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  1. I'm still just slightly happy with the results until i see the NE game. I'm not trying to discount the wins, but the Jet game was full of mishaps. I think people are smartly impressed with how he won that Giants game. Very little in deep balls and rushing, much more accuracy. We already knew he had it in him to do some serious WOW plays with his feet and arm strength, but we didnt know he could just move the chains regularly without the chaotic plays. I just want to see "bad Josh Allen" be a thing of the past. I feel like he'll get there- there's literally one o-lineman playing that was there last year, all new TE's, all new RB's, and only Zay and Foster at WR, neither seeing much. I just want to see him not drop a complete dud vs BB next Sunday, and of course, stay solid vs Cincy. Decision making will be the key for me
  2. Yes, we are talking about the Cleveland Browns, but what we're talking about is depth, as in, the entire roster. Njoku was hurt in that game, Higgins too, and that left a guy named Ratley, D'Ernest goes to training camp, and Demetrius Harris as the secondary options for Baker. I dont think its a five alarm blaze or anything, but if another starter has to miss time, its going to look a lot tougher out there. Eventually Hunt comes back, and Higgins is at least useful, but i think they're really top heavy in pass weapons. Not the end of the world, its not even a thing if guys stay healthy.
  3. I'm leaning this way as well. I dont really see him rushing back for an 0-2 team, and he doesn't need production to get a deal, he needs health. AJ's been a great receiver and there should be no question of what he can do when he's on the field, nothing left to prove there. Age and health are the only negatives he should run into.
  4. Nobody's taking on that salary, even with the injuries around the league. Giants would have to cut him and i think they'd only do that if he asked for it. They'll be paying him either way, and everyone needs a second stringer, so let him hang around. Maybe he starts the last home game or plays the second half and gets a sendoff or something
  5. The sheer amount of no names they had to run out there because of injuries was telling. They're really lacking depth at TE and WR right now.
  6. He did this last year and finished strong. I do absolutely regret drafting him but at least it was only once, and honestly, gotta hold. Not like he's tradeable.
  7. I dunno that i'd even call my thought logical, its more of a guess. Thinking more critically on it, I checked their schedule the next few weeks to see if there's a matchup or two that looked juicy for a run game. There really isn't one, so i'm probably already backtracking.
  8. Seems like he's a Lamar Miller at best if he keeps this up, with less receptions though. I suppose he's a good bench guy but I'd hate to need him.
  9. Over under on games started by Eli Manning, for any team, from this point going forward: 1.5
  10. I'm actually gonna try to pluck him for cheap. I think they'll pound the rock now.
  11. Honestly that's funny because I think the Conner thread had me fading him. Whomever the guy was that preached about Munchak leaving being a big deal- it was you that got to me.
  12. Cincy was absolutely lost out there vs SF it seemed, lots of wide open guys and horrid tackling. At least for one more week, Allen looks safe. Those crazy Bills fans are about to get a home opener with a 2-0 team, its both terrifying for the other team and the local sheriff's department
  13. This feels real, and not just a hot start vs some hole filled defenses. They haven't even faced a divisional opponent yet, and all three of those other AFC North teams are not exactly putting up much resistance to opposing offenses. It also appears that Baltimore's defense is human.
  14. Feels that way. Many big time players start slow but there seems like way more of these out there right now. Its a good time to buy low maybe? Now its time to figure out who is toast and who is just slightly slow to start.
  15. He was absolutely wide open on a deep ball too- Allen overthrew him. Not much else to say, its pretty clear he's a lead dog right now. Next week's opponent is yet another defense that looks lost, and gave up bombs to both Lockett and Goodwin already. If Smokey can pull a decent game in week 4 when he likely gets Gilmore on him, then its for real and he's not just off to a good start.