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  1. Damn Matt Ryan is having an awful game.
  2. I'm pretty sure he was insinuating that they should run the ball more and do more short passes to protect their QB. Basically do what they did when Nick Foles was the QB.
  3. Ah Damn whelp so much for the Super Bowl Wentz is back leaving his WR's out to dry.
  4. He's been playing at an MVP level for the Cubbies. He has an amazing 54 doubles this year so far. 67 is the major league record.. It's amazing how a crappy team can just make everybody play a notch or two below their true potential. He is a Unrestricted Free Agent at the end of this season. He is going to make some big bucks this winter.
  5. These high priced Quarterbacks are playing like hot garbage
  6. It should heal in a few weeks. We're probably gonna lose @Seattle and to the Cowboys at home. The rest of the schedule is a complete joke. We should be alright.
  7. Well that worked out for you. QB sneak for the TD instead of Kupp for a TD. That's a 12 point swing
  8. At least 8-8 should be good enough to win the NFC South.
  9. Damn that was all Kupp. That was very impressive
  10. they said that Drew can't grip a football. It's not looking good for today's game. We're stuck with inaccurate Teddy. That's why that fumble return for TD was HUGE. We need every point we can get
  11. We get robbed of a fumble return for touchdown. Good Grief we just can't buy a Fkin break sometimes. Why did they blow the ball dead. GEEESSSHHH!!!!!
  12. 8 targets, 4 catches, 112 yards + a TD. Another solid day at the office. This guy is turning into a nice little late round flier for me!