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  1. We had this thread last year and I thought it was very helpful for holds leagues but also for people looking to punt saves and stack relievers for elite ratios and k's. I thought I'd start by naming some of the obvious guys who have great value for elite ratios, k's and opportunities for holds. Andrew Miller, Betances, Chad Green, Ottavino, Stripling, Seranthony, Stammen, Lugo, Kela are some of the guys I'm targeting. I feel they're attainable for very cheap in leagues that are still just counting saves.
  2. 2019 Offseason Closer Thread

    Both targets of mine. I love Hader but I don't get the high cost for him either.
  3. 2019 Offseason Closer Thread

    Man that's ugly. I can't remember a season where there were this many question marks entering a fantasy draft. I counted 14 teams that, right now, we have one guy as the clear leader to close. Even with those teams I still have some legitimate concerns with regards to performance and/or injury in recent years. Starting from the top with Toronto. We've seen how Giles can implode in recent years so I don't get the warm and fuzzies with him. In BAL Givens doesn't have much of a track record closing so I'm not terribly comfortable with him either. Jansen's heart issues still give me concern especially with where he's typically going to be drafted, although reports say he's in good shape. Still a scary situation and I hope he is ok. Then I wonder if guys like Leclerc, Yates or Vazquez will be the target of many contenders come trade deadline time.
  4. 2019 Offseason Closer Thread

    That's how I see this playing out too. I see Neris having very little value in standard leagues. He could be a good guy for Holds though.
  5. Alex Wood 2019 Outlook

    He's a definite target of mine this year as I really like his game. The move to GABP is the only concern I have but, like you said, he's a GB machine and that bodes well for his move.
  6. 2019 Fantasy Strategy Thread

    This is being discussed a little in the closer thread right now and I thought it was better suited to bring it here to get some opinions. With the landscape of the the traditional closer drying up how are people approaching saves this year? I suspect the answers will differ but I would like to hear both H2H and Roto opinions, though I prefer to play H2H myself. That being said in more recent years I have waited out the first closer run and gone for 1 or, at most, 2 middle of the pack closers. Then I seek out elite K% MRs later in the draft and normally end up with about 3-4 MRs in addition to my 6-7 SPs (most of my bench is pitching in H2H). I like how the higher innings, elite K's and ratios of these guys combine for ace-like numbers and sometimes they earn the right to close, which is just a bonus. Then I'll use these forums to seek out WW saves throughout the season. As a result I usually have one of the better teams in terms of pitching ratios, k's and wins while also competing in saves each week. Not spending money on those closers in the first run or 2 also allows me to load up on bats while others seek the saves. The one issue I have found with this is that often times these middle tier closers are the target of trades and wind up setting up on contending teams, thus leaving me scrambling for much of the summer for saves just to stay afloat each week in that category. After all this thought, I may take this strategy a step further and only seek MRs and then play the WW using these threads to find closers. MRs I really like this year based on their composite ADP are Seranthony, Andrew Miller, Stripling (who may start), Betances, Chad Green, Trevor May, and Brad Peacock to name a few. What are your thoughts?
  7. 2019 Stolen Base Targets

    I think that was related to him being moved to the bottom of the lineup. After that happened he was often on base with Acuna, Freeman and Markakis coming up. Those were all guys that Snitker trusted to drive in runs and I don't think Inciarte had the green light anymore. This isn't as much of a difference in splits but in the 2nd half last year Albies was also hitting at the bottom of the lineup and he saw his steal attempts drop from 12 before the ASB and just 5 after. I could be wrong but it's my theory and I would not be surprised if Inciarte stays in the leadoff spot all year and outproduces his draft day cost by a lot. I could see a sneaky 100 run, 10 HR, 65 RBI, 30 SB, .275/.340 line this year.
  8. 2019 Stolen Base Targets

