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  1. Tyreek costs me my 6th to keep. I have the ability right now to acquire Sammy Watkins, who will have the same cost, for next to nothing, so it should be going down shortly. If he's charged, Hill has to be missing lots of games if not a permaban.......does that scenario make Watkins gold or would i be better off giving up picks to get a different keeper?
  2. (All WR/TE/RB takes are PPR) Ryan Fitzpatrick starts all 16 games and finishes in the top 15 of fantasy QBs Josh Allen finishes in the top 10 of fantasy QBs Ben Roethlisberger and Carson Wentz finish outside the top 20 QBs Tom Brady and Philip Rivers finish in the 15-20 range for QBs Vance McDonald is a top 5 TE Mike Williams is a top 20 WR Calvin Ridley outpoints Julio Jones Mike Evans is the #1 overall WR David Johnson finishes outside the top 25 RB's, without injury Derrick Henry leads the NFL in touchdowns. Dede Westbrook is a top 20 WR DaVante Adams finishes outside the top 15 WR's Jordan Reed scores 10 TD's, is a top 10 TE
  3. My own reasoning for the conclusion I made is my best guess about the coaching staff's view on these guys. Zay has been a starter when in the lineup for 2 seasons. Mixed results, sure, but he was also shaping up his play and performing well at the same time Foster was as 2018 came to an end. Foster was a guy that made the team week 1, and his effort was questioned after that. He was then cut, but re-signed after Kelvin Benjamin finally was kicked to the curb. If there's an injury, Foster probably steps right in. Even if it's Beasley- Zay would likely move inside. Bills receivers are shaping up as all WR4's at best. Reminds me of how we all viewed the Jags WR crew going in to last summer. Maybe one was gonna have a decent year, but was hard to tell which one. Lee got hurt, Cole looked like the guy in September but faded away, Moncrief was just kinda there, and ultimately only Westbrook was useful over a long stretch. If healthy, my best shot in the dark is that Brown leads them in yards, Beasley in catches, and Zay in TD's. Foster's the only one of this quartet that I think actually has real breakout potential, so its a bit of a letdown if he gets benched.
  4. Yep, true, tough to keep him on a shallow roster. I have a 10 team league, I dont see that working there for that reason- there's a short bench, and there's also more available backs so there's more opportunity cost to go for Hunt.
  5. I certainly won't target him, but at the very back end of my draft, I'd rather take him as a lottery ticket than a guy I wouldnt really trust even if he was getting touches. Personal preference. Don't misinterpret this as me saying I plan to go after Hunt- i really doubt he even cracks my roster anywhere.
  6. Ekeler's been a pretty productive player even when Gordon's in the lineup. He was a crucial glue man on a title team I had last year. If I see any value in a guy, I'm taking him over Hunt. Guys like Lewis and Breida are ones I struggle to find a narrative that makes me want to have them on my team, so Hunt beats those guys out.
  7. Good range- that's about right where he fits I think. I like Penny, McCoy, and Ekeler more than Hunt right now, and Duke depends on where he lands. The rest- I like Hunt better.
  8. In redraft for me, I have at minimum 3 running backs on my roster before I even look at him, four backs if there's still talent out there whenever i take my 4th. In auction, maybe he's worth 5-7 bucks, not much more.
  9. We truly don't know how things will shake out come week 9 (or 10, if their bye is early). There's two angles here- can you commit to Chubb knowing it'll cost a high pick, and you may have him in a committee to close the year? Part of me says hell no. Another part says to worry about week 10 later. All sorts of things can happen before then, you might hit on the next Phillip Lindsay or something and not even have to worry.
  10. I don't last year's missed games can count, because the Chiefs cut him. If I'm wrong, anyone who can confirm weigh in. Either way, doesn't matter as it seems fairly firm that he's gone til November.
  11. With the picks I have right now, I'd probably have to take him in mine at 37 overall. My three picks after that right now all go to keepers, and I dont see him getting into the 7th round.
