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  1. How would you tier these guys for this year and then for next year and beyond? Assume something like this? 2019 Verlander Kluber Snell Severino Bauer Beuhler 2020 + Snell Severino Bauer Beuhler Kluber Verlander
  2. Keeper Help *WHIR

    Throwing Bryant back seems like a bit of a gamble. If you don't get him back, you bats will be hurting as the options you listed are all a tier or so below him. I don't hate Keuchel, just not a huge fan. He's not a huge K guy and that plays a part.
  3. Keeper Help *WHIR

    What kind of players do you anticipate being available with the 6th pick? I can't imagine it being a better option than Bryant? Really like your pitching keepers and getting a good start with the bats. I think you keep Bryant, as I do think he bounces back to close to 2017 levels. For the last keeper I think you go with Darvish if he looks good in spring. Otherwise Urias might be worth holding onto for that draft slot, he is young and has the pedigree. He will be on IP limit this year, but still like the idea of having him in round 30 going forward.
  4. Won my keeper league last year and I'm in a position to have a solid keeper group again. However after this year, my players salaries will be prohibitive (all players get $5 raises each year). I'm trying to look at remaining just as competitive this year but with an eye on the future too. I have and plan on keeping Verlander and Kluber ($36 and $35) among others. Other teams have players such as Severino ($14), Snell ($15), Beuhler ($20) and Bauer ($21). Should I look to explore the possibility of trades that would result in not keeping Verlander and Kluber in favor of 2 of the lower prices pitchers, or would the potential drop in 2019 value not be worth the longer term upside?
  5. So with Pham, Kieramier, and Meadows already there, is he depth or does he get a chance to start?
  6. SP Keeper Question

    As I've currently constructed my keeper list I am keeping Verlander and Kluber, but not Cole (Those extra couple dollars limit other options). I'm also keeping $14 Mikolas. Should I look at offering up Cole ($38), MIkolas ($14) for Severino ($14)? Or if you were Severino owner, would you want more?
  7. I'm in a 12 team 5x5 roto keeper league. We keep 15 players each year, with players getting $5 raises each year. I have Cole $38, Verlander $36, and Kluber $35. I can keep 2 of those along with cheaper players like Nola $25, Berrios $15. I'm in a position to win again this year, but also want to look ahead and as such I'm eyeballing some cheaper high end pitching such as Bauer $21, Snell $20, and Severino $14. Should I look at trading my higher priced pitching along with other players I'm not high on for a Bauer, Snell, and/or Severiino, or should I look at keeping 2 of my 3 older higher priced pitchers?
  8. Nick Senzel- 3B Reds

    Was talk of him playing OF, but with Kemp and Puig in the mix, does he even get the call in 2019? Where would he play?
  9. On the flip side, assume this means Senzel has no chance at finding a starting spot now?
  10. Any chance you guys can take this to the Cano thread? I like to come here to see if anything new has happened, not a debate if a player is a top 10 player.
  11. Pre-Meetings for sure. But doesn't seem like a ton new since they started, mostly the same names/scenarios being thrown around.
  12. Do most deals/trades tend to happen later or after the winter meetings? Seems like there is not much happening this year, and just can't recall if this is the normal pace of things or not?
  13. Not sure what ADP was of players but they had Cain, Perez, and Moustakas too. They all had to be close? Or was that the first year they all really showed something?