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  1. Need one owner - $35 10 TEAM PPR ESPN Drafts Tomorrow (Sunday) 10AM EST https://fantasy.espn.com/football/league?leagueId=1303401 Payment via leaguesafe and payouts are based on ESPN final standings after playoffs. 1st Place: $2002nd Place: $1003rd Place: $50 Post or message me email to get invite and must pay via leaguesafe after joining to secure spot.
  2. Yes - I will email you. I put in a ticket with the leaguesafe to try and change that setting so it should get changed to majority vote at some point by them. We have had the same members no one is looking to take $50 from someone after playing together for 10 year but I get it.
  3. If you look at the league page we have had this league for now the 10th year. It was set to that to speed up payouts. The payouts are always based off of ESPN final standing after playoffs. I tried to change the settings but it says once someone has paid I cannot unfortunately. I understand the concern but all I can do is assure you with my word.
  4. i sent you leaguesafe invite but also the link to pay is on league messages if needed. Thanks