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  1. Romo back out for the 9th to save the game. I assume Rogers is not available after going 3 straight.
  2. Any news on Kelley and when he may be back? I know this is a risky pickup since Leclerc has destroyed our ratios before but saves are saves and he has been good in the role once before. Although, this year he’s been a mental midget in the 9th. Just trying to figure out if I should make the add.
  3. They’re looking to try him out at 3rd now too. That would give him eligibility at all positions except catcher haha. That’s very valuable as you all know. In terms of keeper status that of course depends on the league and format but the k-bb% scares the hell out of me too.
  4. So glad to see that HR last night! Here’s to hoping he comes back and mashes like he was prior to the injury.
  5. Yeah it’s too bad. This game will not resume tonight either. I’m about a half mile from the park and there is some nasty lightning and it’s absolutely dumping rain right now. My soundbar just got fried
  6. This isn't directed at anyone, just thought it fit the debate nicely haha
  7. You're not bothering me man, I just am sitting drinking my coffee and enjoying the back and forth of this forum. I just didn't think it was fair to use use quotations when you changed the wording of what you were quoting, that's all. I think this is the simplest way of explaining even if his ratios slightly increase this could come out as a win for Gallen owners, even in leagues with QS. It's also likely that those ratios remain the same and things equal out because he's going deeper into games. The possibility of him going deeper into games lies in the idea that he may not get pulled early as often due to the team leading. If this happens in a game in which he has given up 3 ER in 5 innings and he's allowed to go two more innings his ratios will obviously improve so there's that possibility too.
  8. Stop using a false quote. That is what he said. Not what you keep putting in quotation marks. I explained what this means in my previous post.
  9. That is not an exact quote so the use of quotation marks isn't warranted. If you're going to make an argument I would suggest not twisting people's words to fit whatever side of the argument you sit on. They were saying that in leagues that count wins as a category, which is likely most leagues even if yours does not, even if his ratios take a slight hit that overall he could still benefit from this change of scenery rather than have it cost him. The idea behind his argument is that Gallen's ratios are currently a 2.72 era and 1.18 whip so if those were to increase slightly, lets say to a 3.20 era and a 1.25 whip, that the the opportunity for more wins could outweigh the increase in ratios. I know that wins are unpredictable so even if your league counts QS instead you have to think this trade helps him in either category due to the better defense which could potentially allow Gallen to pitch deeper into games, thus giving him more opportunities for wins or QS. Also, he still has the ability to strike guys out which could potentially increase if he pitches deeper into games because of that good defense. So even if his ratios did increase slightly like I and other posters have said above he could still benefit from this trade, especially since 2019 fantasy pitching has been such a crapheap. Even a slight increase in his current ratios would still be very useful in our game.
  10. I agree. I think he sets up Rogers and Romo is the guy they’ll use in matchup based scenarios with the rest of the pen.
  11. My bad. He also hit a guy too. Point is his control was not what we’ve seen recently.
  12. So last nights outing wasn’t at the level of his previous 3. He walked 6 and gave up 6 hits in 5.1 innings allowing 2 earned. Are people still as confident as they were before this start that he has turned a corner? Also, he’s got the Phillies, A’s and Astros as his likely next 3 opponents so tough times could be ahead.
  13. If the Astros do not win the world series this year it will be pretty pathetic. They don't have a single flaw. Deep rotation, good bullpen and one of the best offenses with power and speed.
  14. Diaz about to blow Thor's chance for the win after that masterful performance. And there it is. You suck Diaz!
  15. Regarding Arizona, wasn't there talk of mixing and matching when they removed Holland from the role? Either way that's how I see it playing out. Nobody has been great in that bullpen either so this could be messy.
  16. The waiver trade deadline is no longer a thing. Tomorrow is the last day to make any trades.
  17. I agree. This could be league dependent but fwiw I dropped Holland but still own Romo in my 10 team h2h league. I have a feeling Holland is surely done being the closer for the foreseeable future. As for the Twins, I have a feeling they'll keep Rogers as the closer and Romo will be a setup guy getting 7th/8th inning duties but I feel like I need to see that happen before I drop Romo.
  18. Go Thor, Lopez, and Gallen! Tempted to bench the latter two since my opponent has way better matchups than me all week. MIN is a top offense and Gallen has really only had one dominant outing against the White Sox. Then Reynaldo has looked like 2018 2nd half Reynaldo since the ASB and has a decent matchup against the Mets but I still don't know if I trust him.
  19. Someone in my league is still holding as well. I'm asking myself the same question about Romo. I feel like I just need to see Rogers get the next save in order to drop.
  20. I'm still not buying the narrative that Smith is likely off the market due to SF being in the playoff race. They're 2.5 games back from the wildcard with their recent surge but there are still 5 teams ahead of them with just two spots to fill. Those teams are the Cubs, Cards, Nats, Phillies, and Brewers; all of whom are considered by most to be on another level than the Giants. I understand that it's a tough position to be in and that one could argue not to sell any key pieces but there are a lot of things that need to go their way in order to make the playoffs especially given their remaining schedule.
  21. Beginning a rehab assignment tomorrow
  22. I'm not worried about him. Today was yet another crappy situation they threw him into to try and bail out the other guys in the pen. He gave up the inherited runs and then one himself. The other rough outing he had recently on the 21st was his 3rd day in a row after throwing 2 and 2/3 innings in his previous two outings in which he earned clean saves. Also, last night was yet another clean save. His career numbers don't mean much to me after what he's done all year.
  23. Only because he was removed from the game for neck stiffness. I imagine it was just them being careful.