  12. Seems about right. I'm not really gonna consider him in my redraft leagues, but I'm wondering where's the right round to pounce in a keeper.
  13. Hunt gets 8 games, per Schefter. Do Chubb fans even worry about a guy usurping touches if he's out for the first half of the season? Personally, I think I do, only because it could absolutely chip away at the value of a back you have to draft early come playoff time. I'd almost rather Hunt be suspended for the back half of the season.
  14. Yep, it absolutely could be a struggle. I wonder if they'll build their scheme around his strengths, or if they'll try to force Bell into being a more downhill back.
  15. I agree with this. Washington's a guy I'll watch out for in camp, looking for cliche phrases like "he's really picking up the playbook" and "he's fast becoming one of the highlights of camp". Don't forget Vance McDonald too- big time "winner" so far this offseason
  16. Personally, I don't think Foster gets anywhere near the snaps he got at the end of last season. Foster's a big loser here in free agency. He really started to blossom last year and seemed like he had a top 3 spot on the depth chart. Now, his role goes to John Brown, for sure. Zay is likely getting the regular snaps at the other outside WR. No doubt Beasley is purely an inside WR here. Foster's going to, at best, rotate in when the rest are healthy. What i'd hope for his long term outlook is that he gets at least a few games with Brown or Zay injured, and he gets a chance to shine again and become a long term asset.
  17. Pretty solid and tempered assessment. Locally, all you read is full positive marks, and full optimism, which is a bit much. Maybe every third or fourth offseason, there's this same sentiment and it never works out. Outside of here, its still a bunch of takes that the team is awful, destined for 4th place, etc (like the guy a couple posts back) which is a bit strange as well. I suppose, win or lose, they're only stuck with maybe two of these signings for more than one year, if the bottom drops out. If Josh Allen turns into Carson Wentz, they're gonna be really good. I dont see him shedding his weaknesses that quickly, maybe ever, so that's a tough sell. I think at best, they'll marginally improve their run game, and still be chasing that come next offseason. There's still multiple needs here, but i'm thinking the 9th overall pick has to be either a DT, DE, or OT.
  18. So much for that going to a contender speech. I don't really have an issue with any player chasing the money, but it was just....odd for him to say that. Once i heard NE was interested, i figured he's a lock there. Would love to know what the Pats offered, assuming they did draw something up.
  19. So with 4 new linemen, 2 new WR's, a JAG TE, and Frank Gore, is there anything to the possibility of a Bills offense being a threat? Josh Allen's still the Atlas for this team. Honestly, a lot of these signings are really good, and relatively safe, but outside of Mitch Morse, i dont see a huge impact anywhere. That said, last year's depth chart was so bare, a bunch of decent starters who aren't studs can still make a difference I guess.
  20. Eagles make so much sense, as stated. Maybe Tampa? Their depth chart is a bit weak. I'll throw in a random- Jags? Fournette shouldn't be overused, so why not?
  21. Seemed to go as the offense went- in the right matchup, he had a good chance at pay dirt and a big game. Against a tough D, it was hard for him to get his fair share. I think he's got the talent to take a leap forward in consistency, but it'll take the right OC to get him there.
  22. Well said. There's a thin line amongst WR3's in fantasy, and he's gonna need the right breaks to get there. My question come draft time will be if his floor is high enough in relation to his draft cost. Its hard to gauge his usage with a new team with a gigantic void like this.
  23. I'd be surprised if he got much more than 50 catches. I can see him being a good red zone guy, so maybe he pops now and then, but I just dont believe Moncrief's shown enough to really believe he's a consistent threat
  24. Was all about Baker as my sneaky QB1 that maybe doesn't go in the top 10 QB' chance of that now. Not sure if this was put out there but re: getting rid of Landry. He'll cost them more in cap if he's cut or traded this year than he would if they just keep him. Next year its no problem though
  25. Long and short of it right here. I see merit in both points of view. I think ultimately he's got a decent floor, so we'll see about the price I guess, and maybe, maybe not.