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  1. Standard scoring for Yahoo with a 3rd WR slot. Looking to fill and draft ASAP
  2. Settings above Just started the league. Want to convert it to a 100$ cash league as soon as it starts to fill... then draft ASAP 100$ Auction Yahoo draft ASAP, 12 teams and .5ppr. Anyone down?
  3. Sorry man Tomorrow won't work for me. Thanks though.
  4. Will convert it to a cash league once we fill, These are settings. Looking to fill asap and draft today
  5. Looking to gauge interest in a league drafting tonight ASAP with standard scoring and maybe 3 WR instead of 2. If I get a few yes's I'll create it asap.
  6. Good to know. Bump for anyone looking to draft tonight. If not full in about an hour I'll cancel it
  7. Didn't fill in time but have 6 people in and paid. Looking to draft at 11:30 now.
  8. I've got a 125$ Auction PPR on Yahoo with FAAB we have 6 paid and looking to get 6 more y 9:30pm ET
  9. 6 in and paid. draft in 30 minutes. 4 to draft, 6 to fill. Lets do this .
  11. Bump - 5 in. Draft currently 9:30pm ET. I can no longer update it to 10pm ET so if it doesn't get to 10 people by 9:30 we're SOL or drafting at 11pm ET
  12. Not looking good unless we can find few guys in the next 30-45 minutes. Will push the draft to 10pm and thats the latest