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  1. I meant it in reference to the list I made
  2. I've got Strahm, Peacock, Lopez, Paddack, Peralta, Woodruff, Burnes, and German. I think there's a big drop off after the top 4 guys on that list though.
  3. I think Alvarado has a little more risk due to the way TB has handled their bullpen the last couple years particularly last season. That being said I still like him more than Strickland.
  4. Yeah hopefully it's nothing and I am right about them being cautious but you never know. FWIW I haven't seen/heard anything from local media about him nursing an ailment.
  5. I think the Braves are just being cautious and easing him along this spring. Donaldson said in an interview about a week or two ago that this is the first spring training he's been healthy and feels good since the calf injury occurred in 2017. He added that he's progressing well and was just going to do it the right way and not try to rush anything. I think they may give him some days of rest during the beginning of the season to not only take it slow with him but also to get Camargo some ABs.
  6. Rosterresource has him as the #4 behind Urena, Straily, and Richards. The other two after Smith are Lopez and Chen. So it seems to me there are at least 2 spots he's competing for. Personally, I think he makes the rotation.
  7. Here are a couple uncertain situations considered as toss-ups as of today that I'm following. BOS - Barnes or Brasier? I think this is a toss up. I've thought for a while now that it would be Brasier but after someone posted how similar Barnes's numbers were to Kimbrel last year I began to think it might be his job to begin the year. KC - Peralta or Boxberger? I think k it's Peralta who gets the first shot at it since Box has been terrible and Peralta has been good this far. MIN - May or Parker? Most think May gets it but if I'm not mistaken it's an open competition and nobody has been named. Parker has the experience but May has better stuff. Then there's Rogers who I think has the best stuff in the pen. SF - Some think Smith some think Melancon. I'm a Smith believer mainly because Melancon's arm is done. MIA - Steckenrider or Romo. I think it's Steckenrider to begin but I expect a short leash and wouldn't be surprised if Romo takes it based on experience.
  8. Even though nobody has been named and Box has been awful while Peralta has been good I still think Box gets the first crack. I don't think his leash will be long though. What about the MIN situation? I expect as well as most think May gets it but does anyone think Parker could get the job come Opening Day? Edit: I forgot to mention Rogers in MIN who is their best reliever. Does the new manager go with him?
  9. I've got Chad Green, Seranthony Dominguez, and Ryan Pressly as my candidates for that honor. All have elite swing and miss stuff with roles that will likely allow for multiple innings. They're also all in good teams who and have a chance to fall into some wins.
  10. Heck I like him batting 2nd instead of leading off anyhow. It may reduce the number of runs he scores but not by much and it increases his RBI opps with Trea hitting ahead of him.
  11. I really like Puig entering this season but that's a pretty high floor you're setting for him particularly in the SB category. I think the other numbers are pretty much a lock but for a guy who's never exceeded 15 SB I wouldn't put his floor at 20. I know he reached 15 in 125 games last year so I get why you project 20 as a floor but in 2017 he also stole 15 in 152 games. While I think it's certainly possible he reaches or even exceeds 20 I just wouldn't set that as my floor expectation for him. Regardless I believe he's still a bit of a value where he's being drafted but there is some risk which is why he's going where he is. The value just isn't as great as it was if you drafted a few weeks ago.
  12. So I know I said Albies won't lead off and though I still believe it's unlikely here's today's lineup. Albies, Donaldson, Freeman, Acuna, Markakis, McCann, Inciarte, Swanson
  13. I'd be for that. But we got rid of the veto and everything goes through the commissioner now who we all trust.
  14. I believe this strategy works well in H2H if done right. I think you had the right idea in getting a lot of closers combined with elite MR guys and a couple SPs to make sure you meet your IP requirement. However, using such high picks on the elite closers then having to rely on Rodon, Godley and Gibson to get your innings requirement is risky business. While those closers will very likely mean you win saves consistently I would not trust either of those SPs to safely help reach the 20 innings without destroying your ratios.
  15. I think it’s implied that “do not draft” is in relation to that players adp or cost on draft day. That being said why so down on Edwin? I’m assuming you mean Encarnacion...He’s a great option at 1B who’s cheap (111 consensus at the moment) and should give you 30 HR with close to 100 RBIs.
  16. Adam Eaton plays in 150 games and has a 102/15/68/15 line leading off all season. Inciarte leads the league with 122 runs and steals 32 bags finishing as a top 10 OF. Buster Posey is the 4th ranked catcher at the end of the year in standard 5x5. The Dodgers have 3 SPs finish in the top 20 SP ranks in standard 5x5 scoring. Beuhler, Stripling and Hill. Ryan Pressley leads the Astros in saves. Yes these are all guys I own. So what? A guy can hope right?
  17. No clue but I get the sense they want Brasier there more. But with how Barnes has faired so far this spring and without Brasier injured it’s anybody’s guess. My money is on Brasier though
  18. I hate that his career has been derailed by injuries because you never want to see that for any player but for me it's particularly painful because he is one of my all-time favorite guys. I just love the passion he shows for the game and the way he has played it throughout his career. I just don't see him being healthy all year unfortunately. I hope I'm wrong because I think he can still be productive when he's on the field.
  19. That is true. pretty bold to take him that early. I love Strahm this year but that early? No way.
  20. Yeah that’s surprising to still see the 391 high this month.
  21. Are those numbers accumulated from when drafts first opened until now or is there a way to select a certain time frame that would only look at more recent drafts? I'd be willing to bet that 584, or anything over 250ish, is from a much earlier date and that his adp over the last 3 weeks is a lot higher.
  22. A streaky player in roto does even out in the end by definition of the cumulative stats as a whole. However, to say the same for H2H formats by saying he helps you win one then helps you lose one is simply false. Here's an example. If Upton goes on a 3 week stretch where he's a top 20 asset he is likely helping your team win those matchups but it's no guarantee. During that streak he's only bringing a certain level of production in terms of numbers above what his average numbers are. However, when he is in a 3 week long slump where he's not even a top 250 asset the discrepancy in production from his average is far greater and therefore hurts your team more than he helps you during his hot streaks. The same applies for any player who goes through prolonged slumps in H2H leagues.
  23. This 100%. He’s a major headache in H2H. He’ll win you some weeks with 4 HR 8-10 RBI type weeks then go on month long slumps where he hits .150 with practically no counting stats. At the end of the season his stats are there though so he’s a better roto player.
  24. I’ve always liked him because he’s a good ratio stabilizer to pair with two high k SP1 and SP2 guys. His price is always cheap because he doesn’t have the k upside of a lot of the pitchers going around him but his value is there in the other categories. You just have to have the right mix of guys around him.