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  1. I was strictly H2H from 2007-2011, then I did my first Roto league and I fell in love. I will tell you the simple reason: because all your stats count in Roto. I don't mind the flukiness of H2H (the luck of weekly matchups is part of the fun). But what I hated was, matching up against a manager who had a different draft strategy - and then tons of your stats go to waste. You get to Friday and you are up 12-5 in Homers and it feels like all your weekend homers are meaningless, because they basically are. Or the guy tanked Saves and so you are staring at your Diaz-Kenley combo like, aw dammit...I hated that feeling of getting great production on the weekends that basically went to waste. That doesn't happen in Roto. All those homers get tallied throughout the season. Every stolen base matters. Sometimes the difference between 2nd and 3rd place is a couple singles that put you ahead of someone in seasonlong batting average. So that is why I love Roto. At any rate, this may be a good opportunity for guys who want to try it - given the nature of the league, no returning managers, everyone coming to it at the same time but from different places.
  2. I suspect this league will be a terrific fit for you guys. For one thing, yes Yahoo allows comanagers - you just send him the email invitation from your team page. For another thing, 4 guys in this league came over from a H2H league that ran strong from 2001-2016. It was a free league where all 12 of us were competitive. Lot of passion and pride. Then we all got older, guys started rejoining for the friendships even when they were losing interest in baseball... I got very into Roto money leagues in 2012. So I offered to transform that league into a Roto money league. So we still have that core of 4 managers from that H2H league that started in 2001. From the way you talk about it, if you like the settings and the gameplay, I won't be surprised if those guys make you and your brother feel right at home. Besides those 4 guys, there are 3 returning managers from last year, and 4 new guys for this year. And hopefully you Yes I am the commish. I don't actually play in the league anymore, I am a "silent" comanager who administers the league. No transaction fees, no FAAB. In terms of regulation, you'll see the Trade Veto Policy in the league constitution. It is possible for the league to overturn a trade with a clear majority (6/10 noninvolved managers), which is a very high bar since most managers tend toward the laissez faire just like you. But it's possible in egregious circumstances. This has happened exactly zero times in my 23 money leagues these past 4 seasons. You don't have anything to worry about there. Happy to indulge the questions. Like I said, this sounds to me like a very good fit.
  3. We already have 5 guys, with a couple more interested. So I am feeling good about our chances of filling in time for a 9 EST / 6 PST draft tonight.
  4. It's a simple straightforward league. 5x5. 13 hitters 9 pitchers 6 bench. the link to the full settings is in the post here. If you decide to join, you can join from that link. Would love to have you!
  5. Are you totally opposed to auction? We have a good spontaneous league building for tonight. Just started it and already 5 guys are in. For $125. If you've never done auctions, this flash draft would be a good first one.
  6. Lol bro 😁 (I been friends with this guy since 2001) We are off to a good start here, let's keep it goin!!
  7. Buyin $125 We filled one of these spontaneous leagues on Friday and then another one on Sunday. Got those entire leagues together in a single day. I decided to try it again since I didn't see anything like this on Yahoo tonight. Already got a few guys interested, so we should get enough momentum to fill tonight. WHO's IN?!! Here's the link to check it out and join: 13x9 rosters (CI, MI, 4 OF, 9 P, 6 Bench) with standard $260 Auction budget and $100 FAAB. 100% PAYOUTS 1st $750 2nd $500 3rd $250 Email or post your questions here
  8. Cool. I am setting it up now. Then will start a new post here and ask all the guys who are interested to start commenting on that one. That post will have the link to check out and join the league.
  9. Default 9 EST / 6 PST tonight. If we are getting close to filling but need a little more time, we may bump back a bit. But my gut says if you are in, then we are already at 4-5...we should be able to start at 9 I think.
  10. Yeah half the league lives in Alaska or Cali, so...we could not squeeze it any earlier. It was a herding cats situation, that was all that worked before the full start on the 28th
  11. Got a 4th guy interested. I will try to get this set up by 1pm EST. Comment or email me if interested