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  1. I would love for him to be back sooner as well. Looking at the schedule they have Buffalo, GB, Tenn and then a bye. I know it’s the NFL and anyone can win but 2 if those games are locks. GB @ home during prime time should mean NE is s solid favorite. That’s the only game they would probably need him. Basically i just dont see any any reason to bring him back before the bye unless he truly is healthy and the injury proved to be minor.
  2. At this point I think we should all hope for a week 12 tune up, week 13 at about 65-70% workload and ready to go week 14 (start of many playoffs).
  3. 100%. Td or bust in the flex (bye weeks). Should be encouraged by their usage if him in RZ.
  4. TR Sullivan @Sullivan_Ranger Rangers will call up Ronald Guzman...... Rangers will use Joey Gallo in outfield and Drew Robinson in infield 6:08 PM · Apr 12, 2018 from Plano, TX
  5. Might be one of those years when he hits the DL a bit more often. Trying to protect health and trade value. Not necessarily a major problem but just something to be aware of.
  6. Gotta love the Jhailyn Ortiz tout right Brock?
  7. or or also known as “The FouLLime Story.”
  8. Maybe I’m playing it safe, but Stewart for me. Great schedule ROS and will get GL work
  9. Funchess as the schedule looks great for WR rest of the season.