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  1. It’s crazy that the last post prior to yours was on June 13th. He’s a huge reason why I’m in the position I am after a couple of my early picks flopped.
  2. The lack of wins isn’t what is concerning most people. It’s the number of home runs he’s consistently giving up. Lack of wins certainly doesn’t help but I’ll hold a guy even if he’s not giving me wins if he can keep the ball in the yard. You can’t say that about Boyd.
  3. Go Nola and Miley! Please fix what Boyd did to me yesterday.
  4. Yeah that sucks but things could have been a lot worse so I can’t be too upset. He allowed 3 doubles, 6 singles and one walk and showed a lot of grit by getting out of jams.
  5. I felt they should have walked Lindor and went after Mercado since they had 1st base open. Instead they pitched to lindor and gave up the game tying double. Doesn’t matter though, just thought it was odd given how good Lindor is and has been as well as how bad Mercado has been recently.
  6. Luke Jackson is in up 5-1 in the 7th.
  7. I made the mistake of looking at the k’s and his fip/xfip and thinking my league mate gave up on someone who would turn around and provide value. He made one start for my team and that’s the last he’ll make. I can’t drop him fast enough right now.
  8. Will Smith with his 2nd of the night!
  9. Aaaaannnnd another one for Acuña!
  10. And that’s why my league mate dropped Boyd. 3 runs through 4 innings against the M’s. Why did I add him?
  11. Springer absolutely demolished a pitch sending it into the concourse above the bullpen in left field
  12. Go Boyd and Gallen! Gallen will most likely be sitting on my bench depending on how my opponents pitchers do in the early games.
  13. Personally, despite his struggles over the last month+, I think his role as the closer is safe. The Indians just moved into first place and that has a lot to do with him saving 29 games for them this season. They’ll almost certainly give him the day off as he went back to back and pitched 4 games in the last 6 days in which he has thrown 89 pitches.
  14. Roberts just confirmed that Hill will be in the bullpen when he comes back.
  15. That’s one of the things making him so successful this season. In 96.2 innings he’s only walked 13 batters. That’s pretty damn good.
  16. Oh for sure. I wasn’t saying it was justified to take him out, just that he was at 99 pitches when Cash pulled him.
  17. I think at the very least he deserves to keep starting until Snell and Yonny come back. They need someone other than Morton to rely on to keep them in the wild card race.
  18. Yarborough pitched one hell of a game today! 8 2/3 innings allowing just 3 base runners while issuing no walks and striking out 8 for the win. Too bad he couldn’t go one more batter for the complete game shutout but his pitch count had reached 99. I think you should get him now if he’s still out there given they may give him more starts while waiting for Snell and Yonny to return. Heck, they could keep him in the rotation ros given how well he did today and throughout the season as a starter.
  19. This is great stuff. Thanks! Also, Seattle has been very bad on offense lately and are one of the best teams to stream against. Although, if TB is going to keep him in the rotation rather than bulking him until Snell comes back I think I’ll be holding him rather than just streaming.
  20. Let’s go Thor!! I’m hoping for a good pitchers duel between him and Corbin.
  21. Here’s my annual thank you to the people in this thread that help me land closers post draft year in and year out. I did not draft a single closer but quickly got Holland, Hendriks, and Robles. Since then I have dropped Holland but added Workman, Bradley, Leclerc, Bass, and Melancon. I went from 0 to 7 closers because of you guys!! Thanks!
  22. Haha I didn’t even catch that when I went back and read my post. Oops.