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  1. Did this least year thrice, after a phone call to CBS CS things worked out well. The bobblehead was kind of cool but the streaming was glorious to those who cut the cable!!!!
  2. 2 starts this week, probably looking at 12-15 k's and 5-6 ER with 12-13 IP, I will take that all day long in weekly leagues in which I have a solid ERA/WHIP but am chasing wins All Aboard!
  3. Surely the 269 babip rises right? The eye test just looks like a 275 hitter to me or better. No doubt he pops 30-35 this year but I am on the fence with Alonso and Chi Sox bopper on who to keep and being a Met fan is throwing a wrench into things
  4. I just do not see him not having a turnaround this year. Might not start til mid June but he always turns it around and besides being a little lazy at times, nothing is wrong with his swing.
  5. I think you will be ok but I would move Chavis for a SP, right now!
  6. Looking to snag one of these guys via trad 5x5 redraft Pete Alonso Jose Abreu Guy also has Joey Gallo but worry about acquiring him and taking a hit when his BA starts to fall.......................
  7. Would Cano be a BL guy? I mean his value is near to nothing now and I think he will be back in a few weeks.
  8. Redraft 5x5 I own Scherzer, Strasberg, Greinke and Flaherty, figured I could trade one My OF stinks Get Eloy Jimenez give Jack Flaherty?
  9. hate them all but gun to my head I go Albert
  10. I need a 1B BAD!! I have been rolling out Forsythe and Marwin Gonzalez all year Would you give Zack Greinke for Pete Alonso and Jesse Winker if you had this for SP and OF? ****He would also take Kershaw instead of Greinke SP Chris Sale Zack Greinke Clayton Kershaw Mike Soroka Jack Flaherty Kyle Gibson Corbin Martin Tyler Mahle OF Yasiel Puig Stephen Piscotty Byron Buxton Clint Frazier Mallex Smith
  11. Ha! So about to drop him but decided to check out next weeks schedule first All in awesome hitting parks (CIN,MIL) and the LAD face 7 rights, could this be the week where he flashes?
  12. Reminds me of Steve Avery a bit. This guy might end up being the most valuable ATL pitcher if he gets 160 IP So who is rolling him out this week for 2 in Colorado of course
  13. Is Difo available, if so I grab him now! If not I guess Swanson of the w