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  1. Imma let him chill in the IR for this game but I’m stoked
  2. Nurkic not playing the second half won me this weeks matchup
  3. Yup, I had the same emotions when I traded him for Lillard
  4. The owner was desperate for a big, and I was desperate for a point guard, luckily he bit on my lowball-ish offer, but it’s a double double league and Vucevic was ballin so I got pretty lucky
  5. Just as he was heating up smh, hopefully Thibs starts this guy, Saric would definitely help with their floor spacing in the first unit
  6. Dude same, but I think the good outweighs the bad. Embiid is gonna dominate no matter who’s on his team.
  7. I like JJJ upside more than Cedis, and I think it’s worth the #1, it also depends on what type of owners are in ur league, looks like they’re inpatient so it might be wise to hold on to it