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  1. Keeper Help! WHIR

  2. Hyde (and picks) for 1.06 (WHIR)

    Make that deal
  3. Keeper trade! Get AB? WHIR

    I wouldnt do that since he will be available in the 2nd. May still have a shot at him.
  4. Help with keeper selection...WHIR

    Thanks...its a 12 team league. Im thinking ertz and mixon (since gordon is an unknown right now). If i let jones go there should be around 3 1st rd pick availabe for jones, barkley, thomas, allen types. All those others mentioned will be kept.
  5. Keeper Help - 0.5 PPR - 14 Team - WHIR

    Hopkins and evans
  6. Pick my Keepers.. WHIR

  7. Gronk
  8. Pick 2 keepers for PPR league and why. Round is cost of the keeper at this years draft. J Jones 1st round Mixon 3rd round Ertz 7th round Josh Gordon 8th round R Wilson 6th round
  9. Which One? Trade Help

    Keep sale
  10. Should I make this trade?

    Thanks...tried that and it didnt work. He needs torres.
  11. Stanton offer - WHIR

    Altuve side is best in this deal
  12. Carlos Martinez vs. Keuchel ROS **WHIR**

  13. Anyone dropping Gallo? WHIR

    Id stick with gallo. He always goes through slumps. HRs wii return.
  14. Should I make this trade?

    Thanks still on the fence about it. Any other comments?
  15. Need trade help Nola for Tatis Jr.

    Take it