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  1. My initial reaction to this was that Sale and Bauer were pretty close but that Sale had the slight bump (I don't own either of them but as a Sox fan I know Sale had been under performing like the rest of their team). However, after digging deeper I am liking the Sale side much more. Bauer leads in ERA and strand rate but Sale leads in all other categories indicating he's been getting unlucky when it comes to his surface stats. I'd make the trade and upgrade for the present especially since I'd rather have Bieber for 3 years at the same cost as Bauer for 2. ERA - Sale 4.05 / Bauer 3.67 WHIP - Sale 1.08 / Bauer 1.18 FIP - Sale 3.22 / Bauer 3.40 xFIP - Sale 2.97 / Bauer 4.30 K/9 - Sale 13.16 / Bauer 10.58 SwStr% - Sale 14.4% / Bauer 12% LOB% - Sale 69.4% / Bauer 75.9%
  2. I may end up benching him because of this but right now he’s in my lineup. I’ll see how my first two pitchers going at 7pm start off and make my decision then.
  3. Go Nola, Chirinos, Fiers and Miley!
  4. I get your point that career numbers do mean something but they’re not everything, especially when it comes to relievers. My point is, as @rcarena said, ratios for relievers fluctuate so much from season to season. We see it every year. I did not notice his xfip but I did notice he has the 3rd best fip of 1.46 among qualifying relievers and a 15% SwStr rate. He’s also got a 25% k-bb%. He has some really good supporting numbers to back up what he’s doing this year. Do I think he’s going to be the next elite closer for years to come? No. I would need to see more of a track record for that I say anything remotely close to that. But do I think he can continue what he’s been doing all season long for the remainder of this year. Absolutely.
  5. I agree. It’s not always about career numbers as @FootballFan is seeming to suggest. Yes they are a baseline from which we can make assumptions and projections but often times guys make tweaks or adjustments that can turn their careers around, particularly with relief pitchers. Hendriks looks like he may be one of them given the way he’s performed this season. All the underlying numbers support what he’s doing.
  6. I agree but I haven’t seen any comments from the manager. Do you have a source?
  7. Yeah I don’t see that happening either. As a Sox fan if they could pull off something for Yates I’d be thrilled but I can’t imagine they could make that happen since their farm is depleted.
  8. FWIW Leclerc has been very good since the beginning of May after his terrible start to the year. Since then, in 34 innings, he’s got a 2.91 era and a 0.94 whip with 53 k’s and 13 bb. I think he gets the first shot but it would not surprise me to see Martin it either.
  9. I just posted this in the game day thread and realized it should go here. His hr tonight was his 50th career hr making him the 4th fastest in mlb history to reach that mark.
  10. Too late to edit this but I thought I’d add this. That was his 50th career hr making him the 4th fastest player in mlb history to reach that mark. Wow
  11. Just take a look at the last few pages. It’s been talked about a ton. There was talk about them wanting to put Eovaldi into the role but Cora’s recent comments don’t give many confidence that it’s a foregone conclusion. If Eovaldi were to get the role he’s not going to get it right away as he’ll likely be eased into it and as many have said he will not go on back to back days after his injury. They could also go the route of continuing to give Workman the majority of opps and mixing and matching with others while giving Eovaldi high leverage innings as a fireman. Honestly, nobody knows.
  12. Acuña with his 24th hr of the absolute missile to left.
  13. I was considering this for the past couple days after the comments he made recently and his last two starts. He gets Miami at home on Wednesday so I’d probably start him in that matchup if I were to add him but would sit in other starts until I see him have some good performances against good teams.
  14. He was still consistently hitting 90 in the 6th and 7th but there were times where he'd throw it 90 then drop a few mph the next one and get someone expecting a 90 mph slider to be early on their swing.
  15. They don't have a starter listed for tomorrow so I think tomorrow might be his bulk day.
  16. Yeah after the 1st 3 innings I mentioned it in the gameday thread that he had been using it more frequently and how effective it had been to that point. I believe at that point he had already generated 3 outs via the slider, two of them getting guys swinging. In his last start the slider was his 2nd most used pitch against MIA and he looked great. Granted it was MIA but the usage and effectiveness was there. He carried that over to last night's start in which we saw his slider look as close to last year as we've seen in 2019. He was consistently hitting 90 with a few reaching 91 but he also dialed it back a few times to the low to mid 80's which tells me he's feeling more confident than ever in that pitch if he's able to mix speeds and hit his spots. The thing that jumped out to me, as you mentioned, was that he was using it as an out pitch often last night. Of the 21 outs he recorded, if I'm recalling correctly, 9 or 10 of them were via the slider. I can't find the numbers but I know there were quite a few called strike sliders as well as swinging strike sliders. In the highlights the pitch looked filthy. He was hitting his spots and it had late bite to it which are two things we hadn't seen throughout much of this season. I've been touting him as a great buy low option and it's looking like that window may be closing. I'm very encouraged by last night's start and am looking forward to seeing him faceoff against the Padres at home next week.
  17. Fiers gets pulled after allowing two baserunners in the 6th with one out. Petit comes in and promptly gives up a 3 runs shot on his first pitch. Fiers win opportunity gone. Potential save opp for Hendriks gone unless they get the lead again. I love fantasy baseball haha
  18. There's been a lot of talk this year about Syndergaard's issues with his slider and the low usage. So far tonight through 3 innings he's thrown 51 pitches, 9 of them sliders with 3 swings and misses, 1 called strike, 2 fouls and a groundout.
  19. Ladies and gentleman...welcome back Mike Trout!
  20. That makes 5 over his last 4 games!
  21. Anyone local have an eye in the sky in Philly? The radar looks like popup thunderstorms until about 2pm and after that it doesn't look good. I'm wondering if they can get the game in or not.
  22. On one team I have 6 SPs going today! Nola, Stripling, Chirinos, Fiers, Syndergaard, and Miley. I'm so torn on if I start them all or be selective haha.
  23. While I agree that Baez likely isn't the top add over some of these stash guys in hopes their current closer is traded, I do think that there could be value in some leagues by adding Baez (I think he's the guy based on usage if Jansen misses time) even if he were to give you a just a save or two. It's just completely dependent on team/league settings and makeup. If you're in a tight weekly h2h matchup in which you need an extra save to win the cat he could be a good add and the same goes for anyone in a tight race for that cat in a season long roto. It just depends.