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  1. I have him #20 overall in my rankings I did earlier this week using a standard PPR 12 team league as my league settings of choice. I really like this guy.
  2. I want in send the invite to
  3. I'm assuming that this team has the 1st pick in the draft?
  4. I disagree with that. Mike Glennon and the rookie Trubisky are better options by a big distance over the Jets' situation
  5. All of his starts have been against tough playoff teams (except for that San Diego start). NYY, @COL, LAD. @CHC, CLE, @BOS, HOU, @LAD That's a brutal schedule to endure through especially coming off a major injury. And he is holding his own and getting better and better each start. It's good to see. The buy low window has ended in dynasty leagues.
  6. Let me preface this thread by saying "We are talking about standard PPR redraft single season leagues" As you all know Zeke has a 6 game suspension. Let's just assume that it will be upheld. I don't want this thread to turn in to Zeke's player thread with legal jargon being tossed around. If you want to talk about that legal stuff go post in that thread. I'm in the process of doing my own rankings and CURRENTLY he is suspended for 6 games so this thread is about where are we drawing the line in our rankings with the current information. 6 games is a little less than half of the fantasy regular season (13 weeks). For that reason he should be bumped down. How far down? That is the question I am posing here. I have TWO Questions: Where are you placing Zeke in the RB Rankings and where are you placing him in the Overall Rankings? Please list the player you are putting him in front of. As of now I have Zeke at #26 overall and I have him pegged as the 11th RB off the board. My line in the sand in the RB rankings is Todd Gurley. I will not put Gurley ahead of Zeke. My line in the sand in the overall rankings is Gronk. I believe Gronk's injury history carries too much risk. Also, as a side note I put the Top 3 QB's (Rodgers, Brady and Brees) ahead of Zeke because I feel that those 3 guys are in another class and that even though the QB position is deep those 3 provide over the top consistent value. Enough of me what do you guys think?
  7. I was referring to single season leagues. 6 Games is pretty much half of the fantasy regular season. Where are you ranking him on your single season rankings?
  8. I'm having a hard time ranking this guy. Where are you guys placing him in your rankings if he misses 6 games?
  9. I wish it was more keepers like 4. Everything else I like put me down as interested. I like that the draft is Wednesday night because I'm usually off of work on that day
  10. This week should be a fun one. 7 Games and all are right handed starters. Neither guy is considered dominant. And he gets to feast on Bartolo Colon on Sunday.
  11. Piscotty pretty easily for me. He was on several teams
  12. I'd drop Robertson too
  13. They sent him packing to Memphis
  14. ESPN has a glitch in their stats. They have Nick Pivetta down with 25 Hits batsmen which has him -29 in my points league. Deep down I don't want that to be a glitch. I want to believe that Nick Pivetta got up their and nailed those F##kers one by one.