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  1. Terrible Trade Offers 2018

    Just got offered my Kamara and my 6th round pick for Bell and his 11th. Its a keeper, and Kamara is a 5th rounder next year. Bell is a 1st. Not that it needed a disclaimer to show how bad it was, but still.
  2. Antonio Brown 2018 Outlook

    So wait, he didn't show up because somebody dissed him on Twitter? Someone who no longer works for the team? I can't imagine its about usage, he's got 18 catches through two games. Unless he's just really pissy about JuJu getting a high share? Color me confused. He's probably back tomorrow and squeaky wheel has a big game on MNF I guess.
  3. Larry Fitzgerald 2018 Outlook

    Fitz struggled through the first two weeks last year as well, but he came around just fine. I think I'm going to keep the faith myself, but i do have options. For those that bench him, I wont argue against it. Bradford has been atrocious. Any word from the local tea leaves about Rosen getting a shot soon?
  4. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Great! I'll take one 40 point week out of him. (sorry, bitter guy that played against Gray that week).
  5. Jay Ajayi 2018 Outlook

    Daaamn. Yeah, i'm pro Ajayi and all, but jesus, what a dumb trade. AJ Green's a WR1 you set your watch to! Is that guy a Bell or McKinnon owner or something?
  6. Jay Ajayi 2018 Outlook

    Its gonna come down to TD's. If he's the sole goalline guy, he's going to get to RB2. He wont need more than 200 carries to produce that. 2016 Blount is too extreme a comparison, I dont see any way Ajayi gets 18 TD's, but 2016 Latavius Murray isn't unreasonable. LM had only 195 carries, 33 catches, barely broke 1000 overall yards, but was RB13 in PPR on the back of his 12 TD's.
  7. Matt Ryan 2018 Outlook

    Tough road matchup- too early to panic. But its hard to argue against anyone saying their offense looked bad, it really did outside of Julio. Seems they're a one trick pony despite a decent amount of talent, especially the backs. However, if you're expecting MVP form....I dunno what to tell ya, that's not happening. My thought was always that he'll be better than 17 but not close to 2016.
  8. Jay Ajayi 2018 Outlook

    Were I an Ajayi owner i'd be beaming right now. He now looks like a 10-12 TD guy, when last year he had what, 1 or 2? Philly looked messy, but give them a month to get Wentz and Jeffery back, and suddenly they're in top form again I think. If they're pounding on teams a good percentage of the time, Ajayi should be getting lots of 4th quarter love.
  9. Jimmy Garoppolo 2018 Outlook

    If he's as good as I think he is, he's matchup proof indeed. I also dont love SF's D, hoping for a lot of shootouts and garbage points as well. I have him in all three of mine but have options everywhere. QB depth was easy to come by this year.
  10. Rate my draft!!!

    I mean, Gurley and Gronk- you've got the best at two positions, and honestly, filled the rest in just fine I thought.. Lamar Miller isn't exciting, but volume should be there. Pierre Garcon- same thing. As long as they're playing, you've got a back end starter there. Having two studs means they'll be the ones winning you games. Having Hogan AND Gronk means you're getting basically 50% of Tom Brady's passes, at minimum I think, through four weeks. You should start strong. The only thing I dont like is my own personal anti-Tampa bias this year. I believe they're in disarray and will be one of the league's worst teams. Mike Evans is a great player though- he's gotta have a high enough floor where he's startable, I'm sure. I'm just not sure you have a top 12 WR, but, again, the depth is great, and you've got two studs to marginalize that. Can't have it all. Barber just seems like a JAG, but hey, if he's getting 15+ touches, he's an RB3, right? Interested to see how many targets he gets Kerryon and Wilkins are fine back of the roster RB options. Either could work out, if not, oh well. DT is fine, easy to safely start. I'm a huge JG fan so i think your QB's are fine. I also like the potential of both Mariota and Corey Davis, and especially so in your case where you dont need either guy. Davis is a WR3 on most teams, even a 2 on some. In your case, he's your 4th at best, maybe even 5th if Garcon works out. Without looking at the rest of the teams, I feel like this'd be one of the best, top 2 or 3.
  11. Didn't realize I posted this in Assistant Coach forum- it was meant for FF Talk instead. I'll probably do this every year, I love going back and seeing how things played out.. Last year I remember thinking of the idea but never documented it. I was LOVING Pryor last year and vowing to make him my WR2 on every single team, and somehow failed to do that even once. Sometimes you get luckily saved from your own missteps.
  12. This was my first year of really immersing myself in the forums during the offseason (or at all, I guess). Naturally, it leads to some hype trains on some guys, and a natural plan to target those players. Who are the guys you hyped a lot, and did you draft them or end up missing out? Guys I hyped and drafted Fournette Davante Adams (was one of the biggest cheerleaders on his thread, gotta own this one) Rudolph Garoppolo (literally in every league, though I have options in each, he's never a guaranteed starter even in my two QB'r) Robby Anderson Guys I hyped and missed Corey Davis (stunned with this one, i loved him and still do, just never happened) Will Fuller (didnt love as much as Davis, but wanted him once at least, for sure) Stills (in this case, i thought he would go cheaper than he did and I missed out bc of it) Jordan Howard. Barely missed him twice, I'm sore about it.
  13. Nathan Peterman 2018 Outlook

    Man, I live in Buffalo and he didnt even get drafted in any of my homer-filled leagues. Even in a 2 QB league, you've surely taken two before Peterman, and by the time you need a bye week player, its going to be Josh Allen's team. The ONLY reason Allen is not starting now is because the line is trash. Preseason game 3 almost got Allen killed. Peterman has the least grip on his job of any QB in the league.
  14. Mike Gillislee 2018 Outlook

    I can see this happening for sure. Somewhere, in October, someone will need a back,. Even if Gillislee barely makes a dent- if Kamara balls out and they're 3-1 without Ingram, and someone offers a third rounder, that's a logical event.
  15. Mike Gillislee 2018 Outlook

    I dont see any reason, despite the team switch, for him to be anything worthwhile honestly. He was never a great back, he just got scraps in Buffalo with a running QB and peak McCoy wearing out the defenses first. Even if he's the same player as last year, maybe I miss one decent game of his before Ingram comes back? I dont expect him to have an exclusive hold on goal line carries or anything- Kamara will get some too.