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  1. Senzatela
  2. Agreed, and I lean Nola.
  3. Since pitching is hard to come by, make the deal and go for Fulmer. Seems fair to me.
  4. Is Rush the owner of the other team?
  5. Definitely make that move. Bumgarner will come up big for you down the stretch I think.
  6. Don't make the deal. Blackmon should be someone you build around, not someone you trade away. If anything trade Bautista and Hill for Bregman or something like that.
  7. I prefer Glover over Reed. I would pass on Hand for now.
  8. Relax, it's one inning into the game. I'm not feeling great about him either but let's see how he rebounds.
  9. I would stream both. Even poor pitchers will average positive points in most points leagues, so the only reasons not to stream them are, (a) they are bad pitchers and have horrendous matchups, (b) you have a weekly start/transaction limit and better options, or (c) it's the end of the week and a negative performance would hurt you. Both of these guys have been effective, so I would stream the pair today. If you have a weekly transaction or start limit and can only start one, I prefer Marquez today.
  10. I agree with mobdad. Seager and Scherzer are close to a wash. Try and get Stroman or McCullers as the second piece.
  11. Mods please delete this thread.
  12. He's been decent, just disappointing relative to some optimistic projections. His full-season rate of 62 XBH (29 home runs) is nice, but his rates of RBI and runs are lagging, largely due to a mediocre offense (and lack of walks with regard to the runs). He's increased rates both his FB% (38.8% to 47.1%) and his hard-hit rate (30.0% to 39.0%) from 2016, so the power feels sustainable. Also it could explain his lower BABIP. His K-rate is also on the rise (21.2% to 25.7%), so I think the average stays in the .255-.270 range). I would really like to see some more walks, but I don't see anything to project that. He's a mediocre 3B in most leagues but a good CI option in almost any format imo.
  13. I think you're winning that deal. Judge is outperforming Stanton now, but in the long run I'd put my money on Stanton. Getting a draft pick with negligible (if any) loss in value sounds like a win to me.
  14. Keep Bryce. Contreras isn't enough to bridge the gap between Harper and Donaldson.
  15. I'd consider deGrom to be an ace already. Archer is just a slight upgrade. Try the deal with Cole instead, otherwise I don't think it's worth it.