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  1. Tampa's offense is going to be a nightmare for opposing D coordinators. That Brate/Howard Combination to go with Mike Evans and DJAX split out wide. Balance that off with a healthy Dougie Fresh and a versatile Charles Sims. Jameis Winston is going to have a monster year. There will be a lot of mouths to feed so although Howard is a very good addition to the team his individual fantasy value won't be that high IMO. Think 10th Round late round flier type.
  2. Well that was a fun dominant start. The Padres aren't as bad as a lineup as they have been in the recent past so I will give him that. Up next is a road matchup against Bryce Harper and red hot NL Leading Washington Nationals. Let's hold the applause until after that one. If he can do 75% of what he did tonight against the Nats maybe something special is on the horizon.
  3. It depends on how you define "short leash". He averaged just short of 5 innings pitched per outing this season in his three starts which is his normal workload. I don't believe that this guy will be allowed to go 7, 8, or 9 innings.
  4. 0-4, 3 strikeouts. 1 for 8 total with an infield squibbly wiggly as his only hit He's not ready for the big leagues. If you're in my league it's safe to drop him. Just let me know in advanced
  5. Villar had an average April last season. So I wouldn't panic.
  6. Staring at the list of names on the 10 Day DL List for longer than 60 seconds puts you at risk of getting hurt. Proceed with caution!
  7. I was debating about streaming but changed my mind but I just picked him up. It's a deep 16 team H2H points league. I figure why the hell not it's worth a shot. He should be in line for two starts next week.
  8. Winning = more fans and revenue Installing a humidor will greatly help out their young pitching staff. Their hitters are great gap to gap hitters so I don't think it'll hurt them. Arizona has been one of the better offensive teams the past 5 years and that has gotten them nowhere.
  9. I had no idea that I was signing up for this kind of wait. I feel I'm getting scammed by one of those $19.99 infomercial products.
  10. He has never pitched against Colorado so he has that going for him. That tends to be an advantage for the pitcher. So maybe he can sneak through the order two times unscaved.
  11. They need to Get rid of Duda or Granderson ASAP Both guys are unrestricted free agents after this season. These guys should not be blocking your young promising hitter at this point.
  12. This guy is offering Bundy to me for Carlos Martinez. Straight up one for one swap. I'm leaning towards no but Bundy was a top prospect and he is only 24 so it's not like his hot start is out of the blue. What do you guys think?
  13. Good point, I stand corrected. I under sold them but their lineup is manageable. I guess I should have said that.
  14. Tampa's lineup is basically a triple a lineup minus Longoria
  15. In NL only leagues he should be. I own him in mine