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  1. Cohen
  2. Make that deal
  3. I wouldnt do that since he will be available in the 2nd. May still have a shot at him.
  4. Thanks...its a 12 team league. Im thinking ertz and mixon (since gordon is an unknown right now). If i let jones go there should be around 3 1st rd pick availabe for jones, barkley, thomas, allen types. All those others mentioned will be kept.
  5. Hopkins and evans
  6. Agree
  7. Gronk
  8. Pick 2 keepers for PPR league and why. Round is cost of the keeper at this years draft. J Jones 1st round Mixon 3rd round Ertz 7th round Josh Gordon 8th round R Wilson 6th round
  9. Keep sale
  10. Thanks...tried that and it didnt work. He needs torres.
  11. Altuve side is best in this deal
  12. This
  13. Id stick with gallo. He always goes through slumps. HRs wii return.
  14. Thanks still on the fence about it. Any other comments?
  15. Take it