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  1. Punch it in from the 30? Every TD they score is a bomb 😂.
  2. Yeah, I think Montgomery is definitely going to get more run than he got last week. I'm guessing 10-12 carries which is not bad but he's unlikely to get 27 yards in the air also so probably not much improvement from week 1 unless he can get a TD or break a big run. Those kind of guys are hard to start. The only hope is that Nagy is playing games with the coach-speak but I doubt it since he doesn't seem the type to just bench Davis and that's what it would take to get Montgomery in a must-start position since he's not going to bench Cohen.
  3. https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/bears/bears-liked-what-they-saw-david-montgomerys-nfl-debut-will-they-use-him-more-denver "The Bears, collectively, were pleased with how third-round pick David Montgomery played in his NFL debut Thursday night. With that in mind: The seven touches he had in a 10-3 loss, then, only appear more glaring. Coach Matt Nagy seemed to acknowledge that this week. “Every touch that he had, he did well,” Nagy said. “I’ll put it at that. Between him, Mike Davis and Tarik Cohen, those three guys, they're all special when they have the football in their hands. I recognize that, I realize that and again, like I said last week, I'm well aware of it.” "They’ll also caution that committing to the run doesn’t mean loading up only Montgomery — the team likes Davis, and still views Cohen as a running back even if he lined up in the backfield on only four of his 51 snaps." I bolded the most important lines here. Mike Davis is special, guys. Don't you know that? Bottom line is that Nagy knows better than all of us armchair quarterbacks and is not going to cave into pressure to give Montgomery the bulk of the carries. No sir. Montgomery is a rook and has to put in his time and learn under a special player like Mike Davis.
  4. Agreed but he is more of a traditional RB unlike Cohen. Howard didn't have any competition for between the tackles run plays as far as I can recall.
  5. What's done is done but I wouldn't be buying any shares in this guy with Nagy calling the shots. NEVER underestimate his ability to do the opposite of what a sane person would do at any time during a football game. I'm not even talking about comparing him with a sane NFL coach. I'm talking if you pulled a random guy off of the street he would have more sense on what plays to call and what personnel would be the best fit. The best you can hope for (which is awful) is an injury to Davis or Cohen and even then I'm pretty sure Nagy will just insert Cunningham (or whoever else he can pull of the scrap heap) into the mix and you'll be back where you started. And yes, Howard got a fair share of carries last year but he didn't have to compete with a guy like Mike Davis. Now that Davis is here it's a mess.
  6. I would lean towards Scary. Brown did what he did against the Dolphins. They are a travesty.
  7. Well, Nagy hyped the kid up during the preseason and then didn't use him. Now, he's downplaying him and saying he's got a ways to go before he gets his chance. So, based on Nagy's BS coach-speak I am going to say over because you never really know with this guy.
  8. Apologies if this has already been posted....it almost seems like a joke article but... "And while Montgomery may have been pegged as the most appealing fantasy option on the Bears offense in 2019, he might not produce like one early on. At least, not according to Matt Nagy. “The hard part is . . . a rookie coming in and learning, there’s a lot of intricacies to our offense, with rules and assignments. Not just with running the ball, but in pass protection and running routes," Nagy said after Week 1's loss. "So we’re kind of easing him into it. I know everyone wants instant gratification and wants the great fantasy stats right away in Week 1. We want production. I love the kid. I think the kid’s going to have a great future. But there’s going to be a little bit of wait here, a balance as we figure out what’s best and how to use him, along with Mike and Tarik.” https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/bears/nagy-issues-warning-fantasy-owners-dont-expect-big-numbers-montgomery-just-yet
  9. Yes and he was open a few times but Brissett was looking downfield. He usually had a reception or two per game last season so that should be the expectation going forward. Have to love him in standard and you should have been able to get him at an appropriate discount in PPR to make the pick worthwhile. I got him at the same price as Montgomery in a PPR and was ecstatic.
  10. https://www.pff.com/news/fantasy-football-stats-to-know-week-1-2019 This article is saying the exact opposite: "Giovani Bernard ranks highly in this chart, but Joe Mixon played on 76% of the team’s snaps in the first half (prior to his injury). He saw all six of the team’s carries, both of the team’s targets out of the backfield, and ran a route on 17 of Andy Dalton’s 24 dropbacks before exiting the game. That’s high-end bell cow usage. If this sort of usage continues when he returns, I’ll happily admit I was wrong on Mixon, ranking him as a mid-to-low-end RB1."
  11. Yes. I think it's fair to say that people who drafted D-Will before McCoy signed need to accept they will not get RB1 value out of D-Will. Prior to McCoy coming on board he would have been a monster, now he's a flex play and will have some very nice weeks when he gets TD's. Could be worse...
  12. McCoy looks good. Williams will be strictly the 3rd down back in no time (maybe by the end of this game).
  13. What did you nominate him for? He went for about a 10%-15% discount in mine. Good value but not earth shattering.
  14. Agreed. Seems like Andy is setting some expectations with McCoy for a backup role, at least to start. If Damien comes out and performs well it could stay that way and maybe it ends up more of a 70/30 which is still pretty juicy. I have been out on Damien but have my auction tonight and may dip my toe in the water and see if the McCoy news will scare people enough to get D-Will at a nice discount.
  15. Hah! Yeah I'm sure Damien is over the moon right now. "I was going to be a star and now I get to split carries with Lesean McCoy! What a great situation!"