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  1. Hes bottomed out. .426 OPS over his last 30 games to bring his season slash to .193/.271./305. Horrific. I had him as a potential callup this season due to his AA domination and easy path to playing time, but hes been awful and Smoak has had a career year. I'm about to cut bait in a dynasty. Any reason to hold onto this guy?
  2. Hes not hitting for the kind of power to justify the high K rate. A .780 OPS isn't going to force the issue. HOU is arguably the best team in baseball, so hes going to need a change of scenery to get another opportunity, barring injury.
  3. Back on topic: He has a .689 OPS over the past 30 days. I think that if he can heat back up in June, he'll be up before the ASB. He controls his own fate at this point, I believe.
  4. Doubtful. He hasn't exactly forced the issue. I'd imagine we'd see Woodruff before Hader.
  5. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned he made his debut on Saturday. So far he is 3 for 7 with a 1:3 K/BB ratio. Heres to hoping he makes up for lost time and can rake his way to a 2018 Super 2 Callup.
  6. I think just a standard slump. He'll pick it back up...I think.
  7. Yikes Glasnow
  8. Anyone watching that Cubs game live? How does Eddie Butler look? I'm hoping the Cubs have found their newest reclamation project.
  9. What are peoples thoughts on this guy long term? Is he a dynasty league target?
  10. At this point they have no reason to wait until after the Super 2 deadline. Even then, I'm not sure we'll see him right away unless Brauns injury turns out to be long term. They have too many options on the roster already and I'm sure they'd like to increase their trade value as much as possible before turning to the kids.
  11. Hes been called back up, though I'm not sure why. There doesn't seem to be any place for him to get at bats.
  12. I absolutely love Tapia. His best path to playing time would be CarGo getting moved and Reynolds turning back into Mark Reynolds. That would open up 1b for Desmond as planned and an OF consisting of Blackmon, Dahl and Tapia with Parra as the 4th. This guy has .300 20/20 upside in Coors. Potential fantasy monster.
  13. New Team Name Idea: Saved by the Bellinger Might be dating myself a bit with that one
  14. I went from 0 to 100, then back to 0.
  15. Did you actually read what I wrote? I said if they were out of it later in the season it would be easier to swallow. Under no circumstances would it be okay if he had a career ending injury. Not sure what would possess you to say such nonsense.