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  1. awesome, see you at 7:30 PST
  2. I just sent you the ESPN invite, let me know if you don't receive the email for some reason
  3. *not sure if you could see them on the league page or not
  4. Here are the payouts: Winner of Playoffs will get $150 Runner Up of Playoffs will get $45 Winner of Regular Season will get $100 - The Highest scoring team each week will get a bonus $5. This will be for just the 13 week regular season. After that there will be no bonus for highest scoring team. *The tiebreaker for the highest scoring team each week if two teams should tie is the total bench scoring. $30 buy in x 12 Teams = $360 pot $150 + $45 + $100 + $65 ($5x13) = $360
  5. as soon as I see payment posted on leaguesafe I will send out the ESPN league invite
  6. its about when you wanted it
  7. I have a league: http://games.espn.com/ffl/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=737411 It says we are full but one guy still hasn't paid his entry fee and I will kick him out once you have paid : https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3839548 Are you interested?
  8. 9 people have paid but the league is full since anyone could join. Try to message Popcorn Chicken directly he is the commish
  9. 8 have paid, we need 4 more guys for tonight. Check settings here: http://games.espn.com/ffl/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=1864033 $100 per person using Leaguesafe. Normal PPR decimal scoring rules. No divisions, top 6 go to playoffs Join here: http://games.espn.com/ffl/tools/join?leagueId=1864033&k=6c0af&d=AAAABAAccWEAAAfh%2F%2F%2F%2F%2FwAAEK0%3D&t=9 Pay here: https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3849840 see original post for other details:
  10. ESPN, but we are drafting tonight Check settings here: http://games.espn.com/ffl/leaguesetup/settings?leagueId=1864033 Join here: http://games.espn.com/ffl/tools/join?leagueId=1864033&k=6c0af&d=AAAABAAccWEAAAfh%2F%2F%2F%2F%2FwAAEK0%3D&t=9 Pay Here:https://www.leaguesafe.com/join/3851274
  11. We have 7 in the league and 6 paid