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  1. New Team Name Idea: Saved by the Bellinger Might be dating myself a bit with that one
  2. I went from 0 to 100, then back to 0.
  3. Did you actually read what I wrote? I said if they were out of it later in the season it would be easier to swallow. Under no circumstances would it be okay if he had a career ending injury. Not sure what would possess you to say such nonsense.
  4. This, so much. What he did is so irresponsibly selfish and his teammates should be pissed at him. Regardless of whether anyone thinks SF has the horses to compete, its April and his focus should be on baseball. If this were August and SF was pretty much out of it, this would be easier to swallow. April? Inexcusable. You had all offseason to ride dirt bikes. The focus should be on baseball, and your team. That being said I agree with The Czar on the money. SF would be complete fools to go down that path.
  5. Do we think Derek Fisher has a shot to contribute at the major league level this year? Aoki is hitting now but can we expect that to last? Would he be next in line if an injury occurs or Aoki turns into a pumpkin?
  6. Still striking out too much and still cant really hit lefties. Not a SSS as this dates back to last season. I had high hopes coming into last year but I actually just traded him in my dynasty league two days ago. I'm disappointed because he was my guy for a long time but his struggles are real.
  7. Whats the difference between this guy and Bradley Zimmer? They seem to have similar tools, yet Zimmer gets way more love. Would this guy get a shot if an injury hits Houstons OF or do you think they'd just slot in Marisnick?
  8. This kid is a freak show. Proud owner in 2 dynasty leagues. I wonder if he'll get fast tracked and make his debut at 20?
  9. Buy low? He has a .960+ OPS. Hes striking out less than 10% of the time. The homers will come. If you can buy "low", do so immediately.
  10. Him not getting full time at bats would be inexcusable for this organization. Kendricks injury is supposed to keep him out longer than initially expected. Unleash the Altherr, Philly. And don't look back.
  11. Hes not ready. He was given a 4 run lead and hes not even going to pitch deep enough into this game to qualify for the W. Wouldn't surprise me to see him get optioned after the game. Pitt can't afford to burn their bullpen every time he pitches.
  12. Prob 6th like prior to Trea's injury, I'd imagine.
  13. Its been all downhill since that debut, sporting a brutal .167/.222/.310 slash line and a 26.7% K rate. His walk and contact rates are down from previous years as well. I haven't seen him play live so I am only judging the numbers here. Anyone have any insight as to what is going on here? He has a path to playing time at the MLB level but he needs to earn it first.
  14. As judging from my post last year, I'm intrigued. I wonder if he'll get the opportunity to carve out a role or if this is a situation where he'll be sent back down shortly a la Jesse Winker.
  15. What are we to make of his slowish start? Being an advanced college bat, I expected him to be dominating high A and looking at an early AA promotion. So far that hasnt happened, with a .262/.328/.344 slash line and 0 homers. He's only striking out at a 14.9% rate and has a 84% contact rate, so it isn't like h'es being over matched. I know its a small sample size, but I can't help but be a little disappointed by him so far. I was hoping he could be this years Benintendi, but maybe I was expecting too much. Thoughts?