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  1. think i might have to go with the above. i was on the jram train but had to get off...couldn't handle it anymore
  2. 10 Team roto (HR/RBI/SB/OPS - K/ERA/QS/HLD+SV Would you drop Fried for any of the following on the WW: C.Smith, Paddack, Merrill Kelly, Canning
  3. 10 Team roto (HR/RBI/SB/OPS - K/ERA/QS/HLD+SV) A: Goldy, Verlander B: J.Bell, Giolito Not sure how to feel as Bell has been killing it in all cats compared to Goldy. Quality bat's seem to be harder to find.
  4. 10T Roto (HR/RBI/SB/OPS -K/ERA/QS/SV+H) A: J.Bell, Andrus B: Goldy, Thor
  5. Does this guy steal? I don't know any of his minor numbers
  6. I'm guessing he is a drop. Should we wait for more news or is it almost certain he will be shutdown??
  7. Looking to drop Cespedes. Who would you P/U (OF): C.Dickerson, D.Dietrich, G.Polanco, Cargo ??
  8. So should we be hanging onto him in a 10 teamer?