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  1. The interesting thing will be the over under on Soto’s stolen bases. I’d be happy if he duplicated 2019. It nobody used to see him as a base stealer.
  2. Going from undermanaging Lad to overmanaging from Tampa. How many pitchers was that? Going to find 1 having a bad day. Probably doesnt matter though.
  3. Heads are going to roll in The City of Angels.
  4. Wheeler has an electric arm. I mean amazing stuff. His K/Bb ratio improved last year as he cut down on walks. His Fip ended up at around 3.50 which is Solid. His first half was terrible and disappointed a lot of fantasy owners but found a groove. I’d reach if he lands in a quality team with solid defence and run support.
  5. I seem to recall Kluber losing velocity late in 2018 and being on the danger list for 2019.
  6. Gary Sanchez seems like a bargain. Health is a concern but you know if he’s healthy he’s going to hit. In H2H he’s a difference maker.
  7. My Observations 4.) I don't think I'd grab Scherzer this high. I'd be worried he might go all Chris Sale. He's 35 and there's a lot of mileage on that arm. He already spent time on the DL this year. 9) Luis Castillo seems to high on the list. The K's are nice but his walk rate is scary. Pitchers like this, there's a fine line between being dominant and getting hammered and he could do a Chris Archer impersonation real fast. Plus that Reds team kind of sucks and I don't know how for real Aquino is yet. Could be hard to duplicate the wins. 10) Hard to know where to put Blake Snell. His FIP was overall still really good but he does walk a lot of players and there's inury concerns. 14) Flaherty was utterly dominant in the second half and I tend to reach more for NL pitchers, especially those on good teams. Would take him ahead of a lot of guys near him. 19) No idea why Greinke is this low. I get that he's old but if that's the case, you would have to re-evaluate the ranking of older studs way ahead of him. 36) Ryu, the NL ERA champion should never fall this low. Plus he plays on a great team. 45) Mccullers didn't even pitch this year, seems way off. 81) Much as I love to rag on Marcus Stroman, there's no way he's #81. His K rate improved with the Mets. The Hr's allowed seemed like a fluke. The Mets offense is pretty solid with Mcneil and Alonso breaking out. He could nab 15-20 wins and a sub 3.30 ERA even if it won't be with Elite Strikeouts.
  8. Sale's ranking is ridiculous. He was hurt most of the year and ineffective many times. He even got bombed by the Rookieless Blue Jays one game.
  9. He was missing spots and getting hit hard. That flyball in Grandals second at bat was a close call. want to know how this game would be 1-1 .. if they started Strasberg!
  10. Crazy to leave in Scherzer in the 5th