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  1. Misread. Thought when you said "keep Taillon or trade for Lackey" it was predraft....should have realized my mistake when in the same sentence you said H2H redraft 😒
  2. Given it's a keeper I lean toward Taillon. If it's a redraft I give the slight edge to Lackey just based on wins. Taillon I like a lot. Both players have risk, Lackey's is with age-related decline, Taillon with injury and league adjusting to him.
  3. Tough call, but these questions might help me formulate an opinion. How many keepers? How long are the contracts/what are the penalties for keepers? How many OF slots? Weekly lineups or daily? Start per week limit?
  4. At last year's K/9 of 7.2 he would need to pitch 250 innings to reach the 200K threshold. Even if he rebounded to the tune of 8K/9 he still needs to log 225 innings. Personally I just don't believe in Felix going forward. I am even lower on him than the projections. Steamer shows him as a 3.93 ERA and 1.32 WHIP to go along with 7.5K/9. I'll take the over on the ERA and WHIP and and the under on the K-rate. They also have him eating 203 innings, which is certainly plausible, but I can see him breaking down and missing a month or two. The velocity readings cited above make me even more concerned. I anticipate something along the lines of: 27GS, 165IP, 4.05 ERA, 1.35 WHIP, 135 K
  5. I agree with a lot of the points here, but I would add you are also losing 8 years between the second basemen, and a good amount of value. I think Mazara will be a top 30 OF by 2018 or 2019, and Moncada will be a straight up stud. Sanchez is a nice young SP who should be a backend SP1 (in your 20 teamer) or top tier SP2 for years to come. I think those factors make up for the dip from Altuve to Cano, but barely. I would try and give someone lesser than Upton to feel really comfortable with this deal. Also I would not do this in a shallower league, but in a deep league like yours depth is more valuable so that makes this trade more enticing.
  6. Fluky injuries don't cause me any level of skepticism, and certainly not a heavy dose of it. Literally any player can have a fluky injury. If there's something in his playing style then that is one thing. But then it isn't a fluke, there's a cause.
  7. Bregman and Benintendi. Far and away the better long-term upside and redraft upside. Toss back Bird.
  8. The offer is terrible. The fact that he wants other quality pieces (Myers and Senzel) in addition to a stud like Arenado is bizarre.
  9. 10th sounds right. There are too many safer options in the 9th round to feel comfortable taking the risk. It also has to do with my team construct to that point. My main league is 5 OF, so if I have 2 stable outfielders by that point I'm more likely to take the gamble. Depth at OF isn't what it once was, so having a flop for such a high pick would be brutal. If I haven't drafted an outfielder or have someone like Stanton on my team, I'll probably pass. In 2014 he was the second highest scoring hitter (1st OF), and in 2015 he was the 16th highest scoring hitter (7th OF) in my scoring format. We get extra points for steals, but even so the upside is so tantalizing. He's a huge difference maker of everything pans out.
  10. I know you play in points leagues (as do I) and Brantley is a super valuable piece in most points formats (if healthy). I'm interested but also a bit nervous. Where are you targeting him this year?
  11. If you're only keeping 9 per year, I take the JDM side by quite the landslide. He's an established top 15 OF who will likely not decline for another 5 years. Moncada is a great lottery ticket that you need to keep for another year or two before you get to see if you cash in. I bet you can find some prospects in this kind of league to keep if you want to go that route, but I am really only keeping the major league ready pieces (Benintendi types) in your league. With all your early selections I think you'll be able to piece together some nice keepers to add to the core of Kershaw/Betts/Villar/JDM/Bregman/Edwin/Mazara/Contreras, etc. In your specific case I think it makes most sense to do the move, as you already have some young, developing keepers in Mazara, Contreras, Bregman, Franco, and perhaps Peraza to complement your slew of established veterans. Do the deal unless you can get a more appealing piece for Moncada than Martinez. Edit: I do expect Moncada to be up relatively soon, but I think his contributions will come more down the line as he needs some fine tuning. If you disagree with that, I understand holding him as his upside is tremendous.
  12. Urias by a long shot for me. Swanson is more of a real-life prospect than a fantasy one. I'm not saying he'll be bad, but I don't see him being a stud. Urias could become an ace in a couple seasons.
  13. I'm not sure he goes top 5-6 in any leagues. His ADP on NFBC right now is 18th SP off the board. To address the OP's question, if you are not getting top 15 value in return I would hold tight. He is a great pitcher and still just 28 years old. He isn't quite an ace, but he's a very nice SP2, and if you wait on pitching he can slot in as a makeshift ace. Don't sell low.
  14. Nunez for Skaggs sounds like a great deal. I would pounce on that. I should also say I'm pretty lukewarm on Skaggs.
  15. Very fair. I like that ace to lock down the rotation especially in a points league, but Turner has major dynasty appeal. Could see a case for other side. When it's this close I say go with your gut.