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  1. 10th season 7 keepers 6x6 scoring FAAB $100 draft Sunday the 24th email wilsonkoewing at gmail dot com if interested
  2. 10th season 7 keepers 6x6 scoring FAAB $100 email wilsonkoewing at gmail dot com if interested
  3. 10th season 7 keepers $100 FAAB snake draft in opposite order of last year's standings. email wilsonkoewing at gmail dot com
  4. I've got a 20 team league with teams open. snake draft. 7 keepers. email wilsonkoewing at Gmail dot com if interested.
  5. 10th season 7 keepers 6x6 scoring FAAB $100 drop email if interested.
  6. I've got a free 20 team league that's going into its 10 season. I've got a couple teams available. It's Roto style and we keep 7. Drop email if interested
  7. I'm interested, though I'm not sure I can block out several hours over several evenings for the draft. wilsonkoewing@Gmail.com
  8. any interest in a 20 team keeper league with roto 6x6 scoring? drop email if so.
  9. 10th year of the league, I've got 16 really dedicated players who have been with me for years, but it's been a problem the last few years rounding out the league. People have been leaving once they realize how difficult the league is, so it's frustrating, and I'm looking dedicated players who are interested in turning a team into a contender. League Specs: 5x5, but possibly going to 6x6: ba, hr, rbis, runs, sbs (possibly adding OBP) w, k, sv/hds, era, whip (possibly making holds its own category) We keep 7 players each season. Draft Pick Trading is allowed. We do a FAAB of $100. If interested and serious, please drop your email or shoot me an email at wilsonkoewing at gmail dot com Thanks.
  10. Hello all, Looking for 4 or 5 owners for my 20 team ESPN League that is entering its 10th season. I have a very solid core of about 15 players, many of which have been with me from the start. It's proven difficult to keep the league stocked as new owners come in each year, don't do well, end up near the bottom of the league and ultimately give up or quit the next season. The league is very serious and competitive, even though we play only for sport. We keep 7 players per season. The previous years champion wins the right to change a league rule. The fact that we keep 7 players was once a rule change, a change from Saves as a scoring category to Saves/Holds was another recent one. This season it looks like the rule change will further work to resemble a real major league bullpen, either adding 1 or 2 relief pitcher spots. Anyhow. It's a Roto league. 5x5 ba, hr, rbis, steals, runs . wins, saves/holds, era, whip, ks We keep 7. Draft pick trading is allowed and the weeks leading up to the season are often very active on the trading front. We have a FAAB of $100 and it can also be wild. If you're interested feel free to drop your email here. or if you have any questions please ask. Thanks,
  11. Hi everyone. Ive been running my 20 keeper league for 9 years. It’s very competitive, but we don’t play for money, though I suppose that could change. There are about 15 guys who are super active and filling in the final five slots have become a challenge in recent years. A small revolving door at the bottom of the league. I would love some fresh faces who are baseball nerds like us. The teams are of various quality, keeper-wise, and you can certainly have your pick of what is available at the time of joining. There will be a vote on a draft date. We trade draft picks. There is a $100 FAAB. If interested, please email me directly at wilsonkoewing@gmail.com. Thanks.