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  1. "Thanks for the payday, suckers! If you need me, I'll be on the golf course with Jacoby". - Aaron Hicks. March 14, 2019
  2. Given the fact that he's only 25...I'm in on him this year. Hopefully he's available for a late steal.
  3. Johnny Cueto. Won't be back until late 2nd half but could help your playoff run.
  4. I have Puig in my dynasty. Planning for the worst and hoping for the best. At the end of the day, he's still a headcase.
  5. They need to acquire Kluber from Cleveland. They need an ace. Kluber pitching in the NL would be nothing short of insane!
  6. Syndergaard is GARBAGE. Absolute trash.
  7. Well, the kid threw 7 no-hit innings at a visiting club's hitter-friendly stadium. I like what I've seen so far. I'd leave him up at this point. The Cardinals playoff chances are all but over. Let these AAA kids come up and show that they deserve a shot.
  8. Was this camp held in a third world country? I've never even heard of this before.
  9. Kid hits hard. I like him in the 2nd half. His best attribute is his intelligence. If he stays healthy, his numbers will be very strong.
  10. Dee has been pretty disappointing so far this year. He started out on a base stealing barrage for the first month and a half of the season but he's been an ice cube for the last few weeks. Dude needs to rebound...and fast!
  11. Another season quickly slipping away. This team is very frustrating to watch sometimes. DeJong is slated to be activated tomorrow so the offense should be a lot better going forward...assuming Matheny doesn't do something boneheaded like bat him 7th or 8th.
  12. It looks like his hands make Roberto Duran's seem like sponges. As a Cardinals fan, I can tell you that about 25% of the fan base agrees with what comes out of his mouth and the decisions he makes on the field.
  13. This kid is a defensive liability. Paulie D cannot get back fast enough!
  14. I picked him up in my league. I feel like he's worth a gamble. He's only 26.