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  1. ok I gotcha I was wondering about that dynamic
  2. Since Asdrubal Caterrible doesn't want to play 2nd why not DFA him and call up the kid to man 2nd? Seriously is there a market for a middle reliever who is a below average hitter and who ranks as one of the worst fielding shortstops in MLB and who only wants to play shortstop and not any other infield position who is also injury prone??? who the hell is lining up to trade for this BUM?
  3. I did a quick google search and I saw that Frank is under contract with SIG until July 2019. Unless I'm mistaken the Knicks will have to wait until then to even get their hands on him. Unless it is assumed that they are buying out his contract. I haven't found anything about them doing that so I'm under the assumption that Monk is getting a 2 year head start on him. Am I wrong with this assessment?
  4. Check your lineup they finally put him on the DL minutes ago
  5. I don't want to drop him but not playing and not being DL eligible is turning him into dead weight. I'm not sure what's the hold up. Maybe they changed their mind but I thought this stupid 10 day DL is supposed to encourage teams to put guys on the DL for a quick little spell.
  6. I'm not sure why you take Ntilikina over Monk. Then again I don't know much about him but I do know about Monk and he's the real deal. Charlotte got a steal at #11
  7. Nice trade for the Bulls. They get young and pick up a nice #7 pick in a deep Lottery draft. They gotta put up with old man Wade for one $24,000,000 season but that's not that bad. They can rebuild around him he'll probably be on the IR early on in the season anyways.
  8. I believe KAT is an exception to the rule and if Embiid can actually stay on the floor he'll be there as well. I'm just saying as a whole the NBA has gone away from the Center Position. Even KAT is a Hybrid PF/C kind of player. Embiid is a true center so is Marc Gasol but I wouldnt consider Gasol a superstar. He's an All-Star but not a superstar. Embiid has the personality of a superstar and the skills to be one but can he physically hold up over multiple NBA seasons to be the face of the franchise-type superstar? He's not there yet.
  9. I don't know but I'm in the mindset of acquiring talent and let Coach Stevens figure out the details. I will say this and that is that there are only a few centers in the NBA and none of them are superstars
  10. Dumb decision to trot him out there with a 10-1 lead. He was already at 94 pitches thrown. Anyways, it's pretty nice to see Walker and now Godley pitch so well @ Coors field fantasy wise and if you like the D-Backs.
  11. I literally laughed out loud when Jay WIlliams said that one of the prospects who worked out for the Knicks said that Phil Jackson was falling asleep during his workout. If Phil trades Porzingis to the Celtics the Celtics will have to be considered serious contenders to overthrow the Lebrons
  12. Open Team Altoona is off the market Open Team My Life is still available
  13. Free 16 Team Dynasty H2H category League (we keep 20 players off 35 man roster). Our categories are 7X7 with OBP, SLG, Holds and QS as the added categories from the traditional 5X5 format. This league has been in existence since 2007. I took over as commish during the 2012 off season when the previous commish bailed. I had to transfer all the league settings and everybody's keepers over to the new league because we were not able to actually stay on the original league because of the commish disappearing. So if you check the history it only goes back to 2012. This league features a non snake Traditional Redraft. This is in place to help teams at the bottom get good draft picks and get competitive. So if you have the 3rd pick in the draft you have the 3rd pick in every round in the draft. Both teams that are open are listed below. Please Private message me on this site if you want in. Open Team Altoona (This is actually a pretty solid team) Open Team My Life