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  1. Is this a redraft? If so definitely. If it's a dynasty I hold Bumgarner.
  2. He wants to do this? That is an excellent deal. In a keep-9 Urias should be a cornerstone of your team for many years. Cabrera is still a great player and I expect he will contribute a lot down the stretch. You can't accept this quickly enough imo.
  3. I do think Devenski is worth it. There is some saves upside and I think he'll pitch enough in close games where he will get some wins. But even without that you've got a guy who can get you tons of Ks for his innings and help tons with your ratios. Gives you more wiggle room with streamers and you can be a little bolder with playing guys in tough matchups. Consider this: he gives you 6 innings of pristine numbers in a week, say 10 Ks, 0-1 ERs and 4-5 base runners. That's lol having an uber ace having a relatively short but get outing. Package in x% chance of a win and y% chance of a save (I'll just say 20% for each but that's based off nothing scientific), and you have a great asset. There's also the question of whether he can keep this up, and I am a believer that he can, at least for the most part. Good point about Liriano, but I think Devenski will almost offset the WHIP issues. I guess you just have to decide if Liriano is worth that. I guess if you keep Velasquez grab Kelley over Liriano in that case. You're probably fine with closers though and could just hold Hill on the upside. I really don't think any of those hitters are worth dropping any of those pieces for.
  4. Drop Renfroe for Devenski and Hill for Liriano. I have great concerns about these blisters with Hill. I am still a believer in Velasquez so I would hold him for now. Kelley would be a nice scoop as well but it really depends how much you need saves. In a vacuum I keep Velasquez over him. Some nice names on the wire and you're team has some nice depth. Consolidate if you can so you don't need to make these tough calls 😁
  5. 1. Trade K-Rod for Felix/Greinke (whichever you prefer) 2. Drop Zimmerman for Garrett before it's too late.
  6. I'm not feeling that trade. Peralta is a good player, don't get me wrong, but he's not worth a substantial downgrade in SP. I would aim for more of a difference maker than Peralta. Otherwise, shoot for a higher ceiling SP than Fulmer. Maybe someone like McCullers or Duffy would be a better target if you're pairing them with a decent OF like Peralta, at least in my personal valuation of players.
  7. If you really want Souza just drop McCarthy. He is pretty good when healthy, but it's a matter of when he gets hurt again. I think he's a fringe-own in your format. Or if you don't want to do that then dump Rich Hill, as the concerns with him are plentiful (potentially going to bullpen, health). I would drop McCarthy myself. Polanco has way too much upside to slide onto the waiver wire in pretty much any league.
  8. You could say that about pretty much any hitter tearing it up in the minors. Unless there's some other analysis to think his trajectory will be similar to Singleton's I don't see the concern. Most people recognize and account for the difference in competition between AAA and the majors.
  9. I would use it on him and drop Mancini. Try and shop Donaldson for another position so you don't have Lamb/Franco sitting on your bench. You can shop Lamb too but Donaldson will garner the most interest.
  10. Sit if you're in roto. Start in H2H if you need wins and Ks and can risk the ratios. Start in points unless you're ahead enough where you're playing conservative. Buy after this game in any format as his value will likely be quite low.
  11. Here's how I'd rank the deals: 1. Ozuna for Taillon 2. Ozuna for Fulmer 3. Schwarber for Taillon After that I think I'd stand pat. I don't like Felix at all this season, he's not worth either of those guys. Fulmer is worth less than Schwarber, but I guess if that's all you can get I might begrudgingly accept to balance your roster a bit.
  12. Give Springer and Benintendi for Bryant. It's only 50 total keepers, so Springer and Benintendi are solid keepers at best. Bryant should be a stud for many years. KB/Thor/Harper are a great core for years to come, and then Myers, Villar, McCullers, Polanco and Bregman should yield 2 others. Plus in a shallower league you'll be able to scoop interested guys to fill the extra spot.
  13. That's not enough for Maeda. I would agree with @mneel55 and not sell this low.
  14. Garcia.