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  1. What type of impact do people anticipate that the Gallup injury will have for Cooper?
  2. Well, I suppose this would be a good time to discuss what a significant injury to Ben means for JuJu.
  3. I have Bell and I was pleased with his first week. At the same time, I can't help but wonder about him and David Johnson both having similar issues...which is mediocre QB play and limited supporting cast on the offense to really make you shine. Or am I overthinking this?
  4. I certainly agree...but I still feel the same about having defenses for non-IDP. What's the point of even having them if you're not even trying to award the best defenses? All the other positions are rewarded for doing a good job. Defenses doing a good job is defined by low yardage and fewest points.
  5. I actually like this. If you're going to play defenses, may as well reward them properly (which is for not giving up points or yards) as opposed to sacks, fumbles, and INTs. All you have to do is look at how atrocious the Rams and the Chiefs were last year in terms of points/yards, and then see where they were in terms of fantasy points. It's a sham. Whereas top 5 defenses like Baltimore and Jacksonville were at or outside the top 10. Bogus.
  6. Brady. More experienced. Better weapons. I believe Jimmy can be nice, but since it's just for backup, may as well go for a sure thing.
  7. I was curious if this was more of a gut feeling thing or if you had anything to share to explain this. I am not disagreeing because I haven't seen much of either, so I am looking to learn more about how you compare them.
  8. I would be taking Hopkins even if he did sign. In my league there was only a 7 point difference.
  9. I's a 4 PLAYER keeper league. 12 team PPR
  10. Diggs. Better QB situation and younger and more explosive. Oakland's defense doesn't change my mind.
  11. I am in a 4 team keeper league. I have Bell, Conner, Hopkins, and Jones. I snagged Baker Mayfield as a carryover via trade. Through a couple of trades, I managed to secure the #1 pick. David Johnson and Amari Cooper are the highest players available. There's a huge dropoff at WR after Cooper (Gollada, Kupp, Boyd, Lockett, etc) My original draft position is 7, so I will draft at the 6th spot for the 2nd round. I've always been leery of DJ but I am really wondering if I should get him. I am more concerned about production than I am getting him at a value spot...but I am looking for any insight on this.
  12. It's usually agreed upon that the best defenses lead the league in PA and fewest yards (giving up the least amount). When I ranked last year's teams by points, and compared it to my league's rankings for fantasy points, I noticed some disappointing things: 1. LA Rams and KC (20th and 24th in the NFL for PA) catapulted to the 2nd and 3rd spots for points. 2. Baltimore and Jacksonville (2nd and 4th in the NFL for PA) fell to the 9th and 20th spots for points. 3. Dallas was 6th and fell to 24th; Philly fell from 12th to 25th; Tennessee fell from 3rd to 16th. 4. Arizona, Miami, and the Jets (26th, 27th, and 29th) all rose to 13th, 14th, and 15th. Clearly the culprit is the sacks, fumbles, and INTs matter more than PAs. I'd like to replicate (within reason) to have defenses reflect as best as possible, the best defenses...which is no different than how leagues do with the offensive players. I was hoping to get some ideas....because as is, it's a sham.
  13. Obviously he's a lightning rod. What's the earliest that you all would consider taking him at given his ability and situation?