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  1. It was also good to see his usage not dwindle when they fell behind. Honestly it was decent coaching by them to not get overly aggressive and to keep slow, methodical balanced drives to catch up- they just needed one more stop or a little better 4th quarter luck. Also good that we didn't get much Gio there- Mixon looked healthy and i'm feeling good right now with him.
  2. Also i expect Daboll to get a little crazy with the play calling. What that means exactly, i dunno, but maybe aerial assault? Josh runs 15 times? Tons of jet sweeps?
  3. In a way, a struggling win was probably good for them. They reeked of overconfidence all week and got humbled without it hurting them in the standings. Thinking on Sunday the bubble bursts a bit though. The line likely isn't good enough to keep his pocket clean, and NE's secondary is one of the best. Meanwhile, Brady's cruising. The defense is playing great but they're gonna give up more than teens this week.
  4. I agree with this. They made their bed, and its definitely arguable (as many here stated already) that Gordon doesn't necessarily save them from 1-2 the way the rest of the team has played. Their schedule does get much, much easier too.
  5. Cam has just 2 mil in dead money if he's cut or traded after this season. I love Cam and defend him often, but he looks completely beat up and worn out at this point. Meanwhile, Rivera's on the hot seat, and the division is a bit of a cluster right now. If Kyle wins another game, Cam comes back, and loses.....its gonna get interesting.
  6. Higgins looks close to ready and Callaway is out two more games- I'd think Harris gets a few targets but those guys are the more likely beneficiaries, assuming Njoku's out a while.
  7. Yep. 12 TD's feels like a floor at this point. I have one share, its fortunate enough to be on a team where i dont need him to win me games (yet). So he'll continue to be plug and play unless i get the next midseason breakout RB off of waivers or something.
  8. I cut out pretty early on this game- 3 straight decent carries called back and I just couldnt take it anymore. Game script flipping early in a Thursday road game? Can't really blame Henry for not doing much. I'm not overreacting, and i may even pick up another share next week if i can rekindle a trade discussion.
  9. Lol we're in Chuck Norris territory here, and i love it.
  10. I'm gonna roll with him. Dude's gotta crack 60 yards though, ffs.
  11. I dont feel strongly one way or another here. In the final 3-4 rounds or so, i'll look at the landscape. If i feel good about a lot of non kickers still left, i'll let them slide, grab a kicker i think is good a round or two ahead of time, and see what happens later. The 13th round WR vs the 15th round WR is totally random at that point. I tend to lack conviction about just about everyone at that point of the draft.
  12. I'm still just slightly happy with the results until i see the NE game. I'm not trying to discount the wins, but the Jet game was full of mishaps. I think people are smartly impressed with how he won that Giants game. Very little in deep balls and rushing, much more accuracy. We already knew he had it in him to do some serious WOW plays with his feet and arm strength, but we didnt know he could just move the chains regularly without the chaotic plays. I just want to see "bad Josh Allen" be a thing of the past. I feel like he'll get there- there's literally one o-lineman playing that was there last year, all new TE's, all new RB's, and only Zay and Foster at WR, neither seeing much. I just want to see him not drop a complete dud vs BB next Sunday, and of course, stay solid vs Cincy. Decision making will be the key for me
  13. Yes, we are talking about the Cleveland Browns, but what we're talking about is depth, as in, the entire roster. Njoku was hurt in that game, Higgins too, and that left a guy named Ratley, D'Ernest goes to training camp, and Demetrius Harris as the secondary options for Baker. I dont think its a five alarm blaze or anything, but if another starter has to miss time, its going to look a lot tougher out there. Eventually Hunt comes back, and Higgins is at least useful, but i think they're really top heavy in pass weapons. Not the end of the world, its not even a thing if guys stay healthy.
  14. I'm leaning this way as well. I dont really see him rushing back for an 0-2 team, and he doesn't need production to get a deal, he needs health. AJ's been a great receiver and there should be no question of what he can do when he's on the field, nothing left to prove there. Age and health are the only negatives he should run into.
  15. Nobody's taking on that salary, even with the injuries around the league. Giants would have to cut him and i think they'd only do that if he asked for it. They'll be paying him either way, and everyone needs a second stringer, so let him hang around. Maybe he starts the last home game or plays the second half and gets a sendoff or something