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  1. Ah, I think Trout has more of a track record.........
  2. Braves fan here, love Acuna, just love him!!! But in fantasy, is anyone worried about pulling a "97 Arod"? For those not in the know just check out Arod's stats and the 97 season
  3. Simple fun league, we draft, we set lineups every Monday, that is it, no babysitting!! $50 League Safe + CBS Commissioner fee of $9 per owner Payments via league safe LS Majority payout 1st Place - $450 2nd Place - $150 Best Ball Format! -All players drafted, no waivers, no trades, we have a huge draft and then you just set your lineup every Monday, that simple!!! 12 Owners 5x5 (AVG,HR,RBI,R,SB) (ERA,WHIP,W,SO,SV) AL/NL Set lineups once a week, every Monday LIVE snake draft 6 PM March 27th Eastern Time Rosters C 1B 2B SS MI 3B CI OF OF OF OF OF U P P P P P P P P P Bench = 14
  4. Curious to me. I have seen Stanton now up close in Florida and man, if he plays 150 games he is going to have 50 HR+ and 120 RBI IMO and I think he hits 275 easily So where to draft him if I truly feel strongly about his year 275 BA 100 Runs 50 HR 125 RBI 4 SB
  5. If this dude would get 450+ AB's and qualify for MI/CI/OF, dag gone, money!!!
  6. What is it about this dude that I do not like? I mean numbers aside, he just looks average to me and gets to much of the plate more often than I like
  7. Ha no doubt, best deal of all considering the price of MLB.TV. Got a pic of the bobble head they sent you last year?