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  1. Just trying to get a third opinion, this trade was vetoed by the league, the commissioner who is Team B is now threatening to abolish the trade veto. I voted to veto the trade, if Team A is trying to rebuild, why would he trade a $12 Trea Turner, who is probably the best value of the bunch. I have never voted to veto a trade before, but this was so lopsided that you have to wonder if there is something going on.
  2. Trea Turner, Team A 10th place, Team B 5th. 14 team league
  3. 14 team, $260 auction keeper league, $5 yearly inflation. Team A trades: Stanton ($36), Turner ($12) & Kershaw ($53) to Team B for Altuve ($26), C Seager ($13), & Calhoun ($10)......Thoughts?