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  1. He's on a one year deal because the Lakers want maximum flexibility in the offseason to sign max level free agents. All these guys on one year deals prob won't be on the team next year so to me the Lakers have little incentive to play these guys in a lost season. I mean I guess they need to play someone lol and with Ingram and now Kuz hurt there will obviously be more minutes. I just don't see them trotting Rondo out for 35+ minutes going forward when they have nothing to play for. For sure they would have if they were fighting for the playoffs.
  2. Sick line...but do they shut him down now that Lakers playoff hopes are pretty much dead?
  3. Has his role actually changed that much though? I honestly have no idea as I don't watch Grizzlies games which is why I'm asking. What exactly is his new role? Is his usage higher? He shot it 21 times on the 12th but only 10 and 12 in his other two games. He got a ton of minutes with the Clippers and didn't really do anything with them. Looks like he'll get just as many minutes again but what's changed with the Grizz that will make him start shooting better or start getting steals? Maybe he's really good in real life but fantasy wise he's been a black hole the last year and a half shooting under 40% and providing no defensive stats. Anyway, I'm keeping an eye on him but don't trust him at all.
  4. go along with 40.4% fg on almost 20 shot attempts a night :/ with hardly any defensive stats I guess it's better than 36.2% fg over his 15 games in Jan! I am watching closely though. I'm in a 12 team league with deep benches and he's still sitting there on the wire lol (which is a bit crazy to me since people preemptively pick up guys who are like 3-10% owned just on breakout potential at the slightest hint at increased minutes etc.). Probably because every owner who's had Sexton previously has had their fg% destroyed by him haha
  5. You're not really going to be able to trade him for much at the ASB unless Dinwiddie has a setback in his recovery or unless you can find a trade partner who's pretty brain dead lol I like Napier and was voraciously defending his fantasy usefulness earlier in this thread and while I'm not saying that he'll be out of the rotation completely because he was in there playing well before the Dinwiddie injury there's very little chance that the Nets don't prioritize getting Dinwiddie minutes as soon as he's healthy to get them ready for the playoffs. The Nets will also obviously play a guy they just signed to a big extension. Levert is also due back soon. In a couple weeks Napier's trade value probably won't be very much.
  6. Fair enough The comments I read made it easy to assume that those posters didn't think Napier would be valuable at all or under almost any circumstances for fantasy. It's good to see you're not one of them haha Newer members or less experienced posters looking for help might have seen some of those comments and dismissed Napier outright which I think would have been a shame. I have Dinwiddie in my main league and had Levert in my other and would obviously rather have those guys back than Napier as well! And fyi regardless of my being perplexed at your Napier poo pooing lol I was never questioning your fantasy competence (you helped me last year by making some nice posts in my thread asking about trades and league balance etc. which I appreciated very much). Cheers.
  7. Unless you're fighting for a playoff spot and need immediate production adding a guy with better ROS potential makes sense BUT isn’t this is always just common sense in fantasy though? Also, barring a Dinwiddie setback anyone who thinks Napier isn’t a rental prob doesn’t really know what they’re doing in fantasy lol The people who were crapping on Napier didn’t specify league size or their team builds and were just kind of crapping on Napier in general as if he were useless in fantasy (which is obviously false given his play last year filling in for Dame and his per 36 numbers)…. Anyway, I just remember reading those comments and thinking it was funny. I thought the comments weren’t very helpful and I find it amusing that he’s kind of smashing it right now
  8. Yeah I don't really understand why people were ****ting on him so much in the Dinwiddie thread. He's always been a great source of threes, assists and steals when given minutes. His per 36 steals numbers are through the roof. Last year when he was with Portland when he started games for Lillard he was killing it. Just look at the stretches in Dec and Jan last year where he was given opportunity.
  9. I dunno man, if AD doesn't play another game this year you're going to look pretty smart
  10. AD may have said he'll play but I wonder though if he really has any say if he'll play again this season if he's not dealt before the deadline? If the Pelicans are out of the playoff race and he has explicitly said he will not re-sign then what incentive does the team have to play him at all? If he gets hurt later in the season it diminishes his offseason trade value
  11. He's also at 0.9 blocks on the season on 23:26 minutes. Pretty likely that stat will increase as the minutes increase. 12 team+ definitely an add. 10 team prob not unless very build specific due to ft%.
  12. Yeah I feel like the time it takes is pretty random and sometimes wonder if the times the INJ tag is added quickly is because that Yahoo mod happened to have said injured player on their own roster lol
  13. They were playing MEM and matched up against Gasol. Seems pretty doubtful he'll get 35 min every night even with AD out. Also, this is the 2018 thread! Poor Jahlil doesn't even have a 2019 thread yet lol
  14. Rose is your insurance policy?! Just kidding. Just thought it was funny and scary to read given his injury history haha He's having a great season. I really hope he can get healthy and continue to produce the way he has so far. Great feel good story. I hope he wins sixth man. Would be cool for sure. As for Teague I agree with halbounih someone needs to properly manage this guys injury! Hopefully that starts with playing less minutes so he can stay on the court