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  1. Brachs actually not terrible pretty good career numbers. Pitching in the al east is tough wouldnt be that surprising for him to pick up saves for the Braves.
  2. Easy avoid this year rookie mistake to draft a catcher in the 2nd round.
  3. Drafting pitchers highly like max and kluber is what wins you leagues to say people don't draft pitchers in the top 10 is patently false. We are not even in July yet and people are talking about next year's rankings lol??? Let the guy do it one year before jumping the gun one prolonged slump could change a lot it's still june.... If I was doing a re draft today I would go Trout Betts Max Kluber and for what is worth I'd still take Altuve over Jram and I'd be willing to wager Altuve beats Ramirez in 4 cats out of 5. To say people don't value pitching or don't draft them in the top 10 is annoying.
  4. How has Ramirez absolutely passed Max and Kluber in re draft leagues lol? He has to be ranked ahead of them first... While Altuve has a big game and his average up to 347 wowzers.
  5. While I agree he is tremendous value being pre ranked 26th on Yahoo id just like to see him post a top 2-3 season first before being mentioned with the likes of Trout, Betts(currently 4th, missed 2 weeks tho) Max/Kluber(ranked in the top 5 seemingly every year, and these guys never get mentioned in the top 3), Altuve and Blackmon have both done it before while JRam and his career start so far sitting at 9th last year 13th still extremely good obviously.
  6. Blackmon wasnt even the one I was lobbying for really mainly just Max Kluber and Altuve. I just feel elite pitching stats are extremely rare to come by while theres a lot of bats out there providing stats across the board. I get the man crush on J Ram as he wasnt pre ranked 26th but is he worth more than Max or Kluber cmon now.
  7. Id easily take Max Kluber Altuve over him even for what its worth Blackmon was ranked 3rd overall last year to Ramirez 13th so not sure what you are laughing about Freeman before his injury was doing better also. Also to say pitchers dont get drafted in the top 5 is just not true and all opinion plenty of people value elite pitching as they should not to mention Severino who seems to be reaching that elite territory and is only 24....
  8. Max has been ranked top 5 for years doubt he gets picked before him and possibly Kluber. Other hitters to make a case for are Altuve Freeman Jd Martinez Arenado and Blackmon.
  9. Top 3? Thats bold unlikely he goes that high.
  10. Yankees nearly went to the world series last year with the same team without stanton i think their pitching is just fine not a issue at all.
  11. Why do Yankees need starting pitching? they have the nastiest bullpen in the league and everyone knows playoffs is about the bullpen they have plenty of starters severino tanaka cc/gray.
  12. Ha so it turns out Strickland just as much of a mental midget as Giles.
  13. Do dbacks even have the pieces to get Machado? I still think the Yankees are the clear favorites here.
  14. Who could the Astros even trade for Hand, Britton or Familia? Hand probably would be the only one that would close for the Astros Britton hasnt been able to stay healthy and Familia has been hit or miss. Besides Hand theres not really an elite closer out there to trade for.
  15. Box unavailable or changing of the guard?
  16. not a good look tho to give up 3 er to the Marlins who are pretty much a Triple A team.
  17. uh oh may be melancon time sooner than later
  18. How do stats for this first game even work? Do players get their stats retro actively? Will yahoo add a doolittle save to the past weeks or does this game not even count at all? Stats obviously shouldnt be added to the current week that would be total bs.
  19. Interesting Edwin Diaz gets filth and stud comments after every save but chapman kimbrel and jansen never get any praise.
  20. Astros have plenty of bullpen help for the playoffs mccullers and morton can easily slot in for bullpen help like the defending champs did last year.
  21. Lol isnt Ken Giles 11 for 11 in save opportunity??? Giles is fine similar thing happened last year.
  22. Right the same thing was said about the astros all year last year and they didnt need to trade for any closer not even close hence the are the defending world champs I think they know what they are doing lol.
  23. Not that likely the Astros actually trade for any reliever what they did last year was plenty fine using starters in the bullpen in the playoffs. Astros are loaded you guys are probably better off speculating on other teams the main one being the Angels.
  24. Hasnt Giles only blown one save? Seems like Hinch is overreacting, Rondon was terrible with the cubs last year.
  25. I highly doubt Osuna will be put on administrative leave all year also that scenario sounds just as crazy as him coming back to pitch. Reality is most people have some dead weight on their roster so picking up Osuna and hoping for the best is a very low risk high reward type of move.