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  1. Anyone know if he's in the lineup tonight? I haven't found a released lineup yet and really need this guy today as I'm sure many others do.
  2. D Freeman in 2/3. RB2 in a 10 team league and RB3 in a 14 team league. Duke Johnson in 2/3. RB3 in both my 10 team leagues. Tevin Coleman in 2/3. RB4 in both the 10 team leagues. Matt Ryan in 2/3. Got him in both my 14 team and one 10 team league. Cam Newton in 2/3. He’s on both my 10 team leagues.
  3. Go Thor, Yarborough, Folty, and Roark!
  4. Boone told reporters today that he feels EE is ready to return “in the near future”. A bit vague but he’s been hitting in the cage and doing fielding and throwing drills so it could be pretty soon. Not sure when minors games end and if they can get some rehab games in for him.
  5. I don't see anything wrong with this. I can see how it could certainly annoy your opponent but hey if it's within the rules you can use your moves however you'd like. Most standard league rules do require you to hold onto a player for at least one full day after acquiring in order for them to be placed on waivers when you drop them. I only really do this if our pitching stats are close at the end of a weekly h2h matchup in an effort to prevent my opponent from getting k's or a win that would give him the edge in those categories. We do have a 100 move limit for the regular season and playoffs combined so if I have the extra moves why not?
  6. Go Nola, Go Boyd, Suck it Up German!
  7. These two rain delays suck. I doubt Thor and Yarborough will come back out once they resume play. Too bad too because Thor was cruising and Yarborough was doing well.
  8. He said yesterday that he feels like he's ready to come back and that he doesn't need a rehab stint. I suspect the A's will have him at least play a game or two before calling him back up but it sounds like he could be back very soon.
  9. Go Thor and Yarborough! Give me two complete game shutouts!!
  10. He’s certainly helping his own cause for more playing time. This is fun to watch!
  11. That’s kind of weird to hear about Acuña not hustling because I feel like he always is. It’s a nice learning lesson for the kid but damn I needed him in that game. Trout sitting too could hurt me in a close matchup.
  12. Yeah you can find it all on You can sort by leaders in both pitching and hitting stats and metrics.
  13. It’s just baffling to me that he’s as bad as he is due to where he ranks in terms of a lot of metrics. He’s near the top of the league in k-bb%, SwStr%, xFIP, and SIERRA. But he’s also one of the worst in terms of fly ball % and hard hit %.
  14. Normally I'd be nervous about Fiers vs Houston and have him on my bench but my ratios are absolute trash right now so go Fiers!
  15. Come on Angles stop scoring! I want a Robles save
  16. Just started. The storms rolled through here pretty quickly but the rain was really heavy. Nothing on the radar for the rest of the night.
  17. I only did after watching Boyd begin my week off with a hot steamy pile on the mound. Also my opponent started off with an 8 era over his first 18 innings so I took the chance for the win. Gallen actually lowered my era and whip after what Boyd did.
  18. Boyd, then Gallen, then Workman, then Miley, and now Bradley all dump on my ratios. Who’s next this week? I’m only fighting for staying in the top 3 for money this week but nbd. Nola what you got??
  19. Well damn. Miley is helping to make sure my weekly whip remains above a 2.00. Currently sitting at 14 innings of 6.91 era and 2.02 whip. 🤦‍♂️