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  1. Has breakout potential and am still looking to target him. Where have others seeing him going in recent drafts?
  2. Harper and Cole have just got too expensive. Harper is about $20 more than JD and Cole is about $5 more than Verlander (I like Verlander slightly more this year and would not be able to keep either the following year). I'm guessing 4 or 5 players I drop will be taken in the 1st round.
  3. 2B - Yoan Moncada $11BSS - Elvis Andrus $6B3B - Jose Ramirez $11CSS - Adalberto Mondesi $1A 1B - Matt Olson $6B OF - Brandon Nimmo $1AOF - Kyle Tucker $1ASP - Corey Kluber $56B SP - Luis Castillo $6B SP - Shane Bieber $1ARP - Jose Leclerc $1A I think I like who you are keeping. I think Tucker has a bright future, especially with that price, but not sure who I could drop, maybe Nommo? I like him but am not in love with him. Help?
  4. Have to agree with what everyone else said here, go with Robles and Peralte. Help?
  5. I have the last pick in each round. So my biggest concern is that there will not be much left for me by then. Also, 2 other teams not keeping any closers, so I could see them going quick. Here is best available at each position (based on my best guess of who others are keeping). OF - Harper, McCutchen, Dahl (If I don't keep him), Myers, Piscotty, Desmond, JBJ, Kepler SP - Cole, Kershaw, Greinke, Mikolas (if I don't keep him), Darvish, Ray RP - D. Robertson, Giles, LeClerc (If I don't keep him), Strop, Allen, Vizcaino Top Position Players - C. Santana, Encarnacion, Cano, Dozier, Odor, Donaldson It seems like more SP/OF options available and maybe go in with 1 closer so I don't have to reach and scramble?
  6. Bregman Blackmon Clevinger and Buehler are my top 4. After that comes down to Sanchez or Segura. Doesn't sound like it's a 2 catcher league and you have a team to compete so go with Segura. Will provide a bit of everything with elite Runs. Help?
  7. Anyone watch his start yesterday? 5IP, 8 Hits 5 runs, 2 K 0 BB. Was he working on anything or just look off/hittable?
  8. Bell is my clear #1, followed by Sano. Help?
  9. The window to win is open, go for both. If SP feels weak after draft, try and trade prospects for older(and probably easier to acquire) SP. Help?
  10. Can you keep the 3bats and Rhein draft Scherzer? If not go with Realmuto as 3rd keeper and draft Scherzer. Elite arms harder to find and that will give you 2. Help?
  11. 12 team 5x5 roto keepers league, keep 15, start C,1B,2B,3B,SS,IF,4OF,DH,5SP,3RP,1P. Set lineups weekly, start season with 2 Free Agent pickups and gain another every 2 weeks. I think our format leans towards keeping more elite SP and "established" closers, as we can't stream SP or speculate on potential closers as much with the limited FA pickups. Salaries are set by draft position (not auction), and then players get $5 raises each year. Money only comes into play when we select our 15 keepers, which have a cap of $320. My 10 Keepers set in stone1B – Hoskins (1B/OF)2B - Albies3B - ArenadoSS - LindorIF - Machado (3B/SS)OF(4) - JD Martinez, BenintendiDH - SP(5) - Verlander, Nola, BerriosRP(3) - The above 10 cost $263, leaving me with $57 to spend on 5 players. Which 5 should I keep? OF - Dahl $15, Senzel $12, Verdugo $10, Meadows $9, T. O'Neill $8 SP - Hill $15, Mikolas $14, R. Lopez $7, A. Suarez $6 RP - Leclerc $15, Vizcaino $15, W. Smith $15
  12. A slightly more pessimistic view of Leclerc
  13. What round are you targeting him? Or is it a case of just taking him at a pick once the top 5-8 guys have been selected?
  14. Has anyone ever increased or decreased the number of keepers for each team in a league? Curious of the impact of going either up or down has had on your league. My assumption is more keepers means the better teams can maintain longer, while lower the number creates more turnover at the top? But I could a reduction in the number of keepers hurting a rebuilding team?
  15. Jose Leclerc Could Be Baseball’s Best Reliever