    While there aren't a ton of guys with 30+ SB upside imo there are quite a few going outside the top 100 fantasypros consensus ADP that should give you at least 20. -Villar going at 102 has the best shot to reach and exceed 30. The only drain he'll have is average since he'll produce moderate HR numbers and should score a good amount of runs in that lineup. -Robles going at 105 could give you 20+ with double digits steals and good run scoring ability in that lineup. -Tim Anderson going at pick 129 should produce 20+ SB and could also get you 15+ HR and decent run scoring. His issue will be average/OBP. -Inciarte, one of my favorite draft day values, should get 20 steals and could come owe to leading the NL in runs and he's going at pick 142. I don't really think he hurts you in any category. -Ahmed Rosario could get you 20 SB and hit double digits hr while also producing decent runs and he's going at pick 156. His average might be a concern. -Broxton can be had at the very end of most drafts at pick 400 and he should produce close to 20 sb and 15ish hr. He hurts in average and won't score many runs though.
  9. 2019 Offseason Closer Thread

    I feel there are a couple other situations that @street sharks didn't mention as question marks that I have on my radar. TB - Alvarado, while probably the best bet for the role, isn't a done deal to be the closer. We saw how they used their BP last season. CWS - Colome should get the first crack but I wouldn't be surprised if Herrera beats him out. ATL - Vizcaino doesn't necessarily have a stranglehold on the role with how well Minter did last year. I think he gets the first shot but I wouldn't feel confident Viz keeps it all year. CIN - Wasn't there a recent article somewhere saying they plan to use Iglesias in a fireman's type role? Those are just a few others that I'm slightly concerned about if I own then. Then you also have to think about guys likely to be dealt to contenders. All that uncertainty surrounding this position and the fact that more teams are open to using their best arm in high leverage situations regardless of the inning is making me want to punt saves and go for middle relievers with elite ratios and k's.
  10. 2019 League Settings Discussion

    Same here. Daily is my favorite and it's so quick and easy especially with mobile apps now.
  11. Madison Bumgarner 2019 Outlook

    If he's healthy I expect him to be an excellent SP2. Many point to the velocity drop as an area of concern because of his performances in 2017 and 2018 where he averaged 91.4 mph on his fastball. However, look at his 2016 season statistics where he pitched like an all star while averaging 91.7 mph on his fastball. I don't buy the argument some are making that his dip in velocity is cause for concern. I think we're looking at someone who, while there are many miles on his arm, can still pitch like a teams Ace and be a top 15 SP for fantasy this year. His freak injuries are what caused his stats to slide the last two seasons and those has since healed.
  12. Ender Inciarte 2019 Outlook

    I don't think Albies will leadoff much if at all. His plate discipline issues really reared their head in the 2nd half of the season. Plus he really had some issues hitting right handers last year. I think he hits toward the bottom. Markakis would be a better fit for that spot than Albies because of his OBP skills but I'd honestly be surprised to see that. While he doesn't offer much in terms of HR power he did finish in the top 10 in doubles among all qualified hitters each of the last two seasons. So while he doesn't seem like a prototypical run producer because he's not providing 20+ hr consistently he actually is a very good guy to bat 5th behind your cleanup guy. I believe Inciarte will leadoff to begin the year and if he does well getting on base will stay in that spot. If he does not provide a consistent source of OBP skills then I believe Snitker will move Acuna back there where he thrived last season.
  13. Ender Inciarte 2019 Outlook

    Most of the 2nd half he was down in the bottom 3rd of the lineup. He stopped stealing as often as soon as he was removed from the leadoff spot.
  14. Ender Inciarte 2019 Outlook

    Everything I've seen thus far has Inciarte leading off. Snitker likes Acuna's ability to drive in runs and is likely to try him out in the cleanup spot. I do see this as a fluid situation and one that could change throughout the season. That being said, if Inciarte displays his ability to get on base like he did during the early part of last year and in 2017 he should stay there. What will be interesting is how Snitker adjusts if Acuna doesn't hit well out of the 4 spot as he was most productive hitting leadoff last year. Here's how roster resource has it projected as of now. Inciarte Donaldson Freeman Acuna Markakis McCann/Flowers Albie's Swanson P I really like Ender this year and think his 144 ADP provides some very good value. If he stays leading off I don't see how he doesn't score 100 runs and steal 20-30 bases. With a good average a OBP. Edit: FWIW his current projection is 80/11/54/23 with a .276/.331 average/OBP. I find those projections very low in the runs scored department. I also feel his OBP will be closer to .350.
  15. Last 2 Keepers WHIR

    I like Scooter because the value is great. Then I'd go with Pham due to 5 tool threat and good round value.