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  1. Funchess or Pryor, WHIR 100%

  2. AJ Green trade...WHIR

  3. Cam Newton or Marcus Mariota?

    sCam all day
  4. Team help WHIR

    Maybe I’m playing it safe, but Stewart for me. Great schedule ROS and will get GL work
  5. TRADE: Peterson for Funchess WHIR

    Funchess as the schedule looks great for WR rest of the season.
  6. Tevin Coleman n Amedola for Chris Hogan

    This. Coleman in line for massive points if Freeman goes down. PPR would rather have Coleman. Hogan is a great floor play though.
  7. Stewart for floor, Williams for middle ground and Bryant for upside play.
  8. AJ Green trade...WHIR

    14 Team standard. Currently 3-2. Format- 1 QB, 2 Wr, 2 RB, 1 TE, Flex. Current offer is AJ Green and Cohen for Doug Martin and Baldwin. QB: Cousins RB: Kamara, Collins, Cohen, Aaron Jones, JD McKissic, Derick Henry WR: AJ, Thomas, Adams, Mike Williams, TE: Ertz, Kittle Def: Jax Rest of season schedule for Martin and Baldwin looks favorable. I need help at RB, but I’m not sure Martin is enough.
  9. Jonathan Williams 2017 Season Outlook

    I'd love to see that.
  10. Christin Stewart - OF Tigers

    Are we thinking he's a top 15 outfield prospect? i'm trying to move him for a backend starting pitcher now in deep league. It oesn't appear to be too many interested people out there.
  11. 2017 Middle Relievers Thread

    Whitley was TB has had a nice stretch recently. Not a lot of swing and miss, but TB trusts him.
  12. Jake Lamb 2017 Outlook

    I'm assuming you meant to post this in the EE thread.
  13. DJ Lemahieu 2017 Outlook

    My dog is bigger than your dog except when mine is on the road and your dog is Travis.