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  1. I wonder what this team would have looked like if they kept Dwight smith jr. I knew letting him go for nothing was foolish. They let him go for Socrates Brito basically. This could have been the lineup by mid May. Dsj Galvis “retooled swing” vladdy Smoak Grichuk Teoscar or Mckinney Tellez Drury Jansen It’s actually not a bad line Up.
  2. K% for a hitter is one of the most overrated stats, especially in a small sample size.
  3. I guess he'll be peeing in a jar tomorrow morning.
  4. WHAT A STUPID GAME! Gleyber Torres has a 3 run shot..I desperately need those RBIs..overturned WHY..WHY. Alex Gordon needs to make a spectacular catch. Fan sticks out his hands to catch a ball that has forward momentum. It wasn't a lazy fly ball. So stupid. Pause the game 3 minutes to overturn a HR. A catch is a catch. Stupid. Edit: you can tell the ball was too high to be caught and is landing at an angle proving momentum was behind the wall. Stupid.
  5. Does the league count walks or OBP? then Vogelbach easily. I also think I like Seattle's lineup better. Slight endge to Danmy boy.
  6. I'd go with Caleb Smith. My gut tells me Caleb Smith will be excellent this year and emerge as the Marlins Ace. I like Touki as well but there's still so much unknown.
  7. Yeah I agree ..Voit is too potentially valuable to drop plus your league is using BB as a category whcih he gets a lot of. Batting 4th or 5th in a really good lineup, thats hard to find. I'd drop bell over Voit and pickup Sonny Gray.
  8. I'd do that in a second. I think Posey's best days are behind him and his team is terrible. Posey's just a brand name. Mchugh is off to a good start but I doubt he keeps this up all season.
  9. Absolute money in the bank for leagues that count walks in some capacity..either in OBP or Walks itself.
  10. Not really much more I can offer. WIly Peralta is pitching better of late and maybe take him as insurance for Kennedy. other than that, you got to play the waiver wire..check out the rotoforums closers thread every month as it updated frequently. Thanks for mine.
  11. I'd trade Cutch for Maeda and then start Franmil in the OF and Tatis at Util. I don't think Tatis should be benched right now. Thanks for the help on mine.
  12. I would pull the trigger. I love Tatis and Berrios and I think Mondesi could bust out due to his lousy plate discipline and Marquez at home is unproven. Thanks for the help.
  13. Yeah, not enough value for Degrom and WB has been no hell so far ..stay put.
  14. All the historical stats imply Galvis is a fluke so far and Dozier has been surprisingly patient this year. I think I got to go with Dozier. Help pls