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  1. 1st Base and Catcher are really shallow. Also the seems to be a shortage of Ace Dependable starters. It seems like everybody outside of Kershaw are suspect. Chris Archer is considered a Top 12 SP and he lost 19 games last year with a 4.0 ERA.
  2. He is being drafted at a fair price IMO 110th overall according to Fantasy Pros.
  3. Tough decision but you made the right choice.
  4. I'm "turning off my brain" from drafting him.
  5. Lacy is probably just a goal line short yardage back with the weight he is at now.
  6. The Seahawks are considering adding Adrian Peterson, Jamaal Charles, or Latavius Murray. As an owner of Thomas Rawls in a salary cap dynasty league I'm shaking in my boots. Considering CJ Prosise is lurking on the roster too it seems like things might get awfully crowed. This cannot be good can it?
  7. No, my MLB keepers are Blackmon, Pollack, O Herrera K Jensen, and M Franco And all of the elite 1st baseman are of course kept each year. That's why I've been holding onto Bellinger the last year and some change.
  8. He's offering a 14th Round pick i.e 7th Round after the 7 keeper Rounds It's not a super great pick but its a pretty decent mid round pick. Lots of value in that round will still be on the board.
  9. Carlos Martinez Round 18 Jose Peraza round 19
  10. This is a 12 Team NL only keeper Roto league where we keep 5 MLB players and 2 Minor League Players Who would you rather keep Cody Bellinger or Amed Rosario? Baseball America has these two ranked side by side but Baseball Prospectus likes Amed better according to their ranking. Currently I own Bellinger but this guy in my league is offering me Amed + a draft pick up grade. I'm leaning towards accepting this even though I love what I see from Cody. What do you guys think?
  11. The question should be simplified. "When was the last time a pitcher was the consensus #1 overall pick" Instead of when was the last time some random dude in one your leagues reached for a pitcher @ #1 overall.
  12. It's Pablo Sandoval And yes I think he can have a nice bounce back season. The weight loss shows me that he has been locked in all off season. He looks fantastic athletically. His price tag is cheap and I'll be buying if possible
  13. If he gets hurt as a late round pick you can just DL him or drop him and wait till he gets healthy again Now if he doesn't get hurt and if he produces like we think he can well you got yourself a guy who will out produce his draft position
  14. That's true but the reality is that he's not coming back to New Orleans so with that being said going to New England isn't a bad landing place.
  15. DJAX is rumored to be gone later on this afternoon. What's the point of signing a QB to a 1 year $24,000,000 contract only to let his top receiving options go to free agency? They must be in the Brandon Cooks sweepstakes or somebody else. That's the only thing I can think of because it doesn't make any other sense outside of that