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  1. Le'Veon Bell 2019 Outlook

    A non playoff season has to mean a housecleaning, right? They're gonna be the best Deadspin Why Your Team Sucks article in August
  2. Antonio Brown 2019 Outlook

    Spotrac has him 4th in 2019 total cash. Obviously there's other ways to look at it. (Fun with Spotrac: Check out #15) https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/rankings/cash/wide-receiver/ Any UFA's that get a large signing bonus will leapfrog him. There's also a ton of top WR's slated to hit free agency in 2020, and could get extensions now: AJ Green, Cooper, Tyreek, and Michael Thomas stand out.
  3. Le'Veon Bell 2019 Outlook

    I don't get the end game here.......no compensation if Bell signs an offer and Pittsburgh doesn't match it.........and why the hell would they match it? Match, then trade? Ludicrous. I'd laugh forever if they match a high dollar offer then get stuck with Bell. What's their ceiling here, a third round pick? Not worth the risk, or the headache. They had a chance to just make a clean break here, and they just couldn't help themselves. Last season they were a train wreck, and had to deal with this albatross the whole time. Now they just doubled down, like a bitter divorcee filing new motions to drag out the process just to cost his ex wife that much more money.
  4. Tyreek Hill 2019 Outlook

    Good call on the holdout. Sammy Watkins made 21 million last year. That can't sit well with Tyreek.
  5. Courtland Sutton 2019 Outlook

    I really hope they draft a QB early as well. Only because i want to see another year of teams committing to a high salaried veteran QB, insisting he's an entrenched starter, and benching him quickly in a move everyone but their front office saw coming.
  6. Courtland Sutton 2019 Outlook

    Not buying in. Flacco gets worse every year, Sutton was fine last year for a rookie, but Flacco rarely gets a WR in the top 25, and Sutton's no guarantee to even be Denver's alpha wideout.
  7. Josh Allen 2019 Outlook

    I can't remember where i read it, but someone put together a good data crunch on slot Zay vs outside Zay, and there was a vast improvement in his performance in the slot. I have to imagine there will be some new weapons for Josh, but its hard to say who. You can justify multiple WR's mixing in, a new TE, and a new RB. Or, they could go cheap on all those, roll with what they have, and instead go for a few new expensive OL toys.
  8. Dante Pettis 2019 Outlook

    I dont imagine his ADP will be anything too high, and he's a great late rounder if that holds true, but I'm still anticipating some kind of WR move by the Niners this spring. That doesn't mean he can't still break out of course. I'll have him on my radar, lets just see where the ADP lands as they churn the roster the next few months.
  9. Joe Flacco 2019 Outlook

    That's where I'm at. Keep the guy who's four years younger and doesn't cost a draft pick. Loved the Schefter tidbit about Flacco being "ok keeping his salary where it is" No shizz, would anyone actually think he deserves an extension or a raise? Fun with Spotrac: Joe Flacco has earned 147 million dollars thusfar in his NFL career.
  10. Joe Flacco 2019 Outlook

    Trying not to completely pan this, but I see no reason why Flacco is anything higher than a small marginal improvement over Keenum. Now they're gonna have to cut Keenum, eat a 10 mil dead cap hit, pay Flacco's salary, and give up whatever draft pick to do this. I assume the draft pick is going to be a late one, but we'll see. They should've just rode out another year of Case, and drafted a new QB to groom.
  11. Brandin Cooks 2019 Outlook

    As a guy who did so the last two years, yes. Both times I argued the "great player, think he'll be overdrafted" take. No more excuses, he's consistent and reliable.
  12. 2019 Draft

    Wait until the schedule comes out. If there's a week 17 matchup, Buffalo probably takes that by a field goal as Hoyer starts
  13. 2019 Draft

    Bills Primary Need: Offensive line, many, at any position Other Needs: RB WR- personally I use FA to pair someone with Foster and Jones TE- in this draft class, should be a no brainer. DT- Kyle Williams has no in house replacement DE- Hughes, Lawson, Alexander are the best pass rushers, all are FA's after next year. Trent Murphy is there but is overpaid and is more likely than not to be cut before year three of his contract.
  14. Los Angeles Rams 2019 Outlook

    Spotrac has them with 32 mil of space right now, and they're light on draft picks so their rookie pool is low. I see three major free agents- Suh, Saffold, and Joyner. Should Whitworth retire, he frees up 10 million more. I think they'll be able to fill in these holes if they can't keep these players, and they at least have their first round pick. They have enough of the pieces in place to easily be favored to win the division, but the coaching staff and Goff have to sharpen up a bit so teams can't exploit him
  15. Kareem Hunt 2019 Outlook

    Thanks, missed that. Only way this works is if they're docking him for that time he punched the dude. I'm not quite as plugged in as I usually am, but i remember reading they'll announce the length soon. We'll just have to see how long that appeal process plays out. I imagine they'll want it done before the season starts. Toss the ruling out there at 4:00 on July 3rd, or something, and we can all move on.