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  1. He’s still being ranked top 10 to 15. Assume some time in minors to sort things out next year or is there a chance they give him a shot to start?
  2. Read on Fangraphs Bullpen report that Magill not coming in was more of a matchup thing. So sounds like time share now in SEA.
  3. I don't think I would make that trade.
  4. I think I would roll with Plutko. Looking at splits, they both scare me, but I think Plutko is who I would go with as he has a the best shot at a QS out of the 4 starts they have. Please help;
  5. Yep. But when you are 3 saves behind gaining one pt and 5 behind gaining another, any save one can get matters. 4 teams within 6 pts of each other, so need to try and gain ground as quickly as possible.
  6. Any updates on Bruce? Was thinking he could be a sneaky source of power, but just no new out there on him and if/when he will be back.
  7. Is it safe to assume that we won't see him until this coming weekend at the earliest? Laureano says he can come back without any games, but team says he needs a couple.
  8. Which closer do you trust the most ROS; Melancon, Lugo, or Magill?
  9. He's been tearing it up since he was sent back down. Last 10 days, including a 4-5, with 1 HR today, .342, 5 BB, 6K, 2 HR. He seems like he could be one of the top couple players for TB is they gave him a chance. Are we assuming he's not up until Sept? What are chances he gets a shot to be starter next year?
  10. I also have Isan Diaz $10 and J. India $1. Beyond that I’m pretty thin in tradeable pieces.
  11. If you think it gives you a really good chance to win this year, do it. Banners fly forever!
  12. Was offered Bradley $15 for N. Lowe $10. Love Lowe’s potential, but will he be able to realize it in TB with all the platooning? Do I take the trade?
  13. It's a 12 team 5x5 roto keeper league. We keep 15 with salaries totaling no more than $320. Each year, players get $5 raise. Then we do a 17 round draft with 1st round being assigned $17 and last being assigned $1. Free Agent picks get salaries of $10. Senzel is currently $12 and would be a $17 keeper next year. Current year values for others; Diaz $25, Hader $20, Osuna $30, Bradley $15, Pagan $10, Workman $10.
  14. A very cheap Senzel seems to be the asking price for Bradley, Pagan, and Workman. Not sure I would do that, as it seems like a big overpay in keeper league. Would you do Senzel for either Ozuna (expensive, just this year) or Hader (keepable price)?
  15. A number of closers are available to trade for before our league deadline closes. I could see a 1-2 pt gain potentially with a solid closer. Available closers are Osuna, Bradley, Diaz, Hader, Pagan, and Workman. With the recent struggles of so many of the studs (Hader, Diaz and even Osuna) and the rise of the other guys, I'm not sure how to prioritize for the rest of the season as I haven't been paying too much attention to roles or news of injuries. Any thoughts on how to prioritize who to target is appreciated as they all come with varying costs as it's a keeper league.