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  1. Domingo Santana 2019 Outlook

    The optimism stems from his age and he had some pretty ridiculous batted ball stats in 2017 if I remember correctly. And, he should have an everyday job. Otherwise, I agree that he's a dart throw. The Brewers traded him for Ben Gamel which should say something.
  2. Hello, This is the 4th year of this league and need a replacement for an original owner. The available team is a rebuild with only Trevor Bauer and Jurickson Profar as surefire keepers (keep 6 MLB, keep 12 MiLB). Roster here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VAbu3_cGPK-kuozf4gPFzQPNQ4H73gCX_fmDOm0ELEg/edit?usp=sharing This team does have 7 picks in the first 5 rounds and this league has a robust trade market so there will be ample opportunity to make deals prior to the keeper deadline to improve keepers due to the limit on keepers - it will be a buyer's market. I am also considering letting the new owner select 2 or 3 minor league players to add to the team as an incentive, and there are a couple available that could be quite valuable down the line. Another benefit for any rebuilding efforts is the unique structure of this league which is that we play two short fantasy seasons each year with the entry fee covering both seasons. In a nutshell, the MLB season is 6 months and we play two 3-month fantasy seasons during that time. That means two drafts, two keeper deadlines, and two chances to win each year. This league is fairly demanding but is not extreme. In general, someone who takes the time to read and understand the rules and logs in 3 or 4 times a week will do great. It's also ideal if you are available in late June to make deadline trades and attend the second draft. This league is competitive and I am looking for a competent owner with a desire to compete and make the league stronger by rebuilding this team. At the same time, I do not want drama. If you can't understand that this is just a game then save me the trouble. If this interests you, reply or shoot me an e-mail at ted.striker78 @yahoo.com (no space after the 78). and I can provide more information. I am an experienced commissioner and am very active. I try to do write-ups and make my leagues fun and interactive. I will not be taking the first interested person so feel free to provide some of your background and information in your e-mail. Thanks.
  3. Still looking. I should add that this team needs some work. Any prospective owners should be up for a bit of a challenge as the prior owner appeared to be starting a rebuild. He did accumulate a number of early draft picks with 7 picks in the first 5 rounds. Fortunately, the way the keeper cost works, there is a lot of opportunity to make deals and there will be assets available as the stronger teams will have to make cuts before the keeper deadline and will be looking to trade. The other benefit of the 2-season format is the ability to turn things around quickly. Reply or e-mail if interested.