number 2 tonight.
  5. Marte is mediocre??? Everyone plays with the same ball.
  6. Eovaldi is so bad who knows why the Red Sox thought he was deserving of more money than Kimbrel lol.
  7. Mediocre starters frequently become shutdown closers? like who? Kennedy and CMart are alright but just seems weird trying to tinker with your late innings while being in a playoff hunt. Workman has been the 5th ranked reliever in the league for what its worth.
  8. Why would Eovaldi get the closer job? Hes been mediocre his entire career and injury prone while Workman has been really good this year.
  9. I think I will go with the larger sample size lol that he is an 80% ft shooter over 2 years lol and if you punt turnovers basketball monster has Westbrook as a beast. This information is readily available too not that hard to plug in punt turnover on basketball monster lol.
  10. Westy is a career 80% from the line, one year doesn't make you a punt ft player lol.
  11. Westbrook is a beast in h2h formats I would really only take Giannis Harden Curry and maybe AD over Westy in h2h.
  12. Well waiting for his next homer wasn't so long.
  13. Welp Marte snapped his 8 game multi hit steak with only a pinch hit knock.
  14. What is Cora doing the guy is worse than Kapler, a different reliever to close every game thats a great way to instill confidence in your closer.