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  1. Are we thinking he's a top 15 outfield prospect? i'm trying to move him for a backend starting pitcher now in deep league. It oesn't appear to be too many interested people out there.
  2. Whitley was TB has had a nice stretch recently. Not a lot of swing and miss, but TB trusts him.
  3. I'm assuming you meant to post this in the EE thread.
  4. My dog is bigger than your dog except when mine is on the road and your dog is Travis.
  5. I have a feeling Eddie Butler will be getting some innings this year. New slider, out of Coors and best defense in MLB.
  6. Speaking of forgotten...Is it me or is Berrios not on the radar?
  7. Chen- if he could be 80% of what he was in Baltimore he'd be worth it Drew Hutchinson- Former top prospect and random Pittsburgh fixer upper. Luis Perdomo- B/C someone has to emerge from SD? Live FB and had stretches of talent. Jacob Faria- Post trade deadline possibility. Some KATOH love.
  8. Ya in an 8 team league.
  9. Ha, excellent point! I was thinking Shepard but typed Gabriel. My mistake.
  10. Agree, just letting others know. Clearly a lot can change. Just another factor to consider. If it's down to say Gabriel or MM, then dome factor could play.
  11. Always away, but looking like nasty snow storm for game time. May temper expectations now.
  12. RIP to cramps?