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  1. OK Let me know. How many open spots? First year league? Active managers? Competitive? So this is pretty comparable to a Pro league correct? Should I inform my friend? Also, when you say $40 buy in and 65 etc payouts you mean percentage I assume correct? Thanks man!
  2. I am interested. I live in Las Vegas and am unable to do Pro Leagues and for Basketball specifically I’m only interested in standard Basketball leagues. My only problem is I may not be able to do Oct 7 specifically. I can do pretty much any date but that date. I’m driving back from SoCal with my brother that day. Is that set in stone? Let me know and let me know if you still need more managers as I and a friend of mine are interested.
  3. I'm in. Can you email me information so we can briefly speak. Matthew_Levinsky@Yahoo.com