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  1. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    He's talking about non-keeper. Basically, he was one of the lucky teams that could stash injured guys who were possibly going to return late in the season creating the potential for a monster team come playoff time. Most teams didn't have that luxury so by adding an IR slot you don't have guys like Rodgers and DJ hanging around on the waiver wire. In a keeper league you should definitely have an IR and/or, like you said, some rule in place which keeps the injured player at his drafted value if they are dropped. Our auction league learned that real quick when guys started scooping up injured studs at the end of the first year for $1 and getting to keep them for the next season at that price.
  2. 2 QB League Strategy

    10-team 2 QB auction league. The elite QB's range from $50-$35 which is a touch below the elite RB/WR's but we diluted QB scoring a bit to ensure that a tandem of elite QB's wasn't game breaking. So, based upon their auction values the elite QB's would settle in the late 1st round through the 3rd round if we were drafting. Before the scoring change an Aaron Rodgers could go for near $60 which is a top 3-5 player. I will say that it is fun having QB's be a larger part of the auction than they normally would since you can't just wait around until the end and still get a good QB like you can in 1 QB leagues. A lot of the drama during the auction involves QB's since you will have stiff competition for players that people ordinarily wouldn't care much about since nobody wants to get stuck with a bottom tier QB since the likelihood of finding a diamond in the rough at QB is way less likely than it is at other positions. It's also fun watching the teams who loaded up on RB's and WR's like in traditional leagues compete (and overpay) for the mediocre QB's once they realize that demand exceeds supply.
  3. June Closer Thread 2018

    He has no clue where his fastball is going to go. Poor Cervelli is diving all over the place trying to catch his random junk.
  4. Marco Gonzales 2018 Outlook

    Lock and load! His ERA and FIP are nearly identical at 3.28 and 3.33 - pretty good!. Pitching in Seattle. Not sure what else you want unless you're in a 6-team league and don't have to take even the smallest of chances.
  5. Shin-Soo Choo 2018 Outlook

    Not sure what there is to be fooled on. We know what he is. He has been a great hitter for a decade and is very low cost. Sure, hes not exciting but he appears to be aging quite well. In OBP leagues he is even better. Ride the wave as long as it lasts and have a backup ready.
  6. My fault. I didn't mean to jump on you but by the tone of your post, it seemed like you were just wanting to rip on the site (which is fine if you want to) but finding a really lame way (in my opinion) to do so. Basically, if you're going to rip on a site at least have some good reasons other than I couldn't figure out how to do something that is actually really quite easy to figure out. If you hate the mobile site/app then that's fair and it seems a pretty common complaint so no argument here from a guy who rarely uses the app. To be clear, I wasn't timing myself and I was just estimating that it took 15 seconds in total to do all the things you were trying to do (which I've never tried to do before). The site seems very responsive to me and provides a lot of great features that the other sites don't. Full disclosure, I play on FanTrax, ESPN, and Yahoo and if the app is a priority then I suppose it's not as good, although I have used the ESPN and Yahoo apps and honestly don't have any issues with the Fantrax mobile site other than I consider all the "apps" a sub-par way to utilize a site.
  7. You're talking to a guy who gets happy because someone criticized a fantasy website. Don't waste your time.
  8. I agree that FanTrax is better suited to desktop but I just went on my phone and it took me 15 seconds to do all the things you mentioned....come on man.
  9. Commissioners'Corner 2018

    I struggle with this every year. There is always a guy (or two) that pays up and then effectively just flushes his money down the toilet. I send out an e-mail every off-season giving people every opportunity to drop out of the league, and I stress that it's nothing personal and all I want is people to be committed to the league barring understandable real-life happenings. But the guys who should drop rarely do. My brother in law was the worst at this. He'd do the draft and pick a bunch of guys from his favorite team and then abandon his team by the 3rd week. Every year I'd give him multiple chances to leave and he'd say "I'm in. Where do I send my money?" The way I see it, if you only have one or two of these guys then it's probably not worth worrying about. Every league seems to have a garbage team or two so might as well be this guy if he's paying and at least setting lineups here and there. Otherwise, you just have to boot him. I've run a lot of leagues and I've rarely seen owners get better at managing their teams over time. The people who are truly competitive and into fantasy sports will hit the ground running from day one and their commitment is obvious. The guys who just putz around and treat is as a fun activity when convenient aren't all the sudden going to change into obsessive people like us.
  10. 3/31 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Twisted ankle. Didn't say when or how but hopefully nothing major.
  11. 3/31 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Hit a home run and then didn't come up for his next AB. Must have hurt himself in the dugout or something.
  12. Mar/April Closer Thread 2018

    Especially when managers use them in non-save situations (Rivero).
  13. Patrick Corbin 2018 Outlook

    Only 2 HR's is pretty good these days!
  14. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    Anyone have any insight on Rivero - PIT? I didn't really get a chance to watch him last season but he's high up the rankings for a guy who came pretty much out of nowhere. Seems to be getting rocked in ST as well and wasn't great in the 2nd half. Anyone worried?
  15. Charlie Morton 2018 Outlook

    Nothing to do with it. He had significant velo gains (apparently from just trying to throw harder) that played up all his other stuff including his hard sinker. Astros were smart enough to pounce when he flashed it late in 2016.