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  1. I am drafting for next year and am leaning bev
  2. Went to the game last night. Love this man with a passion. As a celtics fan it was a tough one. Dude is so money.
  3. Who is the better player next year 5x5 roto
  4. Can’t find anything about Seth Curry
  5. Contract year. Missed time last year due to injury. Lin is gone. Is the hype warranted?
  6. Currently at 17 games played at 1B. 3 games left on the road against an NL opponent. Will he gain 1B eligibility for ESPN leagues next year?
  7. I am drafting for 2019 and need a 1b. Who is the guy to take in a 5x5 roto league?
  8. Just got a tweet marcus smart was being traded then the tweet was delete.
  9. Dude in my league dropped him and got mad when I picked him up. I told him sometimes you need to learn lessons the hardaway.