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  1. We still be in need of 3 more privateers to join our crew. Reply here if ye’ dare! This league will be a ton of swashbuckling fun so don’t miss out! Join us now.
  2. Black Sails be lookin’ for hearty privateers to make sail on it’s maiden voyage. Are ye’ a hearty fantasy football playin’ pirate lookin’ a new adventure? Then grab yer’ cutlass and join the crew of “Black Sails.” We be a hearty crew of now 20 privateers seeking 3 scurvy pirates to take part in our inaugural campaign. We are a full redraft league (with 2-10 team leagues within a league) with relegation and promotion, a mid-season plundarrrrrr, a post-season pillage, pirate trophies and all the pirate speak you can shake a peg leg at! Buy in is $60 pieces of 8 (or 60 dollarrrrrrrs). Other rules: Draft: Slow online draft that should take about 10-14 days to complete starting mid-August. Waivers: weekly waiver run Wednesday’s then FCFS. Playoffs: Top 5 in each conference make it. The bottom five play to avoid relegation or to avoid the cap’n’s crapper. Schedule: each team plays every other team in their division twice and the rest of the teams in their league once. Payouts: Top 3 in each conference get paid out. Don’t be a scurvy dog! Read our rules and reserve your ship now here: League website: